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SC2k154FF X over Half-Life with 64.47%FF X with 64.42%49.95
SC2k1529SM 64 over Mario Kart 8 with 79.90%SM 64 with 80.04%49.86
SC2k1530FF Tactics over RE2 with 57.33%FF Tactics with 57.58%49.75
SC2k1528Half-Life 2 over Demon's Souls with 64.33%Half-Life 2 with 63.90%49.57
SC2k1516FF VII over Journey with 84.54%FF VII with 84.07%49.53
SC2k1517SMB 3 over Age of Empires II with 83.66%SMB 3 with 84.17%49.49
SC2k1520Uncharted 2 over The Walking Dead with 67.38%Uncharted 2 with 66.86%49.48
SC2k1519Sonic 2 over Portal 2 with 53.89%Sonic 2 with 53.18%49.29
SC2k1511Star Wars: KOTOR over Xenogears with 54.67%Star Wars: KOTOR with 53.65%48.98
SC2k1568KH2 over The Last of Us with 61.33%KH2 with 60.03%48.70
SC2k157KH2 over MGS4 with 57.34%KH2 with 58.71%48.63
SC2k1510Paper Mario: TYD over Tales of Symphonia with 53.47%Paper Mario: TYD with 51.87%48.40
SC2k1541Zelda: LttP over Cave Story with 86.32%Zelda: LttP with 88.02%48.30
SC2k1557MGS over Splatoon with 77.34%MGS with 79.07%48.27
SC2k1553The Witcher 3 over Binding of Isaac Rebirth with 72.34%The Witcher 3 with 74.18%48.16
SC2k1567SSBM over Pokemon G/S with 62.34%SSBM with 60.03%47.69
SC2k1562Bioshock over Silent Hill 2 with 58.45%Bioshock with 61.43%47.02
SC2k1527Metroid Prime over Morrowind with 66.31%Metroid Prime with 63.09%46.78
SC2k1542FF4 over Deus Ex with 73.45%FF4 with 69.77%46.32
SC2k156Pokemon G/S over TWEWY with 72.89%Pokemon G/S with 76.63%46.26
SC2k1518Pokemon R/B over Tetris with 64.55%Pokemon R/B with 68.33%46.22
SC2k1524SMW over Animal Crossing New Leaf with 77.36%SMW with 73.27%45.91
SC2k1532Persona 4 over 999 with 73.67%Persona 4 with 77.80%45.87
SC2k1566FF X over MMX with 59.67%FF X with 55.48%45.81
SC2k1543MGS 5 over Perfect Dark with 59.23%MGS 5 with 54.67%45.44
SC2k1526Goldeneye over Diablo II with 51.22%Goldeneye with 55.93%45.29
SC2k158The Last of Us over Halo 3 with 62.36%The Last of Us with 67.50%44.86
SC2k1546Super Mario Galaxy over Dragon Age with 69.36%Super Mario Galaxy with 64.04%44.68
SC2k155SSBM over Portal with 62.37%SSBM with 67.71%44.66
SC2k1535Okami over Warcraft III with 66.23%Okami with 60.59%44.36
SC2k1552Chrono Cross over WoW with 63.72%Chrono Cross with 58.06%44.34
SC2k1570Zelda: WW over Star Wars: KOTOR with 68.92%Zelda: WW with 63.25%44.33
SC2k1547FF12 over Bloodborne with 61.33%FF12 with 55.59%44.26
SC2k1560Red Dead Redemption over Bayonetta 2 with 70.03%Red Dead Redemption with 63.99%43.96
SC2k1531Zelda: Twilight Princess over Skies of Arcadia with 78.55%Zelda: Twilight Princess with 72.34%43.79
SC2k1564Mass Effect 2 over Virtue's Last Reward with 84.33%Mass Effect 2 with 78.08%43.75
SC2k1548LoZ:MM over Valkyria Chronicles with 82.35%LoZ:MM with 75.89%43.54
SC2k1555Fallout: New Vegas over BioShock Infinite with 62.39%Fallout: New Vegas with 55.92%43.53
SC2k1559SotC over Team Fortress 2 with 79.34%SotC with 72.69%43.35
SC2k1523FF8 over GTA: Vice City with 67.45%FF8 with 60.68%43.23
SC2k1569FF VI over Paper Mario: TYD with 74.36%FF VI with 66.94%42.58
SC2k1533Zelda: OoT over Hearthstone with 83.56%Zelda: OoT with 91.03%42.53
SC2k159FF VI over Assassin's Creed II with 84.62%FF VI with 77.03%42.41
SC2k151Chrono Trigger over Ratchet & Clank 3 with 78.24%Chrono Trigger with 85.85%42.39
SC2k1538Fire Emblem: Awakening over Super Mario Maker with 56.78%Fire Emblem: Awakening with 64.39%42.39
SC2k1563Starcraft over Destiny with 66.73%Starcraft with 74.49%42.24
SC2k1550Super Mario RPG over Oblivion with 62.33%Super Mario RPG with 54.43%42.10
SC2k1521Fallout 3 over Life is Strange with 80.55%Fallout 3 with 72.55%42.00
SC2k1565Chrono Trigger over Dragon Quest VIII with 73.66%Chrono Trigger with 81.93%41.73
SC2k1571Smash Bros. Wii U over Mass Effect with 63.44%Smash Bros. Wii U with 54.89%41.45
SC2k1513Smash Bros. Wii U over Planescape: Torment with 87.61%Smash Bros. Wii U with 79.05%41.44
SC2k1515Halo over Minecraft with 65.36%Halo with 56.72%41.36
SC2k1554MGS 2 over Resident Evil with 65.74%MGS 2 with 56.76%41.02
SC2k1572FF VII over Halo with 68.44%FF VII with 78.21%40.23
SC2k1539Banjo-Kazooie over Baldur's Gate II with 72.33%Banjo-Kazooie with 62.32%39.99
SC2k1512Zelda: WW over Pokemon X/Y with 62.13%Zelda: WW with 72.60%39.53
SC2k1556RE4 over Paper Mario with 71.89%RE4 with 58.87%36.98
SC2k1544Dark Souls over Civ V with 80.33%Dark Souls with 66.70%36.37
SC2k1561MGS3 over Mother 3 with 83.45%MGS3 with 69.50%36.05
SC2k1549GTA V over Shenmue with 76.39%GTA V with 62.35%35.96
SC2k1558Borderlands 2 over Earthbound with 51.47%Earthbound with 58.62%34.91
SC2k1525Skyrim over Phoenix Wright with 81.72%Skyrim with 66.62%34.90
SC2k1536Kingdom Hearts over FF9 with 59.74%FF9 with 51.09%34.17
SC2k1534Monster Hunter 4U over Suikoden II with 55.21%Suikoden II with 56.94%32.85
SC2k1540Castlevania: SotN over Phoenix Wright: TT with 57.44%Castlevania: SotN with 74.99%32.45
SC2k1551Shovel Knight over GTA: San Andreas with 51.33%GTA: San Andreas with 61.28%32.39
SC2k1514Super Mario Galaxy 2 over Mass Effect with 62.45%Mass Effect with 50.83%31.72
SC2k153Batman: Arkham City over MMX with 53.21%MMX with 60.68%31.11
SC2k152Persona 3 over Dragon Quest VIII with 60.12%Dragon Quest VIII with 54.72%30.16
SC2k1537Xenoblade Chronicles over DKC2 with 71.34%DKC2 with 50.36%23.30
SC2k1522Mass Effect 3 over Undertale with 73.87%Undertale with 50.95%20.18