Shivan Reincarnated

Name: Shivan Reincarnated
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187th- (4953 pts)
Participated in: SpC2k5, SpC2k6, SC2k6
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Best Result: 31st (in SpC2k6)
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All Predictions (Show only Top 10)
SpC2k612SSB over Dragon Quest with 76.47%SSB with 76.37%49.90
SpC2k620KH over Castlevania with 51.44%KH with 51.33%49.89
SC2k615Chun-Li over Kasumi with 68.88%Chun-Li with 68.74%49.86
SC2k646Luigi over Kirby with 52.55%Luigi with 52.31%49.76
SC2k612Aeris over Marle with 70.16%Aeris with 69.78%49.62
SpC2k610Warcraft over GTA with 50.06%Warcraft with 50.44%49.62
SC2k643Sora over Gordon Freeman with 63.47%Sora with 63.93%49.54
SpC2k64Metroid over Kirby with 70.00%Metroid with 70.57%49.43
SC2k631Auron over Alucard with 65.00%Auron with 64.40%49.40
SpC2k623FF over MM with 73.44%FF with 74.19%49.25
SC2k629Crono over Captain Falcon with 73.36%Crono with 74.16%49.20
SC2k645Sonic over Vincent with 53.09%Sonic with 52.09%49.00
SC2k65Tifa over Ivy Valentine with 75.17%Tifa with 76.18%48.99
SC2k621Sora over Tingle with 74.57%Sora with 75.61%48.96
SC2k625Sonic over CATS with 81.85%Sonic with 80.75%48.90
SC2k653Solid Snake over Yoshi with 56.00%Solid Snake with 57.16%48.84
SpC2k61Zelda over Civilization with 91.15%Zelda with 89.97%48.82
SpC2k62MMX over Suikoden with 71.37%MMX with 72.61%48.76
SpC2k515Dr. Robotnik over Sin with 50.06%Dr. Robotnik with 51.32%48.74
SC2k619Yoshi over Riku with 53.87%Yoshi with 55.20%48.67
SpC2k631Zelda over FF with 52.33%Zelda with 50.99%48.66
SpC2k68KH over Harvest Moon with 74.50%KH with 73.12%48.62
SpC2k510Wesker over Luca Blight with 58.10%Wesker with 59.74%48.36
SC2k654MM over Sora with 56.00%MM with 54.28%48.28
SC2k623Ryu over Kratos (GoW) with 58.87%Ryu with 57.11%48.24
SpC2k513Ganondorf over Giygas with 86.75%Ganondorf with 84.98%48.23
SC2k67Jill Valentine over Sheena Fujibayashi with 60.12%Jill Valentine with 62.03%48.09
SC2k68Princess Peach over Princess Daisy with 85.04%Princess Peach with 83.10%48.06
SpC2k614MM over MK with 60.11%MM with 58.12%48.01
SpC2k628FF over Resident Evil with 78.09%FF with 76.06%47.97
SC2k69Zelda over Carmen Sandiego with 83.88%Zelda with 86.08%47.80
SC2k656Crono over Auron with 52.17%Crono with 54.50%47.67
SC2k626Vincent over Ganondorf with 50.19%Vincent with 52.59%47.60
SC2k614Joanna Dark over Cortana with 57.80%Joanna Dark with 60.23%47.57
SpC2k54Dr. Wily over Ultros with 61.59%Dr. Wily with 64.03%47.56
SC2k648Auron over Sub-Zero with 62.31%Auron with 59.63%47.32
SpC2k629Zelda over Metal Gear with 71.03%Zelda with 73.74%47.29
SC2k641Solid Snake over Squall with 54.87%Solid Snake with 57.60%47.27
SC2k651Zelda over Aeris with 53.66%Zelda with 56.87%46.79
SpC2k59Kefka over Mithos with 67.22%Kefka with 63.98%46.76
SC2k617Solid Snake over Soma Cruz with 78.88%Solid Snake with 82.15%46.73
SC2k622Gordon Freeman over Phoenix Wright with 54.65%Gordon Freeman with 58.20%46.45
SpC2k57Lavos over Mother Brain with 52.19%Lavos with 55.79%46.40
SC2k650Tifa over Princess Peach with 70.00%Tifa with 66.05%46.05
SC2k659Solid Snake over MM with 51.38%Solid Snake with 55.33%46.05
SC2k633Samus over Ada Wong with 75.76%Samus with 79.78%45.98
SpC2k69Mario over Madden with 88.12%Mario with 92.21%45.91
SC2k624MM over Axel with 74.00%MM with 69.87%45.87
SpC2k611Sonic over Devil May Cry with 66.74%Sonic with 70.87%45.87
SpC2k617Zelda over MMX with 76.08%Zelda with 80.32%45.76
SC2k635Tifa over The Boss with 70.22%Tifa with 74.55%45.67
SpC2k630FF over Mario with 58.07%FF with 53.24%45.17
