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Board: ARCHIVE - SpC2k5 to SC2k6
Topic: SpC2k6 Oracle Challenge - Round 1 - All Matches (part 3)
From: Master Moltar Posted: 7/6/2006 10:59:41 AM
A new topic, eh? I'll counter that with a repost of my picks!

Fire Emblem with 55.28%
Halo with 57.29%
Kingdom Hearts with 76.34%

Mushroom Division
Super Mario Bros with 84.38%
Grand Theft Auto with 59.33%
Sonic with 64.34%
Super Smash Bros with 78.18%

Ultima Division
Final Fantasy with 85.22%
Mega Man with 50.22%
Street Fighter with 61.43%
Resident Evil with 73.93%
Moltar Status: Excited, the Contest is here at last!
Metal Gear vs. Soul Calibur - Bracket: MG - Vote: MG (4/4)

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