Name: Xuxon
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23rdv3 (11811 pts)
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5th- (48666 pts)
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SC2k131Link over Isaac (BOI) with 79.00%Link with 72.67%99.99
SC2k131Link over Tingle with 79.00%Link with 72.67%99.99
SC2k131Tingle over Link with 11.00%Link with 72.67%99.99
SC2k131Tingle over Isaac (BOI) with 11.00%Link with 72.67%99.99
SC2k131Isaac (BOI) over Link with 10.00%Link with 72.67%99.99
SC2k131Isaac (BOI) over Tingle with 10.00%Link with 72.67%99.99
SC2k353Mario over Crono with 50.05%Mario with 50.05%50.00
SC2k49MM over Earthworm Jim with 82.98%MM with 82.98%50.00
SC2k442Squall over Kirby with 55.00%Squall with 55.01%49.99
SpC2k1056Squall over Akuma with 68.00%Squall with 68.01%49.99
SC2k1138Ryu vs Ken over Fox McCloud vs Wolf O'Donnell with 65.00%Ryu vs Ken with 64.98%49.98
SpC2k1096Tifa over Gordon Freeman with 62.00%Tifa with 61.96%49.96
SC2k1546Super Mario Galaxy over Dragon Age with 64.00%Super Mario Galaxy with 64.04%49.96
SC2k1018Morrowind over Warcraft III with 50.50%Morrowind with 50.45%49.95
SC2k1037Star Wars: KOTOR over DMC with 58.00%Star Wars: KOTOR with 58.05%49.95
SpC2k416FF VI over Mortal Kombat with 73.15%FF VI with 73.08%49.93
SC2k652Yuna over Chun-Li with 60.77%Yuna with 60.84%49.93
SC2k1042GTA: Vice City over Silent Hill 2 with 63.50%GTA: Vice City with 63.57%49.93
SC2k426Ryu over KOS-MOS with 62.22%Ryu with 62.13%49.91
SpC2k1051Pikachu over Banjo with 75.00%Pikachu with 75.09%49.91
SC2k1043Dead Rising over TWEWY with 51.00%Dead Rising with 50.91%49.91
SC2k1537DKC2 over Xenoblade Chronicles with 50.25%DKC2 with 50.36%49.89
SpC2k614MM over MK with 58.00%MM with 58.12%49.88
SpC2k10108Ryu over Leon Kennedy with 57.00%Ryu with 56.88%49.88
SC2k617Solid Snake over Soma Cruz with 82.00%Solid Snake with 82.15%49.85
SC2k1089MGS3 over MvC2 with 64.00%MGS3 with 63.85%49.85
SC2k610Terra over Kerrigan with 58.85%Terra with 58.69%49.84
SpC2k1054Zero over Fenix with 67.00%Zero with 67.17%49.83
SpC2k1070Ganondorf over Ken Masters with 64.00%Ganondorf with 63.83%49.83
SC2k1013Tales of Symphonia over RE5 with 52.00%Tales of Symphonia with 52.17%49.83
SC2k1590Chrono Cross over GTA: San Andreas with 55.00%Chrono Cross with 54.82%49.82
SC2k357Link over Samus with 62.26%Link with 62.06%49.80
SC2k619Yoshi over Riku with 55.00%Yoshi with 55.20%49.80
SC2k1088Mass Effect over Skies of Arcadia with 62.00%Mass Effect with 62.20%49.80
SC2k1139Samus vs Ridley over Terra Branford vs Kefka Palazzo with 61.00%Samus vs Ridley with 60.79%49.79
SC2k614Joanna Dark over Cortana with 60.00%Joanna Dark with 60.23%49.77
SC2k10114Metroid Prime over Half-Life 2 with 50.50%Metroid Prime with 50.73%49.77
SC2k649Samus over Rikku with 69.24%Samus with 69.00%49.76
SpC2k1050Fox McCloud over Lloyd with 67.00%Fox McCloud with 67.25%49.75
SC2k1594SotC over Red Dead Redemption with 59.00%SotC with 59.25%49.75
SC2k611KOS-MOS over Amy Rose with 65.17%KOS-MOS with 65.43%49.74
SC2k648Auron over Sub-Zero with 59.90%Auron with 59.63%49.73
SC2k542Crono over Vercetti with 70.57%Crono with 70.85%49.72
SpC2k105Luigi over M. Knight with 66.00%Luigi with 65.70%49.70
SpC2k626Metal Gear over KH with 58.00%Metal Gear with 58.31%49.69
SpC2k1033Samus over The Prince of Persia with 79.00%Samus with 78.69%49.69
SC2k1543MGS 5 over Perfect Dark with 55.00%MGS 5 with 54.67%49.67
SC2k531Yoshi over Laharl with 74.00%Yoshi with 73.66%49.66
SC2k109Metroid Prime over Star Ocean 3 with 73.00%Metroid Prime with 73.34%49.66
SC2k10105FF X over Golden Sun with 66.00%FF X with 65.66%49.66
SC2k1083Star Wars: KOTOR over Fire Emblem with 61.00%Star Wars: KOTOR with 60.63%49.63
SC2k1069Metroid Prime over Devil May Cry 3 with 65.00%Metroid Prime with 64.61%49.61
SpC2k1071Kirby over GlaDOS with 68.00%Kirby with 68.40%49.60
SC2k412Zero over Protoman with 71.30%Zero with 71.72%49.58
SC2k650Tifa over Princess Peach with 66.49%Tifa with 66.05%49.56
SC2k1572FF VII over Halo with 77.77%FF VII with 78.21%49.56
SC2k1064Oblivion over SCII with 62.00%Oblivion with 62.45%49.55
SpC2k450Legend of Zelda over Tetris with 75.03%Legend of Zelda with 74.57%49.54
SpC2k1013Kirby over Rikku with 58.00%Kirby with 57.53%49.53
SpC2k1089Solid Snake over Fox McCloud with 67.50%Solid Snake with 67.03%49.53
SC2k1044Persona 4 over Braid with 63.50%Persona 4 with 63.97%49.53
SC2k10127LoZ:MM over SSBB with 50.05%LoZ:MM with 50.52%49.53
SC2k1152Samus vs Ridley over Big Boss vs The Boss with 53.00%Samus vs Ridley with 53.47%49.53
SC2k1066Batman:AA over Team Fortress 2 with 60.00%Batman:AA with 59.52%49.52
SC2k1566FF X over MMX with 55.00%FF X with 55.48%49.52
SpC2k1080Charizard over Kratos (GoW) with 54.00%Charizard with 54.49%49.51
SC2k460Samus over Sonic with 57.00%Samus with 57.51%49.49
SC2k65Tifa over Ivy Valentine with 76.70%Tifa with 76.18%49.48
SC2k1059Mario Kart Wii over Phoenix Wright with 54.00%Mario Kart Wii with 53.48%49.48
SC2k1036GTA: San Andreas over Dead Space with 66.00%GTA: San Andreas with 65.45%49.45
SC2k1052WoW over Animal Crossing with 58.00%WoW with 58.55%49.45
SC2k112Ike vs Black Knight over Conker vs Great Mighty Poo with 60.00%Ike vs Black Knight with 59.42%49.42
SC2k537Solid Snake over Zelda with 55.00%Solid Snake with 54.41%49.41
SC2k554Vincent over Squall with 50.00%Vincent with 50.59%49.41
SpC2k1067Luigi over Amaterasu with 59.00%Luigi with 59.59%49.41
SC2k452Solid Snake over Frog with 52.00%Solid Snake with 51.39%49.39
SC2k563Mario over Crono with 53.24%Mario with 53.85%49.39
SC2k10119MGS3 over SotC with 50.00%MGS3 with 50.62%49.38
SpC2k523Ganondorf over Ansem with 73.81%Ganondorf with 74.44%49.37
SC2k156Pokemon G/S over TWEWY with 76.00%Pokemon G/S with 76.63%49.37
SC2k1146Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake over Pac-Man vs Blinky with 67.00%Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake with 67.64%49.36
SC2k1161Mario vs Bowser over Red vs Blue with 55.00%Mario vs Bowser with 55.64%49.36
SpC2k1011Ganondorf over Mewtwo with 58.00%Ganondorf with 58.65%49.35
SC2k333Link over Fox McCloud with 83.12%Link with 82.46%49.34
SpC2k622SSB over Sonic with 57.00%SSB with 57.66%49.34
SC2k1143Alucard vs Dracula over Phoenix Wright vs Miles Edgeworth with 56.00%Alucard vs Dracula with 56.67%49.33
SC2k647Crono over Bowser with 58.12%Crono with 57.44%49.32
SC2k1063Paper Mario: TYD over Gears of War with 60.50%Paper Mario: TYD with 59.82%49.32
SC2k1539Banjo-Kazooie over Baldur's Gate II with 63.00%Banjo-Kazooie with 62.32%49.32
SC2k660Sonic over Crono with 50.08%Sonic with 50.77%49.31
SC2k1085RE4 over GTA: Vice City with 65.00%RE4 with 65.69%49.31
SC2k1117Link vs Ganondorf over Arthas vs Illidan with 86.00%Link vs Ganondorf with 85.30%49.30
SpC2k440FF VI over Doom with 72.00%FF VI with 72.72%49.28
SC2k512Sora over Agent 47 with 70.00%Sora with 70.73%49.27
SC2k10103Zelda: Twilight Princess over Super Mario Galaxy with 63.00%Zelda: Twilight Princess with 62.27%49.27
