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SC2k46Crono over Conker with 78.00%Crono with 77.99%49.99
SpC2k441FF VII over Xenogears with 80.01%FF VII with 80.03%49.98
SpC2k414Super Metroid over Phantasy Star IV with 83.36%Super Metroid with 83.29%49.93
SC2k426Ryu over KOS-MOS with 62.00%Ryu with 62.13%49.87
SpC2k435Legend of Zelda over Donkey Kong with 86.78%Legend of Zelda with 87.04%49.74
SC2k410Tidus over Shadow with 50.50%Tidus with 50.81%49.69
SpC2k55Sephiroth over Ramirez with 84.50%Sephiroth with 83.70%49.20
SC2k41Link over CATS with 87.00%Link with 87.83%49.17
SC2k45Magus over Luca Blight with 82.00%Magus with 81.04%49.04
SC2k411Vercetti over Max Payne with 61.00%Vercetti with 61.96%49.04
SpC2k413Zelda: LttP over Gunstar Heroes with 92.16%Zelda: LttP with 91.15%48.99
SpC2k411Sonic 2 over Shining Force with 79.66%Sonic 2 with 80.71%48.95
SpC2k417FF VII over Suikoden II with 86.78%FF VII with 85.63%48.85
SpC2k448SSBM over GTA: Vice City with 52.00%SSBM with 53.54%48.46
SpC2k42Metroid over Pac-Man with 66.91%Metroid with 68.51%48.40
SC2k419Kirby over Kain with 63.00%Kirby with 64.65%48.35
SpC2k416FF VI over Mortal Kombat with 74.78%FF VI with 73.08%48.30
SpC2k432SSBM over MGS 2 with 55.00%SSBM with 56.72%48.28
SpC2k57Lavos over Mother Brain with 58.00%Lavos with 55.79%47.79
SpC2k459FF VII over Zelda: OoT with 51.50%FF VII with 53.82%47.68
SpC2k450Legend of Zelda over Tetris with 72.00%Legend of Zelda with 74.57%47.43
SpC2k412SMW over The Simpsons with 78.69%SMW with 81.47%47.22
SC2k416Solid Snake over Tanner with 91.50%Solid Snake with 94.30%47.20
SC2k425Sonic over Terry Bogard with 78.00%Sonic with 80.84%47.16
SpC2k49Chrono Trigger over Secret of Mana with 82.33%Chrono Trigger with 79.39%47.06
SC2k48Mario over JC Denton with 86.50%Mario with 83.54%47.04
SpC2k421Castlevania: SotN over Perfect Dark with 56.35%Castlevania: SotN with 53.18%46.83
SpC2k444Zelda: OoT over SM 64 with 73.00%Zelda: OoT with 76.26%46.74
SpC2k47Pong over River City Ransom with 71.32%Pong with 68.01%46.69
SC2k432Samus over Lara Croft with 79.00%Samus with 82.39%46.61
SpC2k449SMB 3 over Final Fantasy with 56.00%SMB 3 with 59.60%46.40
SC2k424Sephiroth over Sly Cooper with 90.00%Sephiroth with 86.37%46.37
SpC2k44Final Fantasy over Pitfall with 83.88%Final Fantasy with 87.63%46.25
SpC2k434Final Fantasy over Contra with 73.98%Final Fantasy with 70.05%46.07
SpC2k51Bowser over Pyramid Head with 88.00%Bowser with 83.88%45.88
SpC2k463FF VII over Chrono Trigger with 62.43%FF VII with 58.24%45.81
SC2k412Zero over Protoman with 67.50%Zero with 71.72%45.78
SpC2k45Donkey Kong over Duck Hunt with 54.36%Donkey Kong with 50.07%45.71
SC2k423Vivi over Donkey Kong with 52.00%Vivi with 56.47%45.53
SpC2k454Zelda: OoT over Goldeneye with 68.50%Zelda: OoT with 73.05%45.45
SC2k43Yoshi over Ryo Hazuki with 81.00%Yoshi with 76.40%45.40
SpC2k423SM 64 over NiGHTS into dreams with 89.45%SM 64 with 84.83%45.38
SpC2k41SMB 3 over Metal Gear with 77.65%SMB 3 with 82.30%45.35
SpC2k429FFTA over Fire Emblem with 71.01%FFTA with 66.36%45.35
SC2k44Luigi over Pac-Man with 63.00%Luigi with 67.73%45.27
SpC2k457SMB 3 over Legend of Zelda with 52.00%SMB 3 with 56.78%45.22
SC2k422Auron over Scorpion with 60.00%Auron with 64.85%45.15
SpC2k419FF Tactics over DDR with 80.93%FF Tactics with 76.03%45.10
SC2k430Ryu Hayabusa over Jill Valentine with 55.00%Ryu Hayabusa with 50.02%45.02
