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SC2k6 Oracle Challenge - Round 1 - Limit, Triforce, Aeon and Patriot Divisions
From: King Morgoth | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:03:48 PM | Message Detail
Welcome to the Oracle Challenge, the contest that tests your prediction abilities down to the hundredth of a percent!

The Challenge

For each match in the GameFAQs Summer Contest you need to pick a winner and predict the percentage of the vote they will receive. New participants are still being accepted until at least the end of round 3 (please indicate that you are new and make a minimum of three picks).

Post your predictions in this topic, one prediction per line. Your predictions must start with the name of your winner and end with your predicted percentage. Examples:

Link with 85%
Link 55.13%
Link over CATS with 67.55%
Link - 77.5%

Please use one of these formats, and always remember to include the % sign. Predictions are entered into our database by a script, which may miss your predictions if you use a weird format.

The Scoring

For each match you will earn points based on how close your guess was to the actual outcome. Scoring is cumulative and the winner of the Oracle Challenge will be the person with the most points at the end of the final match. For each match you can earn anywhere from 0 and 50 points. The scoring system works as follows:

Correctly choosing the winner earns you 50-x points.
Incorrectly choosing the winner earns you 45-x points.
(Where x is the difference between your guess and the character's actual percentage.)


Your guess: Link with 65%
My guess: CATS with 55%
Actual result: Link 60%, CATS 40%
Your score: 50 - (65-60) = 45 points
My score: 45 - (55-40) = 30 points

The Rules

It is necessary to have a few rules to keep the challenge running smoothly. They are:

1) A valid entry consists of a clear pick and prediction (i.e. Link with 85.03%). The prediction must be greater than or equal to 50.00%.
2) Your prediction does not need to be different from everybody else's. However, intentional and continuous prediction mimicry will not be allowed.
3) All predictions must be made five minutes before the usual start time of that match?s poll (approx. 11:55pm EST, 10:55am CST, 8:55pm PST). Predictions submitted after this time will not be counted or may be subject to penalty. No predictions will be accepted after a poll has started, regardless of the start time.
4) You may change your prediction for any match at any time, subject to the rules above. Please indicate clearly that this is a change to a previous entry.
5) You may not delete any post in a prediction topic (if you do, please post immediately after to explain the deletion). This is to prevent abuse of the above rule and to reduce confusion.
6) If you post with an alt, you must clearly state the name of your main account. (Exception: if the alt is listed on your user profile page <>, I already know about it).
7) You may predict matches in advance if you need to. Please tell me beforehand so we can arrange this.
8) I reserve the right to disqualify a pick for any justifiable reason.

Team Challenge

The popular team challenge is returning for a second contest. The rules for the team challenge are simple:

1. Sign up with a partner before the beginning of the first match.
2. Make just one prediction per match - it counts for the Oracle Challenge and the Oracle Team Challenge.
3. Your team score for the day is equal to both team members' scores added together.
4. If one player misses a prediction, the team will get either (partner's score * 2) or (partner's score + average score for the day), whichever is lower. This is to keep teams from being eliminated by one missed prediction, and ONLY applies to the team scores.
From: King Morgoth | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:04:07 PM | Message Detail

Your predictions:

We are now accepting predictions for round 1 matches in the remaining Limit, Triforce, Aeon and Patriot Divisions:

Limit Division
Jill Valentine vs Sheena Fujibayashi
Princess Peach vs Princess Daisy

Triforce Division
Zelda vs Carmen Sandiego
Terra Branford vs Sarah Kerrigan
KOS-MOS vs Amy Rose
Aeris Gainsborough vs Marle

Aeon Division
Yuna vs Roll
Joanna Dark vs Cortana
Chun Li vs Kasumi
Lara Croft vs Alyx Vance

Patriot Division
Solid Snake vs Soma Cruz
Squall Leonhart vs Tidus
Riku vs Yoshi
Dante vs Ryu Hayabusa

Let the Oracle Challenge test your prediction abilities down to the hundredth of a percent!
It looks like I got Z1mZum'd! Congrats to the greatest Guru!
SpC2k4 Triple Crown WINNER (Oracle, Betting, Spread Betting)
From: King Morgoth | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:04:56 PM | Message Detail
Match #5 Results
Tifa Lockhart 76.18%
Ivy Valentine 23.82%

Booooooooring match yesterday as Tifa allows Ivy to do better than Lloyd, barely pushing it over a tripling. The consensus was rather high at 79.60% but we still managed to score an average of 45.65 points, with all 150 predictors backing the TJF legend.