SpC2k437Chrono Trigger over Super Mario RPG with 67.81%Chrono Trigger with 67.06%49.25
SpC2k449SMB 3 over Final Fantasy with 58.85%SMB 3 with 59.60%49.25
SC2k10122SSBB over Zelda: Twilight Princess with 52.00%SSBB with 52.75%49.25
SpC2k1028Bowser over Frog with 64.00%Bowser with 63.22%49.22
SC2k561Mario over Solid Snake with 58.00%Mario with 57.21%49.21
SC2k10120LoZ:MM over Zelda: WW with 56.00%LoZ:MM with 56.79%49.21
SpC2k1087Leon Kennedy over Sackboy with 64.00%Leon Kennedy with 64.81%49.19
SpC2k1091Auron over Zero with 57.50%Auron with 56.69%49.19
SC2k1072Half-Life 2 over GTA3 with 57.00%Half-Life 2 with 56.17%49.17
SC2k1096Oblivion over Paper Mario: TYD with 56.00%Oblivion with 55.17%49.17
SC2k524Squall over Geno with 74.00%Squall with 74.84%49.16
SC2k1039Persona 3 over Civ IV with 51.50%Persona 3 with 52.35%49.15
SC2k45Magus over Luca Blight with 81.90%Magus with 81.04%49.14
SC2k1084FF9 over Persona 3 with 68.00%FF9 with 68.87%49.13
SC2k1155Cloud vs. Sephiroth over Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake with 63.00%Cloud vs. Sephiroth with 62.12%49.12
SC2k1057LoZ:MM over Wii Sports with 82.50%LoZ:MM with 83.40%49.10
SpC2k10107Cloud Strife over Captain Falcon with 69.00%Cloud Strife with 69.93%49.07
SpC2k1035Roxas over Heavy with 56.00%Roxas with 56.96%49.04
SC2k15105Zelda: OoT over FF9 with 64.00%Zelda: OoT with 64.96%49.04
SC2k425Sonic over Terry Bogard with 81.81%Sonic with 80.84%49.03
SpC2k415Doom over Earthbound with 58.05%Doom with 57.04%48.99
SC2k462Cloud Strife over Samus with 58.00%Cloud Strife with 59.01%48.99
SpC2k631Zelda over FF with 52.00%Zelda with 50.99%48.99
SC2k344Sephiroth over Max Payne with 83.70%Sephiroth with 82.67%48.97
SC2k1567SSBM over Pokemon G/S with 59.00%SSBM with 60.03%48.97
SpC2k1058Vincent over Guybrush with 78.50%Vincent with 77.44%48.94
SC2k1019Perfect Dark over Conker's Bad Fur Day with 65.00%Perfect Dark with 63.93%48.93
SC2k1074CoD4 over Perfect Dark with 56.50%CoD4 with 55.43%48.93
SC2k69Zelda over Carmen Sandiego with 85.00%Zelda with 86.08%48.92
SpC2k417FF VII over Suikoden II with 84.53%FF VII with 85.63%48.90
SC2k536Ganondorf over Auron with 53.00%Ganondorf with 54.10%48.90
SpC2k56Vergil over Ghaleon with 63.34%Vergil with 64.45%48.89
SpC2k65Metal Gear over Soul Calibur with 71.00%Metal Gear with 69.89%48.89
SC2k1091MGS4 over Diablo II: LoD with 56.00%MGS4 with 54.88%48.88
SpC2k47Pong over River City Ransom with 66.88%Pong with 68.01%48.87
SC2k519Vercetti over Kefka with 50.00%Vercetti with 51.14%48.86
SC2k1094Pokemon G/S/C over Mario Kart Wii with 72.00%Pokemon G/S/C with 70.86%48.86
SC2k1148Sora vs Riku over Dante vs Vergil with 52.00%Sora vs Riku with 50.85%48.85
SC2k1081FF X over Borderlands with 72.00%FF X with 70.83%48.83
SC2k15122Undertale over SM 64 with 52.50%Undertale with 51.33%48.83
SpC2k448SSBM over GTA: Vice City with 52.36%SSBM with 53.54%48.82
SC2k1591MGS 2 over The Witcher 3 with 53.00%MGS 2 with 54.21%48.79
SC2k1128Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake over Crono vs Lavos with 60.00%Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake with 58.77%48.77
SC2k1153Link vs Ganondorf over Mega Man vs Dr. Wily with 74.00%Link vs Ganondorf with 75.26%48.74
SC2k418Vyse over Laharl with 58.96%Vyse with 60.23%48.73
SC2k1065Fallout 3 over Deus Ex with 73.00%Fallout 3 with 74.27%48.73
SC2k1580Zelda: Twilight Princess over Persona 4 with 64.00%Zelda: Twilight Princess with 65.27%48.73
SC2k544Squall over Knuckles with 55.10%Squall with 53.80%48.70
SC2k646Luigi over Kirby with 51.00%Luigi with 52.31%48.69
SpC2k1043Riku over Ramza with 61.00%Riku with 62.31%48.69
SpC2k10105Samus over Sub-Zero with 66.00%Samus with 67.31%48.69
SC2k15115Undertale over Pokemon R/B with 50.20%Undertale with 51.52%48.68
SpC2k454Zelda: OoT over Goldeneye with 71.71%Zelda: OoT with 73.05%48.66
SC2k15Grudge2Chrono Trigger over FF VI with 63.00%Chrono Trigger with 61.66%48.66
SpC2k513Ganondorf over Giygas with 86.33%Ganondorf with 84.98%48.65
SC2k1111Ryu vs Ken over Ratchet vs Dr. Nefarious with 83.00%Ryu vs Ken with 81.63%48.63
SpC2k512Diablo over Ridley with 56.27%Diablo with 57.65%48.62
SC2k530Leon Kennedy over Gordon Freeman with 59.95%Leon Kennedy with 58.57%48.62
SpC2k10114Sonic over Kirby with 56.00%Sonic with 54.61%48.61
SC2k1031Modern Warfare 2 over Dissidia with 58.00%Modern Warfare 2 with 56.61%48.61
SpC2k531Sephiroth over Ganondorf with 56.75%Sephiroth with 58.17%48.58
SC2k360MM over Solid Snake with 54.93%MM with 53.50%48.57
SC2k1516FF VII over Journey with 85.50%FF VII with 84.07%48.57
SC2k564Link over Cloud Strife with 51.00%Link with 52.44%48.56
SC2k1076SSBB over Valkyria Chronicles with 75.00%SSBB with 76.44%48.56
SC2k15111MGS over SotC with 55.00%MGS with 53.56%48.56
SpC2k432SSBM over MGS 2 with 58.20%SSBM with 56.72%48.52
SpC2k1081Samus over Jill Valentine with 69.00%Samus with 67.52%48.52
SC2k626Vincent over Ganondorf with 51.10%Vincent with 52.59%48.51
SC2k10109MGS3 over Paper Mario with 56.00%MGS3 with 57.49%48.51
SC2k1144Frog vs Magus over Chell vs GLaDOS with 53.00%Frog vs Magus with 51.51%48.51
SC2k103Batman:AA over Psychonauts with 74.00%Batman:AA with 72.50%48.50
SC2k46Crono over Conker with 79.50%Crono with 77.99%48.49
SC2k653Solid Snake over Yoshi with 58.70%Solid Snake with 57.16%48.46
SC2k57Ganondorf over Yuna with 62.75%Ganondorf with 61.20%48.45
SpC2k1074Ike over Zidane with 50.00%Ike with 51.55%48.45
SC2k419Kirby over Kain with 66.22%Kirby with 64.65%48.43
SC2k1158Red vs Blue over Samus vs Ridley with 59.00%Red vs Blue with 60.57%48.43
SC2k1131Dante vs Vergil over Sol Badguy vs Ky Kiske with 81.00%Dante vs Vergil with 82.59%48.41
SC2k1535Okami over Warcraft III with 59.00%Okami with 60.59%48.41
SC2k1547FF12 over Bloodborne with 54.00%FF12 with 55.59%48.41
SpC2k10101Mario over Ike with 72.50%Mario with 74.10%48.40
SC2k1140Big Boss vs The Boss over Chris Redfield vs Albert Wesker with 55.00%Big Boss vs The Boss with 56.60%48.40
SC2k1159Link vs Ganondorf over Alucard vs Dracula with 76.00%Link vs Ganondorf with 77.60%48.40
SpC2k444Zelda: OoT over SM 64 with 74.62%Zelda: OoT with 76.26%48.36
SC2k1095Zelda: WW over Assassin's Creed II with 62.50%Zelda: WW with 60.85%48.35
SC2k645Sonic over Vincent with 53.75%Sonic with 52.09%48.34
SpC2k420MGS over Resident Evil with 68.95%MGS with 70.62%48.33
SpC2k525Bowser over Revolver Ocelot with 64.32%Bowser with 65.99%48.33
SpC2k10119Solid Snake over Squall with 57.50%Solid Snake with 59.17%48.33
SC2k48Mario over JC Denton with 85.23%Mario with 83.54%48.31
SC2k623Ryu over Kratos (GoW) with 58.80%Ryu with 57.11%48.31
SpC2k1063Tifa over Yuri Lowell with 77.00%Tifa with 78.70%48.30
SC2k555Sonic over Tifa with 58.11%Sonic with 56.40%48.29
SC2k15100FF VII over Smash Bros. Wii U with 67.00%FF VII with 65.29%48.29
SC2k10107RE4 over Persona 4 with 69.00%RE4 with 70.72%48.28
SC2k1110Luigi vs Waluigi over Cecil vs Golbez with 57.00%Luigi vs Waluigi with 55.28%48.28
SC2k1079KH2 over Bioshock with 58.00%KH2 with 56.27%48.27
