Name: GeniusMan86
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322nd- (1542 pts)
Participated in: SC2k3, SpC2k4
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Best Result: 40th (in SC2k3)
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     Modern Average: ---
     Pure Percentage Average: ---
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SC2k349Link over Magus with 65.12%Link with 65.07%49.95
SpC2k423SM 64 over NiGHTS into dreams with 85.50%SM 64 with 84.83%49.33
SC2k352Sonic over Aeris with 52.12%Sonic with 53.02%49.10
SpC2k49Chrono Trigger over Secret of Mana with 78.31%Chrono Trigger with 79.39%48.92
SpC2k424Zelda: OoT over Fallout 2 with 87.52%Zelda: OoT with 86.31%48.79
SpC2k410Super Mario RPG over Street Fighter II with 57.76%Super Mario RPG with 56.24%48.48
SC2k344Sephiroth over Max Payne with 81.02%Sephiroth with 82.67%48.35
SC2k337Cloud Strife over Auron with 70.21%Cloud Strife with 72.20%48.01
SC2k354Sephiroth over Alucard with 70.01%Sephiroth with 72.28%47.73
SpC2k420MGS over Resident Evil with 73.28%MGS with 70.62%47.34
SC2k338Bowser over Yoshi with 53.67%Bowser with 56.34%47.33
SC2k351Cloud Strife over Bowser with 66.34%Cloud Strife with 70.03%46.31
SpC2k46Legend of Zelda over Adventure with 91.34%Legend of Zelda with 95.20%46.14
SpC2k413Zelda: LttP over Gunstar Heroes with 86.12%Zelda: LttP with 91.15%44.97
SpC2k414Super Metroid over Phantasy Star IV with 77.77%Super Metroid with 83.29%44.48
SC2k346Ryu over Dante with 59.94%Ryu with 54.01%44.07
SC2k356MM over Vercetti with 60.38%MM with 66.86%43.52
SpC2k41SMB 3 over Metal Gear with 89.34%SMB 3 with 82.30%42.96
SpC2k42Metroid over Pac-Man with 75.75%Metroid with 68.51%42.76
SC2k347Vercetti over Donkey Kong with 58.43%Vercetti with 50.48%42.05
SpC2k412SMW over The Simpsons with 73.12%SMW with 81.47%41.65
SpC2k44Final Fantasy over Pitfall with 79.23%Final Fantasy with 87.63%41.60
SpC2k416FF VI over Mortal Kombat with 81.55%FF VI with 73.08%41.53
SpC2k417FF VII over Suikoden II with 94.12%FF VII with 85.63%41.51
SC2k339Aeris over Master Chief with 68.94%Aeris with 60.15%41.21
SpC2k421Castlevania: SotN over Perfect Dark with 62.11%Castlevania: SotN with 53.18%41.07
SC2k342Crono over Kefka with 69.97%Crono with 78.92%41.05
SC2k355Solid Snake over Ryu with 66.23%Solid Snake with 57.26%41.03
SpC2k48Tetris over Galaga with 68.71%Tetris with 78.25%40.46
SC2k350Samus over Squall with 68.01%Samus with 58.20%40.19
SC2k343Alucard over Kirby with 62.12%Alucard with 52.21%40.09
SpC2k45Donkey Kong over Duck Hunt with 61.18%Donkey Kong with 50.07%38.89
SC2k345Solid Snake over Knuckles with 74.32%Solid Snake with 63.13%38.81
SpC2k422Goldeneye over Panzer Dragoon Saga with 93.33%Goldeneye with 80.81%37.48
SpC2k47Pong over River City Ransom with 54.54%Pong with 68.01%36.53
SC2k348MM over Zelda with 74.45%MM with 60.75%36.30
SpC2k419FF Tactics over DDR with 90.07%FF Tactics with 76.03%35.96
SC2k341Mario over Shadow with 76.34%Mario with 55.10%28.76
SC2k353Crono over Mario with 51.09%Mario with 50.05%23.86
SpC2k418Pokemon G/S/C over Xenogears with 53.19%Xenogears with 57.95%22.72
SC2k340Zero over Sonic with 50.98%Sonic with 52.34%21.68
SpC2k43Phantasy Star over Contra with 57.02%Contra with 61.02%8.92
SpC2k415Earthbound over Doom with 63.79%Doom with 57.04%3.34
SpC2k411Shining Force over Sonic 2 with 50.69%Sonic 2 with 80.71%0.00