Best Five Picks:
1) Janus5000 - Tifa Lockhart 76.13% (+49.95)
1) Salient - Tifa Lockhart 76.13% (+49.95)
3) GrapefruitKing - Tifa Lockhart 76.12% (+49.94)
4) PeaceOut64 - Tifa Lockhart 76.10% (+49.92)
5) Lopen - Tifa Lockhart 76.08% (+49.90)

It was pretty hard getting on the Top 5 yesterday, as everyone was less than .1% away. Janus5000 and Salient tie for first, getting respectively their 2nd and 6th win in the process. GFK follows really close behind in 3rd with his 5th All-Time Top 5 (he even managed to get one of each!) Veteran PeaceOut64 joins the select 20-Top-5's club with his 4th place while Lopen closes the Top 5 with his 5th Top 5.

Complete Match Ranking:

Current Leaderboard:
1) Layzerbeam - 236.70
2) ad00 - 235.00
3) MegatokyoEd - 234.21
4) pikaness - 233.81
5) Kaxon - 233.68

Not much going on today on the leaderboard. Layzerbeam is our new leader as he takes the top spot from MegatokyoEd who tumbles in 3rd. ad00 holds onto 2nd place in between them, while pikaness and Kaxon round up the board for the second day in a row

Full Standings:

Top Team Scores:
1) Team Battle with Gilgamesh > JENOVA - 99.00 (Janus5000: +49.95 / KleenexTissue50: +49.05)
2) Team The Spirit of Truth - 98.49 (Draco1214: +49.82 / Rodri316: +48.67)
3) Team Rage of Warcraft - 98.48 (War13104: +49.27 / DSRage: +49.21)
4) Team We Have Four Perfect Oracle Predictions Combined - 98.30 (Team Rocket Elite: +48.82 / Xuxon: +49.48)
5) Team Illusion of Xenosaga - 98.01 (stingers135: +48.30 / X_Dante_X: +49.71)

Our top three teams today had never been featured here before. Janus leads KleenexTissue and his team Battle with Gilgamesh > JENOVA to yesterday's best team pick. Draco and Rodri's Spirit of Truth takes second while War and DSRage bring their Warcraft fanaticism to the board in 3rd. TRE and Xuxon show their Four Perfect Oracle Predictions were not the result of luck as they grab 4th, followed closely by stingers and X_Dante_X's Team Illusion of Xenosaga.

Complete Team Match Ranking:

Team Leaderboard:
1) Team We Used To Be Good? (Kaxon / King Morgoth) - 460.23
2) Team Happy Happyists (Camden / meche313) - 454.44
3) Team The Spirit of Truth (Draco1214 / Rodri316) - 453.96
4) Team Accident (MegatokyoEd / Rufus Shinra 18) - 452.54
5) Team Predestined Divination (creativename / Ngamer64) - 450.70

Team We Used To Be Good? take a serious option on a long-time spot on the board (lol, who am I kidding, we're getting our asses kicked today) by increasing their lead to 6 points. Team Happy Happyists move up one spot in 2nd. The Spirit of Truth makes it was onto the leaderboard in 3rd after barely missing out yesterday while team Accident slips a bit in 4th, down two positions. Spring Podium finishers crativename and Ngamer make their way to 5th place, up two spots.