SC2k629Crono over Captain Falcon with 75.90%Crono with 74.16%48.26
SC2k68Princess Peach over Princess Daisy with 81.35%Princess Peach with 83.10%48.25
SC2k620Dante over Ryu Hayabusa with 63.45%Dante with 65.20%48.25
SC2k1570Zelda: WW over Star Wars: KOTOR with 65.00%Zelda: WW with 63.25%48.25
SpC2k441FF VII over Xenogears with 81.80%FF VII with 80.03%48.23
SC2k661Samus over Zelda with 53.50%Samus with 55.27%48.23
SC2k1122Alucard vs Dracula over Commander Shepard vs Saren Arterius with 65.00%Alucard vs Dracula with 63.23%48.23
SC2k1579SM 64 over FF Tactics with 68.00%SM 64 with 66.23%48.23
SC2k633Samus over Ada Wong with 78.00%Samus with 79.78%48.22
SpC2k1065Link over Alucard with 70.00%Link with 71.79%48.21
SC2k10112Zelda: WW over Oblivion with 58.00%Zelda: WW with 56.20%48.20
SC2k541Master Chief over Donkey Kong with 52.60%Master Chief with 50.79%48.19
SpC2k10110Squall over Auron with 50.00%Squall with 51.81%48.19
SC2k1517SMB 3 over Age of Empires II with 86.00%SMB 3 with 84.17%48.17
SC2k15102Undertale over SMW with 53.00%Undertale with 54.84%48.16
SC2k1041RE4 over Jet Grind Radio with 84.00%RE4 with 82.15%48.15
SC2k1160Cloud vs. Sephiroth over Squall vs Seifer with 78.00%Cloud vs. Sephiroth with 76.15%48.15
SC2k566Link over Sephiroth with 56.80%Link with 54.94%48.14
SpC2k436Tetris over Pong with 71.60%Tetris with 73.47%48.13
SpC2k461Chrono Trigger over SMB 3 with 54.10%Chrono Trigger with 52.23%48.13
SpC2k10113Link over Luigi with 73.00%Link with 71.13%48.13
SC2k1588LoZ:MM over FF12 with 67.00%LoZ:MM with 68.87%48.13
SC2k1527Metroid Prime over Morrowind with 65.00%Metroid Prime with 63.09%48.09
SC2k1555Fallout: New Vegas over BioShock Infinite with 54.00%Fallout: New Vegas with 55.92%48.08
SpC2k414Super Metroid over Phantasy Star IV with 81.36%Super Metroid with 83.29%48.07
SpC2k66Fire Emblem over Silent Hill with 59.00%Fire Emblem with 57.05%48.05
SC2k560MM over Sonic with 52.33%MM with 50.37%48.04
SpC2k1017Mario over Falco with 83.00%Mario with 81.04%48.04
SpC2k10118Cloud Strife over Ryu with 64.00%Cloud Strife with 65.98%48.02
SpC2k1085Cloud Strife over Chris with 70.00%Cloud Strife with 71.99%48.01
SC2k459Cloud Strife over Sephiroth with 54.00%Cloud Strife with 56.00%48.00
SC2k63Rikku over Lenneth Valkyrie with 77.00%Rikku with 75.00%48.00
SC2k1011MM9 over Demon's Souls with 51.00%MM9 with 53.00%48.00
SC2k10121Fallout 3 over Metroid Prime with 54.00%Fallout 3 with 51.94%47.94
SC2k1569FF VI over Paper Mario: TYD with 69.00%FF VI with 66.94%47.94
SC2k651Zelda over Aeris with 54.80%Zelda with 56.87%47.93
SpC2k10126Cloud Strife over Solid Snake with 50.00%Cloud Strife with 52.09%47.91
SC2k1077Super Mario Galaxy over Pokemon RSE with 62.00%Super Mario Galaxy with 59.90%47.90
SC2k1548LoZ:MM over Valkyria Chronicles with 78.00%LoZ:MM with 75.89%47.89
SC2k1592RE4 over Fallout: New Vegas with 56.00%RE4 with 58.11%47.89
SpC2k51Bowser over Pyramid Head with 86.00%Bowser with 83.88%47.88
SpC2k621Mario over Warcraft with 79.00%Mario with 81.13%47.87
SpC2k463FF VII over Chrono Trigger with 56.10%FF VII with 58.24%47.86
SC2k456Samus over Sora with 68.00%Samus with 65.85%47.85
SpC2k1073Mario over Big Boss with 61.00%Mario with 63.16%47.84
SC2k545Sonic over Diablo with 66.38%Sonic with 68.55%47.83
SpC2k418Xenogears over Pokemon G/S/C with 55.77%Xenogears with 57.95%47.82
SC2k463Link over Cloud Strife with 54.00%Link with 51.82%47.82
SC2k15117Zelda: OoT over Castlevania: SotN with 66.00%Zelda: OoT with 68.18%47.82
SC2k458MM over Solid Snake with 55.00%MM with 57.19%47.81
SpC2k1057Sephiroth over Marth with 74.00%Sephiroth with 71.80%47.80
SC2k346Ryu over Dante with 51.80%Ryu with 54.01%47.79
SC2k1025Super Mario Galaxy over BG&E with 77.00%Super Mario Galaxy with 74.79%47.79
SC2k352Sonic over Aeris with 55.24%Sonic with 53.02%47.78
SpC2k615Street Fighter over Elder Scrolls with 67.00%Street Fighter with 64.77%47.77
SC2k1086Persona 4 over Dead Rising with 52.50%Persona 4 with 50.27%47.77
SpC2k1077Sora over Laharl with 70.00%Sora with 67.75%47.75
SC2k15116SM 64 over Skyrim with 59.00%SM 64 with 61.27%47.73
SC2k1164Link vs Ganondorf over Mario vs Bowser with 60.00%Link vs Ganondorf with 57.72%47.72
SC2k1014God of War over Left 4 Dead with 63.00%God of War with 65.29%47.71
SpC2k431GTA: Vice City over Star Wars: KOTOR with 62.64%GTA: Vice City with 60.32%47.68
SC2k356MM over Vercetti with 69.22%MM with 66.86%47.64
SC2k111Mario vs Bowser over Jim vs Queen Slug-for-a-Butt with 83.00%Mario vs Bowser with 85.36%47.64
SC2k1113Samus vs Ridley over The Kid vs The Guy with 83.00%Samus vs Ridley with 80.64%47.64
SpC2k423SM 64 over NiGHTS into dreams with 87.20%SM 64 with 84.83%47.63
SC2k67Jill Valentine over Sheena Fujibayashi with 64.40%Jill Valentine with 62.03%47.63
SpC2k1044Captain Falcon over Wander with 73.50%Captain Falcon with 71.13%47.63
SC2k658Zelda over Yuna with 59.40%Zelda with 57.02%47.62
SC2k1028Zelda: Twilight Princess over Shenmue with 77.00%Zelda: Twilight Princess with 79.38%47.62
SC2k15126Zelda: OoT over Super Mario RPG with 65.00%Zelda: OoT with 67.38%47.62
SC2k559Crono over Vincent with 57.77%Crono with 55.38%47.61
SpC2k62MMX over Suikoden with 75.00%MMX with 72.61%47.61
SC2k1061Zelda: WW over God of War II with 61.50%Zelda: WW with 63.95%47.55
SC2k1585Zelda: LttP over FF4 with 63.00%Zelda: LttP with 65.45%47.55
SC2k1016Half-Life 2 over L4D2 with 72.00%Half-Life 2 with 74.48%47.52
SC2k1120Mega Man vs Dr. Wily over Banjo vs Gruntilda with 75.00%Mega Man vs Dr. Wily with 77.48%47.52
SpC2k1094Missingno over Yoshi with 54.00%Missingno with 51.51%47.51
SC2k625Sonic over CATS with 78.25%Sonic with 80.75%47.50
SpC2k1020Ike over Prinny with 65.00%Ike with 62.49%47.49
SC2k1071God of War over Tales of Symphonia with 54.00%God of War with 51.46%47.46
SpC2k10112Tifa over Big Daddy with 63.00%Tifa with 60.45%47.45
SpC2k1076Ryu Hayabusa over Master Chief with 50.00%Ryu Hayabusa with 52.56%47.44
SC2k15110RE4 over MGS 2 with 57.00%RE4 with 54.44%47.44
SpC2k10125Link over Mario with 62.00%Link with 64.57%47.43
SC2k1550Super Mario RPG over Oblivion with 57.00%Super Mario RPG with 54.43%47.43
SC2k1149Mario vs Bowser over Sonic vs Robotnik with 68.00%Mario vs Bowser with 70.58%47.42
SC2k441Cloud Strife over Vyse with 84.00%Cloud Strife with 81.41%47.41
SC2k446Dante over Tails with 60.00%Dante with 57.40%47.40
SC2k1047Skies of Arcadia over Baldur's Gate II with 55.00%Skies of Arcadia with 52.40%47.40
SC2k1093LoZ:MM over Chrono Cross with 64.50%LoZ:MM with 67.10%47.40
SC2k621Sora over Tingle with 73.00%Sora with 75.61%47.39
SpC2k445Starcraft over Kingdom Hearts with 50.95%Starcraft with 53.57%47.38
SpC2k10111Sephiroth over Missingno with 55.50%Sephiroth with 52.88%47.38
SpC2k10100Kirby over Vivi with 55.00%Kirby with 57.63%47.37
SC2k543Vincent over Dante with 56.65%Vincent with 54.00%47.35
SpC2k1049Solid Snake over Protoman with 75.00%Solid Snake with 72.35%47.35
SC2k1511Star Wars: KOTOR over Xenogears with 51.00%Star Wars: KOTOR with 53.65%47.35
SC2k51Mario over Joanna Dark with 78.23%Mario with 80.90%47.33
