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Match #2 - Conker vs. The Great Mighty Poo vs Ike vs. Black Knight
Consensus : Ike vs. Black Knight58.02%
Result : Ike vs. Black Knight59.42%46.38
1)TheKnightOfNeeIke vs. Black Knight59.33%49.91
2)Mr3790Ike vs. Black Knight59.32%49.90
3)meche313Ike vs. Black Knight59.30%49.88
4)IamthekuzalolIke vs. Black Knight59.27%49.85
5)cbaron0Ike vs. Black Knight59.25%49.83
6)DSRageIke vs. Black Knight59.19%49.77
7)KingBartzIke vs. Black Knight59.71%49.71
8)bbbtimeIke vs. Black Knight59.12%49.70
9)Janus5000Ike vs. Black Knight59.78%49.64
9)Colegreen_c12Ike vs. Black Knight59.78%49.64
11)Luster SoldierIke vs. Black Knight59.82%49.60
12)LagoonaIke vs. Black Knight59.00%49.58
12)firefdrIke vs. Black Knight59.00%49.58
14)tazzyboyishereIke vs. Black Knight58.97%49.55
15)Ngamer64Ike vs. Black Knight59.91%49.51
16)th3l3ftyIke vs. Black Knight58.87%49.45
17)gitanilIke vs. Black Knight58.85%49.43
17)NewerShadowIke vs. Black Knight58.85%49.43
19)CamdenIke vs. Black Knight60.00%49.42
19)Master MoltarIke vs. Black Knight60.00%49.42
19)red sox 777Ike vs. Black Knight60.00%49.42
19)XuxonIke vs. Black Knight60.00%49.42
19)GTMIke vs. Black Knight60.00%49.42
24)cyanlceIke vs. Black Knight58.74%49.32
25)Sk0rne3000Ike vs. Black Knight58.72%49.30
26)Jmast7Ike vs. Black Knight58.67%49.25
27)Haste2Ike vs. Black Knight60.21%49.21
28)GameBopAdvIke vs. Black Knight60.28%49.14
29)ShatteredElysiumIke vs. Black Knight58.40%48.98
30)kaonashi1Ike vs. Black Knight60.49%48.93
31)TVontheRadioIke vs. Black Knight60.50%48.92
31)Kotetsu534Ike vs. Black Knight60.50%48.92
33)MycroProcessorIke vs. Black Knight58.31%48.89
34)XcarvengerIke vs. Black Knight60.60%48.82
35)MoogleKupo141Ike vs. Black Knight58.23%48.81
36)LeonhartFourIke vs. Black Knight58.15%48.73
37)creativenameIke vs. Black Knight58.00%48.58
38)junk_funkIke vs. Black Knight57.95%48.53
39)Metal GoombaIke vs. Black Knight57.86%48.44
39)Ike vs. Black Knight57.86%48.44
41)TsunamiXXVIIIIke vs. Black Knight57.85%48.43
42)War13104Ike vs. Black Knight61.00%48.42
43)BlairvilleIke vs. Black Knight61.02%48.40
44)LopenIke vs. Black Knight61.04%48.38
45)PeaceOut64Ike vs. Black Knight57.70%48.28
46)UltimaphazonIke vs. Black Knight61.30%48.12
47)DranzeIke vs. Black Knight57.43%48.01
47)Paratroopa1Ike vs. Black Knight57.43%48.01
49)bloodhawks returnIke vs. Black Knight61.44%47.98
50)Team Rocket EliteIke vs. Black Knight57.00%47.58
51)RPGLord95Ike vs. Black Knight56.89%47.47
52)MeteorExFIke vs. Black Knight56.87%47.45
53)Dilated ChemistIke vs. Black Knight62.00%47.42
53)WiggumFan267Ike vs. Black Knight62.00%47.42
55)Sir ChrisIke vs. Black Knight62.08%47.34
56)IloveYodaIke vs. Black Knight56.70%47.28
57)transienceIke vs. Black Knight62.24%47.18