SpC2k54Dr. Wily over Ultros with 59.00%Dr. Wily with 64.03%44.97
SpC2k410Super Mario RPG over Street Fighter II with 51.11%Super Mario RPG with 56.24%44.87
SC2k418Vyse over Laharl with 55.00%Vyse with 60.23%44.77
SpC2k462FF VII over SSBM with 57.00%FF VII with 62.43%44.57
SC2k429Sora over HK-47 with 60.00%Sora with 65.55%44.45
SpC2k431GTA: Vice City over Star Wars: KOTOR with 54.48%GTA: Vice City with 60.32%44.16
SpC2k424Zelda: OoT over Fallout 2 with 92.52%Zelda: OoT with 86.31%43.79
SpC2k56Vergil over Ghaleon with 58.00%Vergil with 64.45%43.55
SpC2k460Starcraft over SSBM with 50.50%SSBM with 50.27%43.46
SpC2k446Zelda: WW over Metroid Prime with 61.88%Zelda: WW with 55.22%43.34
SpC2k453FF VII over MGS with 64.50%FF VII with 71.30%43.20
SC2k49MM over Earthworm Jim with 90.00%MM with 82.98%42.98
SC2k420Squall over Bomberman with 72.00%Squall with 64.75%42.75
SC2k428Dante over Ratchet with 73.00%Dante with 80.28%42.72
SpC2k458Zelda: LttP over Chrono Trigger with 51.00%Chrono Trigger with 50.18%42.64
SpC2k58Liquid Snake over Tenpenny with 72.00%Liquid Snake with 79.46%42.54
SpC2k48Tetris over Galaga with 85.77%Tetris with 78.25%42.48
SpC2k436Tetris over Pong with 81.02%Tetris with 73.47%42.45
SpC2k447FF X over FFTA with 74.09%FF X with 66.54%42.45
SpC2k46Legend of Zelda over Adventure with 87.36%Legend of Zelda with 95.20%42.16
SpC2k420MGS over Resident Evil with 62.35%MGS with 70.62%41.73
SpC2k443Goldeneye over Castlevania: SotN with 51.00%Goldeneye with 59.28%41.72
SC2k47Bowser over Guybrush with 91.50%Bowser with 82.99%41.49
SpC2k451Chrono Trigger over SMW with 50.50%Chrono Trigger with 59.01%41.49
SC2k431Sam over Gordon Freeman with 64.00%Sam with 55.43%41.43
SpC2k430FF X over Shenmue with 83.09%FF X with 74.48%41.39
SC2k414Master Chief over Crash Bandicoot with 62.00%Master Chief with 70.72%41.28
SpC2k442MGS over FF Tactics with 59.56%MGS with 50.02%40.46
SpC2k461SMB 3 over Chrono Trigger with 50.30%Chrono Trigger with 52.23%39.94
SpC2k422Goldeneye over Panzer Dragoon Saga with 70.33%Goldeneye with 80.81%39.52
SC2k415Knuckles over Kefka with 68.00%Knuckles with 57.46%39.46
SpC2k427Zelda: WW over Skies of Arcadia with 85.78%Zelda: WW with 74.71%38.93
SpC2k455Zelda: WW over Starcraft with 53.00%Starcraft with 50.10%38.80
SpC2k452Zelda: LttP over FF VI with 64.00%Zelda: LttP with 52.66%38.66
SpC2k52Sigma over Andross with 65.00%Sigma with 53.49%38.49
SC2k417Cloud Strife over Duke Nukem with 92.00%Cloud Strife with 80.19%38.19
SpC2k433SMB 3 over Metroid with 65.36%SMB 3 with 78.04%37.32
SC2k413Frog over Liquid Snake with 63.00%Frog with 50.05%37.05
SpC2k53Revolver Ocelot over Nemesis with 70.00%Revolver Ocelot with 54.66%34.66
SC2k42Ganondorf over Alucard with 73.00%Ganondorf with 57.16%34.16
SpC2k445Kingdom Hearts over Starcraft with 52.09%Starcraft with 53.57%33.68
SpC2k425Halo over Starcraft with 57.69%Starcraft with 50.17%29.28
SC2k421Jak over Ness with 53.00%Ness with 55.08%28.84
SpC2k456FF X over SSBM with 58.00%SSBM with 50.94%27.12
SpC2k426Kingdom Hearts over SoulCalibur with 74.98%Kingdom Hearts with 50.60%25.62
SpC2k415Earthbound over Doom with 53.16%Doom with 57.04%24.60
SC2k427Viewtiful Joe over Tails with 56.00%Tails with 54.80%23.40
SpC2k43Phantasy Star over Contra with 53.21%Contra with 61.02%16.54
SpC2k418Pokemon G/S/C over Xenogears with 59.69%Xenogears with 57.95%9.72