SC2k553Crono over Master Chief with 63.97%Crono with 61.29%47.32
SpC2k1078Bowser over Kefka with 59.00%Bowser with 61.68%47.32
SC2k1055MGS 2 over Banjo-Tooie with 67.00%MGS 2 with 69.68%47.32
SC2k15124Super Mario RPG over MGS3 with 55.00%Super Mario RPG with 52.32%47.32
SC2k1070Okami over MM9 with 59.00%Okami with 56.31%47.31
SC2k454Sephiroth over Auron with 65.00%Sephiroth with 67.70%47.30
SC2k1097Fallout 3 over Batman:AA with 61.50%Fallout 3 with 58.80%47.30
SC2k10124LoZ:MM over MGS3 with 55.00%LoZ:MM with 57.70%47.30
SC2k1544Dark Souls over Civ V with 64.00%Dark Souls with 66.70%47.30
SC2k362Sephiroth over MM with 58.47%Sephiroth with 61.18%47.29
SpC2k1097Link over Mega Man X with 70.00%Link with 67.28%47.28
SC2k347Vercetti over Donkey Kong with 53.23%Vercetti with 50.48%47.25
SpC2k55Sephiroth over Ramirez with 86.45%Sephiroth with 83.70%47.25
SC2k1024SSBB over MKDS with 80.50%SSBB with 83.26%47.24
SC2k640Chun-Li over Lara Croft with 52.75%Chun-Li with 55.54%47.21
SpC2k10109Solid Snake over Pikachu with 58.00%Solid Snake with 55.20%47.20
SpC2k519Sephiroth over Vergil with 76.00%Sephiroth with 78.81%47.19
SC2k10123FF X over RE4 with 54.00%FF X with 56.81%47.19
SpC2k1039Zelda over Travis with 73.50%Zelda with 70.67%47.17
SC2k1099Metroid Prime over Okami with 61.00%Metroid Prime with 58.16%47.16
SpC2k10117Samus over Zelda with 61.00%Samus with 63.85%47.15
SC2k1046FF12 over Crisis Core with 58.50%FF12 with 55.65%47.15
SC2k1582FF9 over Okami with 55.00%FF9 with 57.85%47.15
SC2k1556RE4 over Paper Mario with 56.00%RE4 with 58.87%47.13
SpC2k413Zelda: LttP over Gunstar Heroes with 88.26%Zelda: LttP with 91.15%47.11
SC2k1528Half-Life 2 over Demon's Souls with 61.00%Half-Life 2 with 63.90%47.10
SC2k10106FF9 over Star Wars: KOTOR with 56.00%FF9 with 53.07%47.07
SpC2k628FF over Resident Evil with 79.00%FF with 76.06%47.06
SpC2k1082Sub-Zero over Roxas with 62.00%Sub-Zero with 59.06%47.06
SpC2k1047Ryu over Balthier with 66.00%Ryu with 68.97%47.03
SC2k455Sonic over Dante with 59.00%Sonic with 62.03%46.97
SC2k1568KH2 over The Last of Us with 57.00%KH2 with 60.03%46.97
SC2k1552Chrono Cross over WoW with 55.00%Chrono Cross with 58.06%46.94
SC2k1526Goldeneye over Diablo II with 59.00%Goldeneye with 55.93%46.93
SC2k1020CoD4 over Prince of Persia SOT with 66.00%CoD4 with 62.92%46.92
SC2k1112Fox McCloud vs Wolf O'Donnell over Yuna vs Seymour Guado with 64.00%Fox McCloud vs Wolf O'Donnell with 60.92%46.92
SC2k15123Zelda: OoT over Zelda: LttP with 63.00%Zelda: OoT with 59.90%46.90
SC2k1062Assassin's Creed II over ICO with 65.00%Assassin's Creed II with 61.89%46.89
SC2k1510Paper Mario: TYD over Tales of Symphonia with 55.00%Paper Mario: TYD with 51.87%46.87
SC2k15104SM 64 over Zelda: Twilight Princess with 60.00%SM 64 with 56.87%46.87
SC2k1049MGS3 over TimeSplitters 2 with 80.00%MGS3 with 76.85%46.85
SC2k659Solid Snake over MM with 52.15%Solid Snake with 55.33%46.82
SpC2k10123Cloud Strife over Samus with 56.00%Cloud Strife with 52.81%46.81
SC2k1135X vs Zero over Bartz vs Gilgamesh with 74.00%X vs Zero with 77.20%46.80
SpC2k435Legend of Zelda over Donkey Kong with 83.83%Legend of Zelda with 87.04%46.79
SpC2k1015Vivi over Donkey Kong with 59.50%Vivi with 56.29%46.79
SC2k1060Pokemon G/S/C over Advance Wars with 76.50%Pokemon G/S/C with 73.28%46.78
SpC2k63Pokemon over Star Ocean with 62.50%Pokemon with 65.74%46.76
SpC2k629Zelda over Metal Gear with 70.50%Zelda with 73.74%46.76
SC2k116Bartz vs Gilgamesh over Guybrush vs LeChuck with 61.00%Bartz vs Gilgamesh with 64.24%46.76
SC2k1147Squall vs Seifer over Siegfried vs Nightmare with 70.00%Squall vs Seifer with 66.76%46.76
SC2k1554MGS 2 over Resident Evil with 60.00%MGS 2 with 56.76%46.76
SC2k549Mario over Zero with 59.59%Mario with 62.86%46.73
SpC2k10106Zelda over Jecht with 63.00%Zelda with 59.72%46.72
SpC2k46Legend of Zelda over Adventure with 91.91%Legend of Zelda with 95.20%46.71
SC2k1150X vs Zero over Sub-Zero vs Scorpion with 56.00%X vs Zero with 52.70%46.70
SpC2k43Contra over Phantasy Star with 64.33%Contra with 61.02%46.69
SC2k1080Kingdom Hearts over Modern Warfare 2 with 63.00%Kingdom Hearts with 66.31%46.69
SC2k1130Siegfried vs Nightmare over Ramza vs Delita with 59.00%Siegfried vs Nightmare with 55.68%46.68
SC2k354Sephiroth over Alucard with 68.95%Sephiroth with 72.28%46.67
SC2k10101SSBM over CoD4 with 66.00%SSBM with 69.36%46.64
SpC2k612SSB over Dragon Quest with 73.00%SSB with 76.37%46.63
SpC2k1025Sora over Midna with 67.00%Sora with 63.63%46.63
SC2k10100Half-Life 2 over God of War with 51.00%Half-Life 2 with 54.37%46.63
SC2k1586Dark Souls over MGS 5 with 52.00%Dark Souls with 55.40%46.60
SC2k431Sam over Gordon Freeman with 58.85%Sam with 55.43%46.58
SC2k10117FF X over FF9 with 66.50%FF X with 63.07%46.57
SC2k1121Phoenix Wright vs Miles Edgeworth over Gordon Freeman vs Dr. Breen with 60.00%Phoenix Wright vs Miles Edgeworth with 56.56%46.56
SC2k445Sonic over Ryu with 59.00%Sonic with 55.54%46.54
SpC2k10127Link over Cloud Strife with 57.00%Link with 53.54%46.54
SpC2k54Dr. Wily over Ultros with 60.56%Dr. Wily with 64.03%46.53
SC2k1133Mario vs Bowser over Ike vs Black Knight with 77.00%Mario vs Bowser with 80.47%46.53
SC2k15108LoZ:MM over Super Metroid with 54.00%LoZ:MM with 50.53%46.53
SC2k1038Fire Emblem over Tony Hawk 2 with 68.00%Fire Emblem with 64.51%46.51
SpC2k1042Chris over MacMillan with 64.50%Chris with 68.01%46.49
SC2k1053MGS4 over Assassin's Creed with 67.00%MGS4 with 63.49%46.49
SC2k10118RE4 over Portal with 59.00%RE4 with 55.46%46.46
SC2k345Solid Snake over Knuckles with 59.57%Solid Snake with 63.13%46.44
SC2k1562Bioshock over Silent Hill 2 with 65.00%Bioshock with 61.43%46.43
SpC2k623FF over MM with 77.77%FF with 74.19%46.42
SC2k349Link over Magus with 68.67%Link with 65.07%46.40
SC2k520Crono over Zidane with 73.11%Crono with 76.72%46.39
SpC2k1022Zack over Yuna with 55.00%Zack with 58.61%46.39
SpC2k1029L-Block over HK-47 with 67.50%L-Block with 63.89%46.39
SC2k1073SSBM over Morrowind with 75.00%SSBM with 71.39%46.39
SC2k540Bowser over Ryu with 55.33%Bowser with 58.98%46.35
SC2k1157Mario vs Bowser over X vs Zero with 63.00%Mario vs Bowser with 66.66%46.34
SC2k53Zero over Ryu Hayabusa with 66.67%Zero with 63.00%46.33
SC2k550Samus over Ganondorf with 63.33%Samus with 59.66%46.33
SC2k15Grudge3Pokemon R/B over SM 64 with 54.00%Pokemon R/B with 57.67%46.33
SC2k1098Halo over Uncharted 2 with 50.00%Halo with 53.68%46.32
SC2k1082Golden Sun over GTA: San Andreas with 50.00%Golden Sun with 53.69%46.31
SpC2k10103Bowser over Sora with 51.00%Bowser with 54.70%46.30
SpC2k427Zelda: WW over Skies of Arcadia with 71.00%Zelda: WW with 74.71%46.29
SC2k654MM over Sora with 58.00%MM with 54.28%46.28
SpC2k10116Charizard over Bowser with 51.00%Charizard with 54.73%46.27
SpC2k530Ganondorf over Diablo with 61.46%Ganondorf with 65.20%46.26
SC2k15109Super Mario RPG over Chrono Cross with 57.00%Super Mario RPG with 60.74%46.26
SC2k1030KH2 over Halo 2 with 60.00%KH2 with 63.81%46.19
SpC2k617Zelda over MMX with 76.50%Zelda with 80.32%46.18
