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Match #54 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction vs Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Consensus : Diablo II: Lord of Destruction67.44%
Result : Diablo II: Lord of Destruction74.31%42.83
1)MoogleKupo141Diablo II: Lord of Destruction75.03%49.28
2)YesmarDiablo II: Lord of Destruction73.33%49.02
3)BlAcK TuRtLeDiablo II: Lord of Destruction75.35%48.96
4)yoblazer33Diablo II: Lord of Destruction73.00%48.69
5)IngmarBirdmanDiablo II: Lord of Destruction75.64%48.67
6)Chaotic MindDiablo II: Lord of Destruction72.90%48.59
7)Kotetsu534Diablo II: Lord of Destruction75.80%48.51
8)gitanilDiablo II: Lord of Destruction72.52%48.21
9)MMXcaliburDiablo II: Lord of Destruction72.33%48.02
9)cyanlceDiablo II: Lord of Destruction72.33%48.02
11)th3l3ftyDiablo II: Lord of Destruction72.31%48.00
12)ShatteredElysiumDiablo II: Lord of Destruction72.15%47.84
13)TheOneAboveAllDiablo II: Lord of Destruction76.49%47.82
14)cykoDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.92%47.61
15)Master MoltarDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.80%47.49
16)charmander6000Diablo II: Lord of Destruction71.42%47.11
17)LopenDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.35%47.04
18)Justin_CrossingDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.21%46.90
19)TVontheRadioDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.15%46.84
20)raytan7585Diablo II: Lord of Destruction71.10%46.79
21)transienceDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.04%46.73
22)DarkFalconXDiablo II: Lord of Destruction71.00%46.69
23)XcarvengerDiablo II: Lord of Destruction70.70%46.39
24)GrapefruitKingDiablo II: Lord of Destruction70.16%45.85
25)tazzyboyishereDiablo II: Lord of Destruction70.08%45.77
26)paulg235Diablo II: Lord of Destruction70.05%45.74
27)kawaiifanDiablo II: Lord of Destruction70.00%45.69
27)UltimaterializerXDiablo II: Lord of Destruction70.00%45.69
27)Menji76Diablo II: Lord of Destruction70.00%45.69
27)Eeeevil OverlordDiablo II: Lord of Destruction70.00%45.69
31)amyvitality66Diablo II: Lord of Destruction69.93%45.62
32)DSRageDiablo II: Lord of Destruction69.90%45.59
33)IamthekuzalolDiablo II: Lord of Destruction69.45%45.14
34)LeonhartFourDiablo II: Lord of Destruction69.28%44.97
35)nintendogirl1Diablo II: Lord of Destruction69.26%44.95
36)UltimaphazonDiablo II: Lord of Destruction69.05%44.74
37)Mr3790Diablo II: Lord of Destruction69.04%44.73
38)Dilated ChemistDiablo II: Lord of Destruction69.00%44.69
38)XuxonDiablo II: Lord of Destruction69.00%44.69
40)yazzy14Diablo II: Lord of Destruction68.91%44.60
41)Ngamer64Diablo II: Lord of Destruction68.89%44.58
42)linkhatesganonDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.84%44.53
43)Sk0rne3000Diablo II: Lord of Destruction68.82%44.51
44)StopPokingMeDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.73%44.42
45)Luster SoldierDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.71%44.40
46)DranzeDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.50%44.19
47)Leebo86Diablo II: Lord of Destruction68.40%44.09
48)whatisurnameplzDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.35%44.04
49)GameBopAdvDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.33%44.02
50)AdvokaiserDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.31%44.00
51)Heroic ViktorDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.27%43.96
52)Metal GoombaDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.07%43.76
53)TheKnightOfNeeDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.03%43.72
54)Team Rocket EliteDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.00%43.69
54)Ed BellisDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.00%43.69
54)firefdrDiablo II: Lord of Destruction68.00%43.69
57)GaddswellDiablo II: Lord of Destruction67.87%43.56
58)NewerShadowDiablo II: Lord of Destruction67.76%43.45
59)WiggumFan267Diablo II: Lord of Destruction67.73%43.42
60)oneills1Diablo II: Lord of Destruction67.55%43.24
61)YankeesDiablo II: Lord of Destruction67.41%43.10
62)meche313Diablo II: Lord of Destruction67.40%43.09
63)porchy77Diablo II: Lord of Destruction66.88%42.57
64)BZer0Diablo II: Lord of Destruction66.67%42.36
65)creativenameDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.66%42.35
65)Paratroopa1Diablo II: Lord of Destruction66.66%42.35
65)_Harmonica_Diablo II: Lord of Destruction66.66%42.35
65)TheArkOfTurusDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.66%42.35
65)BlairvilleDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.66%42.35
70)LagoonaDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.60%42.29
70)PeaceOut64Diablo II: Lord of Destruction66.60%42.29
72)CamdenDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.50%42.19
72)TomoyoDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.50%42.19
74)Chrono1219Diablo II: Lord of Destruction66.48%42.17
75)RadixDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.39%42.08
76)KaxonDiablo II: Lord of Destruction66.00%41.69
77)Dr_FootballDiablo II: Lord of Destruction65.81%41.50
78)Articuno2001Diablo II: Lord of Destruction65.56%41.25
79)kaonashi1Diablo II: Lord of Destruction65.25%40.94
80)Haste2Diablo II: Lord of Destruction83.46%40.85
81)andyltDiablo II: Lord of Destruction65.00%40.69
82)blindhobo13Diablo II: Lord of Destruction64.80%40.49
83)KingBartzDiablo II: Lord of Destruction64.35%40.04
84)CokesDiablo II: Lord of Destruction63.63%39.32
85)Sephirot1 ReturnsDiablo II: Lord of Destruction63.01%38.70
86)red sox 777Diablo II: Lord of Destruction62.10%37.79
87)JONALEON1Diablo II: Lord of Destruction62.00%37.69
88)Jmast7Diablo II: Lord of Destruction61.98%37.67
89)Janus5000Diablo II: Lord of Destruction61.16%36.85
90)TheOlympicHeroDiablo II: Lord of Destruction61.00%36.69
91)edwardsdvDiablo II: Lord of Destruction60.32%36.01
92)GiggsalotDiablo II: Lord of Destruction60.03%35.72
93)Big BobDiablo II: Lord of Destruction60.00%35.69
93)Agent MDiablo II: Lord of Destruction60.00%35.69
93)IubarisDiablo II: Lord of Destruction60.00%35.69
96)supdawgDiablo II: Lord of Destruction59.89%35.58
97)KleenexTissue50Diablo II: Lord of Destruction59.22%34.91
98)Regaro_UkieraDiablo II: Lord of Destruction58.45%34.14
99)bospsychopaatDiablo II: Lord of Destruction57.85%33.54
100)RingwormDiablo II: Lord of Destruction57.22%32.91
100)voltchDiablo II: Lord of Destruction57.22%32.91
102)EvilNcrDiablo II: Lord of Destruction57.00%32.69
103)Shoenin_KakashiDiablo II: Lord of Destruction56.09%31.78
104)IhatethisCPUDiablo II: Lord of Destruction55.00%30.69