Complete Team Standings:
It looks like I got Z1mZum'd! Congrats to the greatest Guru!
SpC2k4 Triple Crown WINNER (Oracle, Betting, Spread Betting)
From: Menji76 | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:05:53 PM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 87.06%
Squall Leonhart with 58.43%
Yoshi with 62.43%
Dante with 78.43%
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SC2K6; 5/5; 5 Points; T-1st; Next Pick: Celes
From: TombsisSexyLOL | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:05:54 PM | Message Detail
Aeris Gainsborough with 64.94%
Solid Snake with 88.16%
Squall Leonhart with 58.19%
Yoshi with 59.99%
Dante with 76.00%
Current Score: 5/5 Next Match: The Boss vs. Celes
From: Janus5000 | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:06:40 PM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 77.34%
Squall Leonhart with 63.55%
Yoshi with 56.21%
Dante with 60.79%
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From: Draco1214 | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:07:11 PM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 75%
Squall Leonhart with 61%
Yoshi with 53%
Dante with 57%
Character Battle V Score - 5/5 points
Current Prediction - The Boss vs. Celes Chere
From: Pats_Dynasty | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:09:17 PM | Message Detail
This is Pats D.

Solid Snake with 83.45%
Squall Leonhart with 68.34%
Yoshi with 74.21%
Dante with 67.45%
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From: Jecht | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:10:27 PM | Message Detail
Jill Valentine with 70.2%
Princess Peach with 83.4%

Zelda with 84.2%
Sarah Kerrigan with 50.3%
KOS-MOS with 56.4%
Aeris Gainsborough with 65.9%

Yuna with 59.3%
Joanna Dark with 55.1%
Chun Li with 60.3%
Lara Croft with 63.2%

Solid Snake with 74.4%
Squall Leonhart with 63.4%
Yoshi with 50.1%
Dante with 58.3%
From: The Real Truth | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:18:19 PM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 69.01%
Squall Leonhart with 72.65%
Yoshi with 55.20%
Dante with 60.29%
Let's welcome Chaos.
3/4 Next picks- Tifa > Ivy and Celes > The Boss
From: Ingsoc_Officer | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:19:17 PM | Message Detail
Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. The Orient Express is now departing... All passengers should be on board.
From: The Real Truth | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:20:03 PM | Message Detail
Whoa what the


Snake with 75.29%
Let's welcome Chaos.
3/4 Next picks- Tifa > Ivy and Celes > The Boss
From: TombsisSexyLOL | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:23:12 PM | Message Detail
Snake with 82.16%
Current Score: 5/5 Next Match: The Boss vs. Celes
From: X_Dante_X | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:28:24 PM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 79.34%
Squall with 57.21%
Yoshi with 54.65%
Dante with 72.74%

Hopefully I'll do better this time >_<
Huzzah! The purgatory is over!
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From: Ringworm | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:28:46 PM | Message Detail
Dropped a lot yesterday (12 spots!), probably more today, although at least I should get the winner right. May help.

Jill Valentine with 73.14%
~ Ringworm ~
From: Starion | Posted: 9/16/2006 11:51:17 PM | Message Detail

Jill Valentine with 68.02%
From: Rufus Shinra 18 | Posted: 9/17/2006 12:26:39 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 81.12 %
Squall Leonhart with 58.12 %
Yoshi with 61.67 %
Dante with 69.69 %
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From: TheKnightOfNee | Posted: 9/17/2006 12:31:44 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 81.08%
Squall Leonhart with 56.94%
Yoshi with 59.84%
Dante with 60.77%
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From: Blade X | Posted: 9/17/2006 12:55:55 AM | Message Detail

Jill Valentine with 63.66%
Princess Peach with 83.02%
Zelda with 89.01%
Terra Branford with 56.41%
KOS-MOS with 59.20%
Aeris Gainsborough with 71.72%
Yuna with 72.23%
Joanna Dark with 56.85%
Lara Croft with 61.23%

Patriot Division

Solid Snake with 79.99%
Squall Leonhart with 61.02%
Yoshi with 55.25%
Dante with 66.22%
From: Ayvuir | Posted: 9/17/2006 12:59:34 AM | Message Detail
Patriot Division
Solid Snake with 82.21%
Squall Leonhart with 57.28%
Yoshi with 59.28%
Dante with 68.39%
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From: Ayvuir | Posted: 9/17/2006 1:02:39 AM | Message Detail

Jill with 65.83%
Being drunk doesn't make me do stupid things, it gives me an excuse to do stupid things - Caelus
From: Paratroopa1 | Posted: 9/17/2006 1:20:54 AM | Message Detail
Gonna go mostly with safer picks here...