SpC2k1066Mega Man X over Red with 65.00%Mega Man X with 61.16%46.16
SC2k558Solid Snake over Bowser with 54.44%Solid Snake with 50.59%46.15
SpC2k1036Sub-Zero over Tidus with 50.00%Sub-Zero with 53.86%46.14
SpC2k1055Terra over Darth Revan with 50.00%Terra with 53.87%46.13
SpC2k68KH over Harvest Moon with 77.00%KH with 73.12%46.12
SC2k1142Mega Man vs Dr. Wily over Zidane Tribal vs Kuja with 70.00%Mega Man vs Dr. Wily with 66.11%46.11
SC2k529MM over Conker with 79.92%MM with 76.02%46.10
SC2k1564Mass Effect 2 over Virtue's Last Reward with 82.00%Mass Effect 2 with 78.08%46.08
SC2k1048Mass Effect over PvZ with 73.50%Mass Effect with 69.57%46.07
SC2k1557MGS over Splatoon with 83.00%MGS with 79.07%46.07
SC2k1565Chrono Trigger over Dragon Quest VIII with 78.00%Chrono Trigger with 81.93%46.07
SpC2k61Zelda over Civilization with 86.00%Zelda with 89.97%46.03
SpC2k1090Pikachu over Shepard with 65.00%Pikachu with 61.01%46.01
SC2k1541Zelda: LttP over Cave Story with 84.00%Zelda: LttP with 88.02%45.98
SpC2k424Zelda: OoT over Fallout 2 with 90.34%Zelda: OoT with 86.31%45.97
SC2k59Solid Snake over Manny Calavera with 88.12%Solid Snake with 84.09%45.97
SC2k565Sephiroth over Mario with 52.00%Sephiroth with 56.07%45.93
SC2k420Squall over Bomberman with 68.83%Squall with 64.75%45.92
SC2k1068Halo over Halo 3 with 61.00%Halo with 56.92%45.92
SC2k105Uncharted 2 over Legend of Dragoon with 61.50%Uncharted 2 with 57.40%45.90
SC2k1090Paper Mario over WoW with 55.00%Paper Mario with 59.15%45.85
SpC2k411Sonic 2 over Shining Force with 76.54%Sonic 2 with 80.71%45.83
SpC2k1045Leon Kennedy over Vault Boy with 65.00%Leon Kennedy with 60.81%45.81
SC2k55Samus over Yuri with 83.11%Samus with 87.32%45.79
SC2k634Rikku over Kairi with 62.50%Rikku with 58.28%45.78
SC2k350Samus over Squall with 53.95%Samus with 58.20%45.75
SC2k444Sephiroth over Vivi with 66.00%Sephiroth with 70.25%45.75
SC2k613Yuna over Roll with 75.00%Yuna with 79.30%45.70
SC2k421Ness over Jak with 50.77%Ness with 55.08%45.69
SpC2k1083Jecht over Ratchet with 60.50%Jecht with 56.16%45.66
SC2k638Aeris over KOS-MOS with 66.00%Aeris with 61.65%45.65
SpC2k1053Auron over Aeris with 62.00%Auron with 57.64%45.64
SpC2k1095Big Daddy over Ness with 50.00%Big Daddy with 54.36%45.64
SpC2k1048Dante over Axel with 65.00%Dante with 69.37%45.63
SpC2k1069Sonic over Knuckles with 72.00%Sonic with 67.61%45.61
SpC2k451Chrono Trigger over SMW with 54.60%Chrono Trigger with 59.01%45.59
SpC2k10122Mario over Charizard with 58.00%Mario with 53.59%45.59
SC2k440Solid Snake over Knuckles with 64.00%Solid Snake with 59.54%45.54
SC2k1015GTA3 over LittleBigPlanet with 57.50%GTA3 with 61.98%45.52
SC2k656Crono over Auron with 59.00%Crono with 54.50%45.50
SpC2k462FF VII over SSBM with 57.89%FF VII with 62.43%45.46
SC2k415Knuckles over Kefka with 62.00%Knuckles with 57.46%45.46
SC2k10125SSBB over Fallout 3 with 59.00%SSBB with 54.43%45.43
SC2k154FF X over Half-Life with 69.00%FF X with 64.42%45.42
SC2k424Sephiroth over Sly Cooper with 90.99%Sephiroth with 86.37%45.38
SpC2k10104Charizard over L-Block with 56.00%Charizard with 60.64%45.36
SC2k1593MGS over Earthbound with 65.00%MGS with 60.36%45.36
SC2k1549GTA V over Shenmue with 67.00%GTA V with 62.35%45.35
SC2k552Bowser over Kirby with 56.78%Bowser with 52.12%45.34
SpC2k1075MM over Zack with 57.00%MM with 61.66%45.34
SC2k343Alucard over Kirby with 56.91%Alucard with 52.21%45.30
SpC2k625Zelda over Metroid with 80.00%Zelda with 84.70%45.30
SC2k1598SSBM over KH2 with 60.00%SSBM with 55.30%45.30
SC2k411Vercetti over Max Payne with 66.67%Vercetti with 61.96%45.29
SpC2k522Diablo over M. Bison with 57.60%Diablo with 52.88%45.28
SC2k47Bowser over Guybrush with 87.77%Bowser with 82.99%45.22
SpC2k1014GlaDOS over Fawful with 62.00%GlaDOS with 66.78%45.22
SC2k1132Sora vs Riku over Blazkowicz vs Adolf Hitler with 65.00%Sora vs Riku with 60.21%45.21
SC2k518Donkey Kong over Sam with 59.95%Donkey Kong with 64.76%45.19
SpC2k510Wesker over Luca Blight with 64.56%Wesker with 59.74%45.18
SpC2k1098Luigi over W.C. Cube with 60.00%Luigi with 64.84%45.16
SC2k643Sora over Gordon Freeman with 68.80%Sora with 63.93%45.13
SC2k114Sonic vs Robotnik over Katherine vs Catherine with 78.00%Sonic vs Robotnik with 73.12%45.12
SC2k1126Kratos vs Zeus over Professor Layton vs Don Paolo with 79.00%Kratos vs Zeus with 74.12%45.12
SC2k363Cloud Strife over Sephiroth with 56.78%Cloud Strife with 51.89%45.11
SC2k1032Kingdom Hearts over Castlevania:DoS with 72.00%Kingdom Hearts with 76.90%45.10
SC2k515Bowser over Chun-Li with 60.98%Bowser with 65.90%45.08
SC2k533Mario over Ness with 77.88%Mario with 82.80%45.08
SC2k1513Smash Bros. Wii U over Planescape: Torment with 84.00%Smash Bros. Wii U with 79.05%45.05
SC2k644MM over Ryu with 63.00%MM with 58.04%45.04
SpC2k526Sephiroth over Liquid Snake with 70.94%Sephiroth with 75.92%45.02
SC2k355Solid Snake over Ryu with 62.26%Solid Snake with 57.26%45.00
SC2k636Jill Valentine over Princess Peach with 50.00%Princess Peach with 50.01%44.99
SpC2k67Castlevania over Halo with 50.00%Castlevania with 55.02%44.98
SpC2k412SMW over The Simpsons with 86.50%SMW with 81.47%44.97
SC2k15119Super Mario RPG over RE4 with 50.50%Super Mario RPG with 55.53%44.97
SC2k534Zero over Lloyd with 68.20%Zero with 73.25%44.95
SpC2k41SMB 3 over Metal Gear with 77.22%SMB 3 with 82.30%44.92
SC2k516Ryu over Rikku with 60.86%Ryu with 55.72%44.86
SC2k517Master Chief over CATS with 73.97%Master Chief with 68.83%44.86
SC2k635Tifa over The Boss with 69.40%Tifa with 74.55%44.85
SpC2k103Revolver Ocelot over Red with 50.00%Red with 50.16%44.84
SC2k1017SSBM over GHII with 82.00%SSBM with 87.16%44.84
SC2k655Sonic over Luigi with 55.00%Sonic with 60.19%44.81
SC2k117Donkey Kong vs King K. Rool over Ezio vs Rodrigo with 55.00%Donkey Kong vs King K. Rool with 60.20%44.80
SC2k1027Dragon Age over F-Zero GX with 64.00%Dragon Age with 69.21%44.79
SC2k1134Sonic vs Robotnik over Kirby vs Meta Knight with 57.00%Sonic vs Robotnik with 62.21%44.79
SC2k155SSBM over Portal with 62.50%SSBM with 67.71%44.79
SC2k1599FF VI over Zelda: WW with 59.00%FF VI with 53.75%44.75
SC2k1515Halo over Minecraft with 62.00%Halo with 56.72%44.72
SC2k15121SSBM over FF VII with 51.00%SSBM with 56.28%44.72
SC2k627Kirby over The Prince of Persia with 67.00%Kirby with 61.70%44.70
SC2k1054Diablo II: LoD over Eternal Darkness with 69.00%Diablo II: LoD with 74.31%44.69
SC2k1156Squall vs Seifer over Sora vs Riku with 56.00%Squall vs Seifer with 50.69%44.69
SC2k511Alucard over Kratos (GoW) with 60.86%Alucard with 55.52%44.66
SC2k538Sora over Alucard with 50.00%Sora with 55.36%44.64
SpC2k10115Mario over MM with 53.00%Mario with 58.38%44.62
SC2k1525Skyrim over Phoenix Wright with 72.00%Skyrim with 66.62%44.62
SC2k615Chun-Li over Kasumi with 63.33%Chun-Li with 68.74%44.59
SC2k1127Pac-Man vs Blinky over Crash Bandicoot vs Neo Cortex with 58.00%Pac-Man vs Blinky with 63.51%44.49
SpC2k458Zelda: LttP over Chrono Trigger with 50.08%Chrono Trigger with 50.18%44.48