SC2k63Rikku over Lenneth Valkyrie with 70.11%Rikku with 75.00%45.11
SpC2k55Sephiroth over Ramirez with 78.76%Sephiroth with 83.70%45.06
SC2k630Bowser over Leon Kennedy with 60.51%Bowser with 55.45%44.94
SC2k644MM over Ryu with 63.11%MM with 58.04%44.93
SpC2k52Sigma over Andross with 58.61%Sigma with 53.49%44.88
SC2k649Samus over Rikku with 63.88%Samus with 69.00%44.88
SpC2k51Bowser over Pyramid Head with 78.72%Bowser with 83.88%44.84
SC2k620Dante over Ryu Hayabusa with 59.98%Dante with 65.20%44.78
SC2k647Crono over Bowser with 52.17%Crono with 57.44%44.73
SC2k661Samus over Zelda with 60.75%Samus with 55.27%44.52
SpC2k618Metroid over Pokemon with 58.04%Metroid with 52.56%44.52
SpC2k625Zelda over Metroid with 79.00%Zelda with 84.70%44.30
SC2k636Jill Valentine over Princess Peach with 50.79%Princess Peach with 50.01%44.20
SpC2k66Fire Emblem over Silent Hill with 51.23%Fire Emblem with 57.05%44.18
SpC2k624Street Fighter over Resident Evil with 50.56%Resident Evil with 50.73%43.71
SC2k637Zelda over Terra with 73.02%Zelda with 79.45%43.57
SC2k638Aeris over KOS-MOS with 68.09%Aeris with 61.65%43.56
SC2k658Zelda over Yuna with 63.50%Zelda with 57.02%43.52
SC2k642Dante over Yoshi with 50.98%Yoshi with 50.55%43.47
SC2k610Terra over Kerrigan with 51.98%Terra with 58.69%43.29
SC2k655Sonic over Luigi with 53.00%Sonic with 60.19%42.81
SC2k611KOS-MOS over Amy Rose with 58.10%KOS-MOS with 65.43%42.67
SpC2k616Resident Evil over Shadow Hearts with 80.41%Resident Evil with 87.76%42.65
SC2k657Samus over Tifa with 57.86%Samus with 50.49%42.63
SC2k640Chun-Li over Lara Croft with 63.05%Chun-Li with 55.54%42.49
SC2k61Samus over Nidoran F with 90.03%Samus with 81.85%41.82
SpC2k56Vergil over Ghaleon with 56.17%Vergil with 64.45%41.72
SpC2k621Mario over Warcraft with 72.80%Mario with 81.13%41.67
SC2k64Claire Redfield over Kairi with 51.33%Kairi with 52.08%41.59
SpC2k619Metal Gear over Fire Emblem with 73.99%Metal Gear with 65.23%41.24
SC2k628Zero over Luigi with 50.06%Luigi with 53.71%41.23
SpC2k615Street Fighter over Elder Scrolls with 54.88%Street Fighter with 64.77%40.11
SC2k632Master Chief over Sub-Zero with 54.66%Sub-Zero with 50.95%39.39
SC2k627Kirby over The Prince of Persia with 72.57%Kirby with 61.70%39.13
SC2k639Yuna over Joanna Dark with 67.11%Yuna with 78.05%39.06
SC2k613Yuna over Roll with 68.04%Yuna with 79.30%38.74
SC2k634Rikku over Kairi with 70.11%Rikku with 58.28%38.17
SC2k662Sonic over Solid Snake with 52.00%Solid Snake with 54.99%38.01
SC2k618Squall over Tidus with 59.98%Squall with 72.02%37.96
SpC2k511M. Bison over Albedo with 56.15%M. Bison with 68.44%37.71
SpC2k67Halo over Castlevania with 52.36%Castlevania with 55.02%37.62
SpC2k627Mario over SSB with 75.06%Mario with 61.76%36.70
SpC2k626KH over Metal Gear with 50.01%Metal Gear with 58.31%36.68
SpC2k613FF over Diablo with 72.31%FF with 85.98%36.33
SpC2k65Metal Gear over Soul Calibur with 55.98%Metal Gear with 69.89%36.09
SpC2k622Sonic over SSB with 51.92%SSB with 57.66%35.42
SpC2k58Liquid Snake over Tenpenny with 64.51%Liquid Snake with 79.46%35.05
SC2k652Chun-Li over Yuna with 50.79%Yuna with 60.84%33.37
SpC2k514Ansem over CATS with 71.01%Ansem with 54.04%33.03
SC2k62Ada Wong over Jade with 58.61%Ada Wong with 75.89%32.72
SpC2k516Kuja over Master Hand with 52.44%Master Hand with 53.76%32.60
SC2k66Celes Chere over The Boss with 51.68%The Boss with 61.08%32.24
SpC2k53Revolver Ocelot over Nemesis with 72.47%Revolver Ocelot with 54.66%32.19
SC2k616Lara Croft over Alyx Vance with 59.10%Lara Croft with 77.55%31.55
SpC2k63Star Ocean over Pokemon with 51.08%Pokemon with 65.74%28.18
SpC2k512Ridley over Diablo with 52.08%Diablo with 57.65%25.54