Solid Snake with 74.55%
Squall Leonhart with 57.45%
Yoshi with 59.95%
Dante with 66.19%
From: Weird Kirby Dude11 | Posted: 9/17/2006 4:16:58 AM | Message Detail
Repredicting everything...

ill Valentine with 67%
Princess Peach with 91%

Zelda with 80%
Terra Branford with 50%
KOS-MOS with 65%
Aeris Gainsborough with 72%

Yuna with 75%
Joanna Dark with 55%
Chun Li with 65%
Lara Croft with 66%

Solid Snake with 83%
Squall Leonhart with 61%
Yoshi with 55%
Dante with 60%
Weird Kirby Dude - spud2002 is alive! >_>
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From: XIII_rocks | Posted: 9/17/2006 4:23:51 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 74.32%
Squall Leonhart with 54.84%
Yoshi with 62.13
Dante 58.92

--- Sign plz
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From: Nai | Posted: 9/17/2006 4:37:35 AM | Message Detail

Jill Valentine with 64.80%
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From: red sox 777 | Posted: 9/17/2006 4:41:14 AM | Message Detail

Jill Valentine with 67.00%
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From: TurnTurnTurn | Posted: 9/17/2006 4:50:11 AM | Message Detail
I'm new?

Jill Valentine over Sheena Fujibayashi with 68.09%
Princess Peach over Princess Daisy with 74%
Aeris Gainsborough over Marle with 58.93%
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From: Giggsalot | Posted: 9/17/2006 5:02:10 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 83.90%
Squall Leonhart with 56.12%
Yoshi with 58.01%
Dante with 65.99%
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From: _Lagoona_ | Posted: 9/17/2006 6:04:50 AM | Message Detail
.Ouch for today!

And a change:

Jill Valentine with 64.2%
PPC SC2k6:
From: Ikon | Posted: 9/17/2006 6:19:16 AM | Message Detail
Patriot Division
Solid Snake over Soma Cruz with 83.75%
Squall Leonhart over Tidus with 55.50%
Yoshi over Riku with 53.50%
Dante over Ryu Hayabusa with 70.00%
From: plasmabeam | Posted: 9/17/2006 7:02:29 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 82.22%
Squall Leonhart with 61.06%
Yoshi with 59.55%
Dante with 71.63%

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From: ObscureMammoth | Posted: 9/17/2006 7:14:19 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake - 81.54%
Squall Leonhart - 57.59%
Yoshi - 71.87%
Dante - 68.98%
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From: The n00b Avenger | Posted: 9/17/2006 7:31:30 AM | Message Detail
Jill with 64.59%
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From: meche313 | Posted: 9/17/2006 7:34:33 AM | Message Detail
Triforce Division
Zelda with 77%
Terra Branford with 54.4%
KOS-MOS with 58.2%
Aeris Gainsborough with 80.26%

Aeon Division
Yuna with 70.9%
Joanna Dark with 63.89%
Chun Li with 64.11%
Lara Croft with 60.58%
Happy Happyists 4th on the Oracle Team Challenge. 3rd on Spread Betting!
From: daniel2424 | Posted: 9/17/2006 8:22:05 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 82.24%
Squall Leonhart 62.24%
Yoshi 61.24%
Dante 66.24%

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From: Applekidjosh | Posted: 9/17/2006 8:25:30 AM | Message Detail
ah, new stuff