SC2k457Link over Crono with 57.30%Link with 62.82%44.48
SpC2k1079L-Block over Isaac with 66.00%L-Block with 60.48%44.48
SC2k1034Borderlands over ToV with 50.00%Borderlands with 55.53%44.47
SpC2k453FF VII over MGS with 65.76%FF VII with 71.30%44.46
SpC2k460Starcraft over SSBM with 50.01%SSBM with 50.27%44.44
SC2k1587Super Metroid over Super Mario Galaxy with 54.00%Super Metroid with 59.59%44.41
SC2k10113Fallout 3 over Halo with 55.00%Fallout 3 with 60.60%44.40
SC2k535Samus over Frog with 64.44%Samus with 70.05%44.39
SpC2k1019Zidane over Claptrap with 70.00%Zidane with 64.36%44.36
SC2k1518Pokemon R/B over Tetris with 74.00%Pokemon R/B with 68.33%44.33
SC2k10108Portal over Mass Effect with 60.00%Portal with 54.32%44.32
SC2k153MMX over Batman: Arkham City with 55.00%MMX with 60.68%44.32
SC2k157KH2 over MGS4 with 53.00%KH2 with 58.71%44.29
SpC2k630FF over Mario with 59.00%FF with 53.24%44.24
SC2k414Master Chief over Crash Bandicoot with 64.95%Master Chief with 70.72%44.23
SpC2k619Metal Gear over Fire Emblem with 71.00%Metal Gear with 65.23%44.23
SC2k1026GTA4 over Pokemon RSE with 50.00%Pokemon RSE with 50.77%44.23
SpC2k443Goldeneye over Castlevania: SotN with 53.50%Goldeneye with 59.28%44.22
SpC2k1024Master Chief over Spy with 66.00%Master Chief with 60.22%44.22
SC2k423Vivi over Donkey Kong with 50.66%Vivi with 56.47%44.19
SC2k56Frog over Riku with 57.50%Frog with 51.67%44.17
SC2k616Lara Croft over Alyx Vance with 71.71%Lara Croft with 77.55%44.16
SC2k338Bowser over Yoshi with 50.49%Bowser with 56.34%44.15
SC2k525Sonic over Jin Kazama with 82.00%Sonic with 76.15%44.15
SpC2k611Sonic over Devil May Cry with 65.00%Sonic with 70.87%44.13
SC2k1534Suikoden II over Monster Hunter 4U with 51.00%Suikoden II with 56.94%44.06
SC2k637Zelda over Terra with 73.50%Zelda with 79.45%44.05
SC2k443Auron over Ness with 71.00%Auron with 65.04%44.04
SC2k15Grudge1SSBM over Super Mario RPG with 57.00%SSBM with 63.00%44.00
SpC2k1021MM over Cid Highwind with 57.00%MM with 63.04%43.96
SC2k15127Undertale over Zelda: OoT with 51.75%Undertale with 57.82%43.93
SC2k631Auron over Alucard with 58.30%Auron with 64.40%43.90
SC2k641Solid Snake over Squall with 51.50%Solid Snake with 57.60%43.90
SC2k10116Zelda: Twilight Princess over KH2 with 51.00%Zelda: Twilight Princess with 57.10%43.90
SC2k1571Smash Bros. Wii U over Mass Effect with 61.00%Smash Bros. Wii U with 54.89%43.89
SC2k1581Zelda: OoT over Suikoden II with 83.00%Zelda: OoT with 76.89%43.89
SC2k551Solid Snake over Sora with 59.08%Solid Snake with 65.26%43.82
SpC2k101Link over Thrall with 86.00%Link with 79.81%43.81
SC2k510Zelda over Vivi with 53.35%Zelda with 59.56%43.79
SpC2k69Mario over Madden with 86.00%Mario with 92.21%43.79
SpC2k1018Big Boss over Edgeworth with 70.00%Big Boss with 76.22%43.78
SpC2k10121Link over Sonic with 64.00%Link with 70.23%43.77
SpC2k627Mario over SSB with 68.00%Mario with 61.76%43.76
SC2k15125SSBM over Undertale with 50.05%Undertale with 51.20%43.75
SC2k527Tifa over Vyse with 71.77%Tifa with 78.07%43.70
SpC2k1026Laharl over Neku with 50.00%Laharl with 56.32%43.68
SC2k526Diablo over Kratos Aurion with 63.09%Diablo with 56.76%43.67
SpC2k1088Dante over Ryu with 51.00%Ryu with 50.35%43.65
SC2k1078Zelda: Twilight Princess over Dragon Age with 62.50%Zelda: Twilight Princess with 68.87%43.63
SC2k1584Castlevania: SotN over Banjo-Kazooie with 67.00%Castlevania: SotN with 60.61%43.61
SC2k1045Portal over Gears of War 2 with 65.00%Portal with 71.47%43.53
SC2k417Cloud Strife over Duke Nukem with 86.68%Cloud Strife with 80.19%43.51
SpC2k452Zelda: LttP over FF VI with 59.16%Zelda: LttP with 52.66%43.50
SpC2k1032Kratos (GoW) over Tails with 67.50%Kratos (GoW) with 60.98%43.48
SC2k1136Sub-Zero vs Scorpion over Donkey Kong vs King K. Rool with 71.00%Sub-Zero vs Scorpion with 64.48%43.48
SC2k1033FF X over Viewtiful Joe with 84.00%FF X with 77.46%43.46
SpC2k64Metroid over Kirby with 64.00%Metroid with 70.57%43.43
SC2k461Link over MM with 61.00%Link with 67.61%43.39
SpC2k434Final Fantasy over Contra with 76.67%Final Fantasy with 70.05%43.38
SC2k1141Link vs Ganondorf over Amaterasu vs Orochi with 77.00%Link vs Ganondorf with 83.69%43.31
SC2k410Shadow over Tidus with 50.05%Tidus with 50.81%43.28
SpC2k1064Gordon Freeman over Princess Peach with 60.00%Gordon Freeman with 53.25%43.25
SpC2k624Resident Evil over Street Fighter with 57.50%Resident Evil with 50.73%43.23
SC2k1542FF4 over Deus Ex with 63.00%FF4 with 69.77%43.23
SC2k639Yuna over Joanna Dark with 71.25%Yuna with 78.05%43.20
SpC2k49Chrono Trigger over Secret of Mana with 86.23%Chrono Trigger with 79.39%43.16
SpC2k1084Zelda over Ezio with 69.00%Zelda with 62.11%43.11
SpC2k517Bowser over Sigma with 71.17%Bowser with 78.07%43.10
SC2k10102SSBB over Pokemon D/P with 66.00%SSBB with 72.90%43.10
SC2k1029Bioshock over SW Battlefront II with 62.00%Bioshock with 68.91%43.09
SpC2k421Castlevania: SotN over Perfect Dark with 60.10%Castlevania: SotN with 53.18%43.08
SC2k1123Chell vs GLaDOS over Ness vs Giygas with 66.00%Chell vs GLaDOS with 59.07%43.07
SC2k1595MGS3 over Bioshock with 59.00%MGS3 with 52.04%43.04
SC2k448Samus over Sam with 74.00%Samus with 80.97%43.03
SC2k104Team Fortress 2 over Fable with 57.00%Team Fortress 2 with 50.03%43.03
SC2k1087Portal over FF12 with 53.00%Portal with 59.98%43.02
SC2k15106Castlevania: SotN over DKC2 with 55.00%Castlevania: SotN with 62.03%42.97
SC2k1536Kingdom Hearts over FF9 with 51.00%FF9 with 51.09%42.91
SC2k622Gordon Freeman over Phoenix Wright with 65.30%Gordon Freeman with 58.20%42.90
SC2k339Aeris over Master Chief with 67.28%Aeris with 60.15%42.87
SC2k1596Starcraft over Mass Effect 2 with 51.00%Mass Effect 2 with 51.13%42.87
SC2k1051Paper Mario over Katamari Damacy with 65.00%Paper Mario with 72.14%42.86
SpC2k10102MM over Ryu Hayabusa with 65.00%MM with 72.15%42.85
SC2k436Mario over Bowser with 77.82%Mario with 70.65%42.83
SpC2k1012Ken Masters over Wesker with 57.50%Ken Masters with 50.32%42.82
SC2k1553The Witcher 3 over Binding of Isaac Rebirth with 67.00%The Witcher 3 with 74.18%42.82
SC2k15Grudge4Zelda: OoT over FF VII with 52.00%Zelda: OoT with 59.18%42.82
SC2k453Cloud Strife over Squall with 69.00%Cloud Strife with 76.21%42.79
SpC2k419FF Tactics over DDR with 83.29%FF Tactics with 76.03%42.74
SC2k1162Link vs Ganondorf over Cloud vs. Sephiroth with 51.00%Link vs Ganondorf with 58.26%42.74
SC2k1075Pokemon D/P over Fire Emblem: Path with 57.50%Pokemon D/P with 64.79%42.71
SpC2k1093Sephiroth over Vincent with 70.00%Sephiroth with 62.66%42.66
SC2k624MM over Axel with 77.22%MM with 69.87%42.65
SC2k1129Squall vs Seifer over Laharl vs Mid-Boss with 81.00%Squall vs Seifer with 73.65%42.65
SC2k1058Chrono Cross over Dragon Quest VIII with 54.50%Chrono Cross with 61.89%42.61
SC2k115X vs Zero over Captain Falcon vs Black Shadow with 73.00%X vs Zero with 80.45%42.55
SC2k521Dante over Terra with 64.04%Dante with 71.50%42.54
SC2k532Revolver Ocelot over Pac-Man with 50.00%Pac-Man with 51.25%42.50
SC2k1597Chrono Trigger over FF X with 58.00%Chrono Trigger with 65.52%42.48