58)HannyabalIke vs. Black Knight56.45%47.03
59)smitelfIke vs. Black Knight56.40%46.98
60)YankeesIke vs. Black Knight56.38%46.96
61)X_Dante_XIke vs. Black Knight62.48%46.94
62)Menji76Ike vs. Black Knight56.26%46.84
63)linkhatesganonIke vs. Black Knight56.23%46.81
64)bospsychopaatIke vs. Black Knight62.68%46.74
65)IngmarBirdmanIke vs. Black Knight56.14%46.72
66)paulg235Ike vs. Black Knight56.10%46.68
67)yoblazer33Ike vs. Black Knight56.00%46.58
67)SuperNiceDogIke vs. Black Knight56.00%46.58
67)FateStayAlbionIke vs. Black Knight56.00%46.58
70)Heroic ViktorIke vs. Black Knight62.87%46.55
71)SuorGenoveffaIke vs. Black Knight55.89%46.47
72)Chrono1219Ike vs. Black Knight55.87%46.45
73)AlecTrevelyan006Ike vs. Black Knight63.00%46.42
74)ddrfan1022Ike vs. Black Knight63.07%46.35
75)ToadYoshiIke vs. Black Knight63.12%46.30
76)charmander6000Ike vs. Black Knight63.13%46.29
77)RoseChevalierIke vs. Black Knight55.55%46.13
78)raytan7585Ike vs. Black Knight63.34%46.08
79)Justin_CrossingIke vs. Black Knight63.48%45.94
80)TheOlympicHeroIke vs. Black Knight55.32%45.90
81)Eeeevil OverlordIke vs. Black Knight55.10%45.68
82)KaxonIke vs. Black Knight55.00%45.58
82)kawaiifanIke vs. Black Knight55.00%45.58
82)Regaro_UkieraIke vs. Black Knight55.00%45.58
85)GrapefruitKingIke vs. Black Knight54.93%45.51
86)whatisurnameplzIke vs. Black Knight63.94%45.48
87)Leebo86Ike vs. Black Knight54.80%45.38
88)edwardsdvIke vs. Black Knight54.67%45.25
89)blindhobo13Ike vs. Black Knight54.60%45.18
90)RadixIke vs. Black Knight64.25%45.17
91)pjbasisIke vs. Black Knight54.54%45.12
92)cykoIke vs. Black Knight54.46%45.04
93)dragon22391Ike vs. Black Knight64.55%44.87
94)UltimaterializerXIke vs. Black Knight64.64%44.78
95)YesmarIke vs. Black Knight53.75%44.33
96)BZer0Ike vs. Black Knight53.65%44.23
97)KleenexTissue50Ike vs. Black Knight53.56%44.14
98)Agent MIke vs. Black Knight53.53%44.11
99)BlAcK TuRtLeIke vs. Black Knight53.51%44.09
100)Articuno2001Ike vs. Black Knight53.50%44.08
101)XIII is coolIke vs. Black Knight53.45%44.03
102)CokesIke vs. Black Knight65.42%44.00
103)Lord Bob BreeIke vs. Black Knight53.22%43.80
104)AdvokaiserIke vs. Black Knight53.02%43.60
105)jacko_vdzIke vs. Black Knight53.00%43.58
106)Pram_the_OracleIke vs. Black Knight66.00%43.42
107)SuperAngelo128Ike vs. Black Knight52.50%43.08
108)TheArkOfTurusIke vs. Black Knight52.00%42.58
109)_Harmonica_Ike vs. Black Knight68.00%41.42
110)Ed BellisIke vs. Black Knight70.13%39.29
111)RockMFR 5Conker vs. The Great Mighty Poo50.01%35.57
112)kinsho3Conker vs. The Great Mighty Poo50.05%35.53
113)XeyboznConker vs. The Great Mighty Poo51.08%34.50
114)AyvuirConker vs. The Great Mighty Poo51.63%33.95
115)RingwormConker vs. The Great Mighty Poo52.05%33.53
116)PurpleMonkDishConker vs. The Great Mighty Poo62.70%22.88