Solid Snake with 84.76
Squall Leonhart with 62.34
Riku with 51.06
Dante with 64.68
From: Dekar TKB | Posted: 9/17/2006 8:27:34 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 72.82%
Squall Leonhart with 63.82%
Yoshi with 55.82%
Dante with 64.82%

Dante pick will change with the match pic.
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From: Master Moltar | Posted: 9/17/2006 8:30:39 AM | Message Detail
Just reposting these...
Jill Valentine with 65.74%
Princess Peach with 82.44%

Triforce Division
Zelda with 82.59%
Terra Branford with 56.88%
KOS-MOS with 62.43%
Aeris Gainsborough with 75.12%

Aeon Division
Yuna with 74.64%
Joanna Dark with 56.77%
Chun Li with 66.99%
Lara Croft with 72.56%

New Picks
Solid Snake with 81.22%
Squall Leonhart with 60.11%
Yoshi with 59.44%
Dante with 63.86%
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The Boss vs. Celes - Bracket: The Boss - Vote: The Boss (4/5)
From: Alanna82 | Posted: 9/17/2006 10:55:34 AM | Message Detail
Patriot Division
Solid Snake with 70.00%
Squall Leonhart with 66.66%
Yoshi with 60.00%
Dante with 65.65%

and this is the last time I change my pick after I listen to the jp. He told me only board 8 likes the boss >_>

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From: XxSoulxX | Posted: 9/17/2006 10:59:16 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 78.69%
Squall Leonhart with 65.74%
Yoshi with 57.89%
Dante with 68.77%

--- -
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From: Alanna82 | Posted: 9/17/2006 11:00:14 AM | Message Detail
and a change:

Jill with 70.00%

Happily married to Wiggumfan267 on Valentines day, 2005. "Most unusual tastes ever" - The RPGDL
From: LusterSoldier | Posted: 9/17/2006 11:56:27 AM | Message Detail

Jill Valentine with 69.09%
Princess Peach with 72.25%
Zelda with 76.30%
Terra Branford with 56.88%
KOS-MOS with 70.39%
Aeris Gainsborough with 76.19%
Yuna with 74.60%
Joanna Dark with 56.63%
Chun Li with 65.36%
Lara Croft with 68.07%


Solid Snake with 78.17%
Squall Leonhart with 61.49%
Yoshi with 59.33%
Dante with 64.24%
Luster Soldier - Pwned by Repus_Yortsed
From: yoshifan823 | Posted: 9/17/2006 11:59:47 AM | Message Detail
Solid Snake with 91.14%
Squall Leonhart with 64.15%
Yoshi with 60.01%
Dante with 70.91%
From: Ed Bellis | Posted: 9/17/2006 1:25:38 PM | Message Detail
Jill with 63.04%
This was Ed Bellis, servant to the mighty Guru Z1mZum. Congrats, buddy!
From: Kaxon | Posted: 9/17/2006 1:54:16 PM | Message Detail
Applekidjosh predictions (don't forget the percent signs!)
Solid Snake with 84.76%
Squall Leonhart with 62.34%
Riku with 51.06%
Dante with 64.68%
CATS's Road to the Character Battle V Championship
Round 1: Sonic
From: Dilated Chemist | Posted: 9/17/2006 2:15:07 PM | Message Detail
Damn, I knew I should've kept my 60% for Boss... ****!

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From: YoAriel33 | Posted: 9/17/2006 2:28:45 PM | Message Detail
Jill with 70%
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From: Dekar TKB | Posted: 9/17/2006 3:26:26 PM | Message Detail

Jill with 62.82%
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From: BeTheMan | Posted: 9/17/2006 3:54:40 PM | Message Detail

Jill Valentine with 65.75%

New picks:

Solid Snake with 80.50%
Squall Leonhart with 60.00%
Yoshi with 52.00%
Dante with 63.00%
From: satai_delenn | Posted: 9/17/2006 4:01:42 PM | Message Detail

Terra with 54.18%

Patriot Division
Solid Snake with 74.97%
Squall Leonhart with 67.73%
Riku with 52.22%
Dante with 70.71%
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