SC2k557Mario over Samus with 52.26%Mario with 59.79%42.47
SpC2k438SMW over Sonic 2 with 62.94%SMW with 70.57%42.37
SC2k15103Metroid Prime over Skyrim with 52.00%Skyrim with 50.64%42.36
SC2k548Yoshi over Pac-Man with 65.18%Yoshi with 72.83%42.35
SC2k562MM over Crono with 50.00%Crono with 51.35%42.30
SpC2k1037Phoenix Wright over Jecht with 50.00%Jecht with 52.70%42.30
SpC2k42Metroid over Pac-Man with 60.80%Metroid with 68.51%42.29
SC2k1574Sonic 2 over Uncharted 2 with 59.00%Sonic 2 with 66.71%42.29
SC2k106Sonic Adventure 2 over SF4 with 52.00%SF4 with 50.75%42.25
SC2k657Samus over Tifa with 58.25%Samus with 50.49%42.24
SC2k1589Super Mario RPG over GTA V with 65.00%Super Mario RPG with 57.20%42.20
SpC2k10120Sephiroth over Tifa with 64.00%Sephiroth with 56.16%42.16
SC2k151Chrono Trigger over Ratchet & Clank 3 with 78.00%Chrono Trigger with 85.85%42.15
SC2k1118Amaterasu vs Orochi over Tom Nook vs Crazy Redd with 75.00%Amaterasu vs Orochi with 67.12%42.12
SC2k108Halo over Ninja Gaiden with 56.50%Halo with 64.45%42.05
SC2k1578Metroid Prime over Half-Life 2 with 50.00%Metroid Prime with 57.95%42.05
SC2k451MM over Zero with 64.00%MM with 56.01%42.01
SC2k437MM over Tidus with 56.78%MM with 64.78%42.00
SC2k159FF VI over Assassin's Creed II with 69.00%FF VI with 77.03%41.97
SpC2k107W.C. Cube over Sandal with 70.00%W.C. Cube with 78.10%41.90
SpC2k57Lavos over Mother Brain with 63.90%Lavos with 55.79%41.89
SC2k10126FF X over LoZ:MM with 53.00%LoZ:MM with 50.11%41.89
SpC2k430FF X over Shenmue with 82.62%FF X with 74.48%41.86
SC2k1040FF9 over Phoenix Wright: TT with 67.00%FF9 with 75.19%41.81
SC2k439Master Chief over Frog with 51.60%Frog with 50.00%41.80
SpC2k613FF over Diablo with 77.77%FF with 85.98%41.79
SpC2k1023Ryu Hayabusa over Crash Bandicoot with 70.00%Ryu Hayabusa with 61.79%41.79
SC2k1154Frog vs Magus over Alucard vs Dracula with 50.00%Alucard vs Dracula with 53.25%41.75
SpC2k53Revolver Ocelot over Nemesis with 62.93%Revolver Ocelot with 54.66%41.73
SC2k1523FF8 over GTA: Vice City with 69.00%FF8 with 60.68%41.68
SpC2k1038Ratchet over Eddie Riggs with 60.00%Ratchet with 68.39%41.61
SC2k61Samus over Nidoran F with 90.25%Samus with 81.85%41.60
SC2k1012Okami over NMH with 63.00%Okami with 71.41%41.59
SC2k358Cloud Strife over Sonic with 57.75%Cloud Strife with 66.21%41.54
SC2k1561MGS3 over Mother 3 with 78.00%MGS3 with 69.50%41.50
SpC2k102Alucard over Magus with 50.00%Alucard with 58.52%41.48
SC2k336Samus over KOS-MOS with 61.22%Samus with 69.75%41.47
SC2k107Mario Sunshine over Halo 3 with 51.00%Halo 3 with 52.53%41.47
SpC2k433SMB 3 over Metroid with 69.45%SMB 3 with 78.04%41.41
SC2k422Auron over Scorpion with 73.45%Auron with 64.85%41.40
SC2k15118Zelda: LttP over LoZ:MM with 61.00%Zelda: LttP with 52.39%41.39
SC2k556MM over Yoshi with 59.45%MM with 68.08%41.37
SC2k1116Big Boss vs The Boss over Tidus vs Jecht with 51.00%Big Boss vs The Boss with 59.64%41.36
SpC2k521Kefka over Wesker with 61.69%Kefka with 70.37%41.32
SC2k341Mario over Shadow with 63.81%Mario with 55.10%41.29
SpC2k1034Jill Valentine over Niko with 58.50%Jill Valentine with 67.21%41.29
SC2k1551GTA: San Andreas over Shovel Knight with 70.00%GTA: San Andreas with 61.28%41.28
SC2k449Link over Yoshi with 73.00%Link with 81.74%41.26
SC2k528Luigi over KOS-MOS with 57.24%Luigi with 66.00%41.24
SC2k1145Cloud vs. Sephiroth over Kratos vs Zeus with 68.00%Cloud vs. Sephiroth with 76.78%41.22
SpC2k1062Ness over Geno with 56.00%Ness with 64.81%41.19
SC2k15120MGS over MGS3 with 52.00%MGS3 with 51.86%41.14
SC2k351Cloud Strife over Bowser with 61.15%Cloud Strife with 70.03%41.12
SC2k612Aeris over Marle with 78.70%Aeris with 69.78%41.08
SC2k119Red vs Blue over Raynor vs Kerrigan with 68.00%Red vs Blue with 76.92%41.08
SC2k101Fallout 3 over inFamous with 72.00%Fallout 3 with 81.00%41.00
SpC2k59Kefka over Mithos with 72.99%Kefka with 63.98%40.99
SC2k1067SF4 over Uncharted 2 with 50.00%Uncharted 2 with 54.04%40.96
SC2k547MM over Leon Kennedy with 73.63%MM with 64.56%40.93
SC2k10115SSBM over SSBB with 53.00%SSBB with 51.08%40.92
SC2k546Tifa over Luigi with 62.50%Tifa with 53.36%40.86
SC2k428Dante over Ratchet with 71.13%Dante with 80.28%40.85
SC2k1519Portal 2 over Sonic 2 with 51.00%Sonic 2 with 53.18%40.82
SpC2k422Goldeneye over Panzer Dragoon Saga with 90.07%Goldeneye with 80.81%40.74
SC2k438Zero over Vercetti with 71.11%Zero with 61.84%40.73
SpC2k1040Ezio over Simon with 69.00%Ezio with 59.71%40.71
SpC2k529Sephiroth over Bowser with 68.85%Sephiroth with 59.55%40.70
SC2k1125Cloud vs. Sephiroth over Lloyd Irving vs Kratos Aurion with 86.00%Cloud vs. Sephiroth with 76.64%40.64
SC2k1521Fallout 3 over Life is Strange with 82.00%Fallout 3 with 72.55%40.55
SpC2k10124Sephiroth over Solid Snake with 51.50%Solid Snake with 52.96%40.54
SpC2k1086Riku over Captain Falcon with 52.00%Captain Falcon with 52.48%40.52
SpC2k511M. Bison over Albedo with 58.94%M. Bison with 68.44%40.50
SC2k514Tidus over King of all Cosmos with 82.06%Tidus with 72.54%40.48
SC2k630Bowser over Leon Kennedy with 65.00%Bowser with 55.45%40.45
SC2k15107Zelda: LttP over Dark Souls with 61.00%Zelda: LttP with 70.58%40.42
SC2k1512Zelda: WW over Pokemon X/Y with 63.00%Zelda: WW with 72.60%40.40
SpC2k1059Yoshi over Jak with 67.00%Yoshi with 76.62%40.38
SC2k15112MGS3 over Mass Effect 2 with 51.00%MGS3 with 60.64%40.36
SC2k1114Terra Branford vs Kefka Palazzo over Vyse vs Galcian with 69.00%Terra Branford vs Kefka Palazzo with 78.66%40.34
SpC2k1030Isaac over Layton with 59.00%Isaac with 68.79%40.21
SpC2k447FF X over FFTA with 76.38%FF X with 66.54%40.16
SC2k1520Uncharted 2 over The Walking Dead with 57.00%Uncharted 2 with 66.86%40.14
SC2k1124Frog vs Magus over Raiden vs Vamp with 66.00%Frog vs Magus with 56.13%40.13
SC2k632Master Chief over Sub-Zero with 54.00%Sub-Zero with 50.95%40.05
SC2k342Crono over Kefka with 68.96%Crono with 78.92%40.04
SC2k340Sonic over Zero with 62.32%Sonic with 52.34%40.02
SpC2k456FF X over SSBM with 51.60%SSBM with 50.94%39.92
SpC2k1068W.C. Cube over The Boss with 64.00%W.C. Cube with 53.80%39.80
SC2k618Squall over Tidus with 61.75%Squall with 72.02%39.73
SpC2k104Mega Man X over John Price with 76.00%Mega Man X with 65.72%39.72
SpC2k1041Cloud Strife over Ridley with 82.00%Cloud Strife with 71.72%39.72
SC2k416Solid Snake over Tanner with 84.00%Solid Snake with 94.30%39.70
SpC2k620Castlevania over KH with 54.00%KH with 51.33%39.67
SC2k1056SotC over The Sims with 59.00%SotC with 69.35%39.65
SC2k432Samus over Lara Croft with 72.00%Samus with 82.39%39.61
SC2k1119Zidane Tribal vs Kuja over Meat Boy vs Dr. Fetus with 75.00%Zidane Tribal vs Kuja with 64.61%39.61
SC2k10104Kingdom Hearts over KH2 with 53.00%KH2 with 52.42%39.58
SpC2k1010Knuckles over Cecil with 62.50%Knuckles with 52.00%39.50
SpC2k428Metroid Prime over Half-Life with 66.67%Metroid Prime with 56.16%39.49
SC2k58Auron over Big Boss with 60.96%Auron with 71.47%39.49
SpC2k44Final Fantasy over Pitfall with 77.10%Final Fantasy with 87.63%39.47
SpC2k1027Kefka over Arthas with 50.00%Kefka with 60.57%39.43
SpC2k515Dr. Robotnik over Sin with 61.90%Dr. Robotnik with 51.32%39.42
SpC2k58Liquid Snake over Tenpenny with 68.85%Liquid Snake with 79.46%39.39
SC2k1559SotC over Team Fortress 2 with 62.00%SotC with 72.69%39.31
SC2k152Persona 3 over Dragon Quest VIII with 51.00%Dragon Quest VIII with 54.72%39.28
SpC2k429FFTA over Fire Emblem with 55.60%FFTA with 66.36%39.24
SpC2k616Resident Evil over Shadow Hearts with 77.00%Resident Evil with 87.76%39.24
SC2k1514Super Mario Galaxy 2 over Mass Effect with 55.00%Mass Effect with 50.83%39.17
SpC2k514Ansem over CATS with 64.89%Ansem with 54.04%39.15
SC2k662Sonic over Solid Snake with 50.87%Solid Snake with 54.99%39.14
SC2k337Cloud Strife over Auron with 61.25%Cloud Strife with 72.20%39.05
SC2k54Lloyd over Wesker with 65.64%Lloyd with 54.69%39.05
SC2k10111Pokemon G/S/C over LoZ:MM with 50.00%LoZ:MM with 55.95%39.05
SC2k1560Red Dead Redemption over Bayonetta 2 with 53.00%Red Dead Redemption with 63.99%39.01
SC2k1163Cloud vs. Sephiroth over Red vs Blue with 56.00%Red vs Blue with 50.01%38.99
SC2k642Dante over Yoshi with 55.50%Yoshi with 50.55%38.95
SC2k435Crono over Magus with 58.69%Crono with 69.78%38.91
SC2k1583Fire Emblem: Awakening over DKC2 with 54.00%DKC2 with 52.11%38.89
SpC2k109Sonic over Lightning with 75.00%Sonic with 63.86%38.86
SC2k64Claire Redfield over Kairi with 54.10%Kairi with 52.08%38.82
SC2k348MM over Zelda with 72.05%MM with 60.75%38.70
SpC2k48Tetris over Galaga with 89.71%Tetris with 78.25%38.54
SpC2k1092Squall over Terra with 76.00%Squall with 64.52%38.52
SC2k522Vincent over Kerrigan with 67.50%Vincent with 79.00%38.50
SpC2k442MGS over FF Tactics with 61.54%MGS with 50.02%38.48
SC2k450Mario over Crono with 50.05%Crono with 53.24%38.42
SpC2k106Shadow over Amaterasu with 54.00%Amaterasu with 52.59%38.41
SC2k1573Pokemon R/B over SMB 3 with 51.00%Pokemon R/B with 62.67%38.33
SC2k1021Pokemon D/P over Metroid Fusion with 67.00%Pokemon D/P with 55.04%38.04
SC2k1092MGS 2 over SotC with 57.00%SotC with 50.04%37.96
SC2k413Frog over Liquid Snake with 62.11%Frog with 50.05%37.94
SpC2k439Zelda: LttP over Super Metroid with 61.84%Zelda: LttP with 74.00%37.84
SpC2k1099Ganondorf over Sonic with 50.00%Sonic with 57.18%37.82
SC2k663Solid Snake over Samus with 54.15%Samus with 53.12%37.73
SC2k1023Disgaea over Valkyria Chronicles with 55.00%Valkyria Chronicles with 52.41%37.59
SC2k10110MGS4 over SotC with 57.00%SotC with 50.43%37.57
SC2k334Magus over Ganondorf with 62.79%Magus with 50.30%37.51
SC2k158The Last of Us over Halo 3 with 55.00%The Last of Us with 67.50%37.50
SpC2k52Sigma over Andross with 66.16%Sigma with 53.49%37.33
SC2k628Zero over Luigi with 54.00%Luigi with 53.71%37.29
SC2k1524SMW over Animal Crossing New Leaf with 86.00%SMW with 73.27%37.27
SC2k1575Fallout 3 over Undertale with 52.00%Undertale with 55.74%37.26
SpC2k1052Shepard over Ellis with 63.00%Shepard with 75.79%37.21
SpC2k1072Altair over Vivi with 52.00%Vivi with 55.79%37.21
SpC2k446Zelda: WW over Metroid Prime with 68.24%Zelda: WW with 55.22%36.98
SpC2k459Zelda: OoT over FF VII with 50.20%FF VII with 53.82%36.96
SC2k15101Pokemon R/B over Sonic 2 with 65.00%Pokemon R/B with 78.04%36.96
SC2k1050NSMBW over MvC2 with 56.50%MvC2 with 51.56%36.94
SC2k433Link over Ganondorf with 74.74%Link with 87.90%36.84
SC2k118Sub-Zero vs Scorpion over Leon Kennedy vs Ada Wong with 60.00%Sub-Zero vs Scorpion with 73.22%36.78
SpC2k1031Charizard over Duke Nukem with 51.00%Charizard with 64.25%36.75
SC2k1576SMW over FF8 with 55.00%SMW with 68.25%36.75
SpC2k610GTA over Warcraft with 58.00%Warcraft with 50.44%36.56
SC2k430Jill Valentine over Ryu Hayabusa with 54.54%Ryu Hayabusa with 50.02%35.88
SC2k1558Borderlands 2 over Earthbound with 50.50%Earthbound with 58.62%35.88
SC2k1563Starcraft over Destiny with 60.00%Starcraft with 74.49%35.51
SpC2k516Kuja over Master Hand with 51.02%Master Hand with 53.76%35.44
SC2k1540Castlevania: SotN over Phoenix Wright: TT with 60.00%Castlevania: SotN with 74.99%35.01
SpC2k520Liquid Snake over Lavos with 70.70%Liquid Snake with 55.62%34.92
SpC2k1016Liquid Snake over Altair with 51.00%Altair with 59.12%34.88
SC2k1545Super Metroid over CoD4 with 64.00%Super Metroid with 79.46%34.54
SpC2k528Ganondorf over Dr. Robotnik with 60.86%Ganondorf with 76.64%34.22
SC2k1533Zelda: OoT over Hearthstone with 75.00%Zelda: OoT with 91.03%33.97
SC2k1035Golden Sun over R&C:UYA with 52.00%Golden Sun with 68.24%33.76
SpC2k426Kingdom Hearts over SoulCalibur with 67.00%Kingdom Hearts with 50.60%33.60
SpC2k1046Kratos Aurion over Sackboy with 57.00%Sackboy with 54.58%33.42
SC2k62Ada Wong over Jade with 59.00%Ada Wong with 75.89%33.11
SC2k66Celes Chere over The Boss with 50.85%The Boss with 61.08%33.07
SC2k434Luigi over Yoshi with 51.50%Yoshi with 54.48%33.04
SC2k1151Ryu vs Ken over Red vs Blue with 52.00%Red vs Blue with 60.04%32.96
SC2k1010Devil May Cry 3 over Mother 3 with 82.00%Devil May Cry 3 with 64.86%32.86
SpC2k1060Crono over Missingno with 62.00%Missingno with 50.29%32.71
SpC2k108Nathan over The Boss with 60.00%The Boss with 52.37%32.63
SpC2k618Metroid over Pokemon with 70.00%Metroid with 52.56%32.56
SpC2k527Kefka over Diablo with 52.14%Diablo with 54.09%32.54
SC2k513Kirby over Cecil with 57.72%Kirby with 75.21%32.51
SC2k1137Red vs Blue over Luigi vs Waluigi with 60.00%Red vs Blue with 77.96%32.04
SC2k1577Goldeneye over Skyrim with 54.00%Skyrim with 59.05%31.95
SC2k1115Chris Redfield vs Albert Wesker over Dan vs Sagat with 61.00%Chris Redfield vs Albert Wesker with 79.22%31.78
SC2k1022Fire Emblem: Path over No Mercy with 53.00%Fire Emblem: Path with 71.73%31.27
SC2k102RB2 over Deus Ex with 63.00%Deus Ex with 50.76%31.24
SC2k427Viewtiful Joe over Tails with 53.00%Tails with 54.80%29.40
SpC2k1061Soap over Big Daddy with 54.00%Big Daddy with 61.75%29.25
SpC2k455Zelda: WW over Starcraft with 57.90%Starcraft with 50.10%29.00
SpC2k45Duck Hunt over Donkey Kong with 58.03%Donkey Kong with 50.07%28.80
SC2k523Magus over Knuckles with 57.46%Knuckles with 50.86%28.36
SC2k539Tidus over Kirby with 51.00%Kirby with 57.65%27.70
SC2k1538Super Mario Maker over Fire Emblem: Awakening with 53.00%Fire Emblem: Awakening with 64.39%27.61
SpC2k518Dr. Wily over Revolver Ocelot with 54.22%Revolver Ocelot with 54.51%27.54
SpC2k457Legend of Zelda over SMB 3 with 52.86%SMB 3 with 56.78%25.72
SpC2k410Street Fighter II over Super Mario RPG with 53.80%Super Mario RPG with 56.24%24.92
SpC2k524Master Hand over Dr. Robotnik with 51.09%Dr. Robotnik with 59.50%23.82
SC2k361Link over Cloud Strife with 50.86%Cloud Strife with 51.61%22.53
SC2k1522Mass Effect 3 over Undertale with 72.00%Undertale with 50.95%22.05
SC2k52CJ over Ness with 57.60%Ness with 55.14%19.52
SpC2k425Halo over Starcraft with 63.59%Starcraft with 50.17%17.48
SC2k429HK-47 over Sora with 50.05%Sora with 65.55%13.80
SC2k447Ryu Hayabusa over Sora with 54.00%Sora with 61.72%13.56
SC2k359Mario over Sephiroth with 50.11%Sephiroth with 61.60%13.29
SC2k335Luigi over Squall with 54.20%Squall with 60.21%10.59