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Match #25 - Sonic the Hedgehog vs Jin Kazama
Consensus : Sonic the Hedgehog81.23%
Result : Sonic the Hedgehog76.15%44.10
1)SonikkuGBASonic the Hedgehog75.55%49.40
2)steve illuminaSonic the Hedgehog76.90%49.25
3)SuperSmash MasterSonic the Hedgehog76.94%49.21
4)Duffer11Sonic the Hedgehog77.25%48.90
5)NaiSonic the Hedgehog74.56%48.41
6)Dekar TKBSonic the Hedgehog77.90%48.25
7)StarionSonic the Hedgehog74.21%48.06
8)Eggplant LordSonic the Hedgehog78.20%47.95
9)SalientSonic the Hedgehog78.50%47.65
10)nh82Sonic the Hedgehog78.67%47.48
11)YesmarSonic the Hedgehog78.73%47.42
12)ps2rulezzzSonic the Hedgehog78.99%47.16
13)Haste2Sonic the Hedgehog79.00%47.15
14)OmegaRagnarokSonic the Hedgehog79.14%47.01
15)daniel2424Sonic the Hedgehog79.24%46.91
16)FastFalcon05Sonic the Hedgehog72.83%46.68
17)Rufus Shinra 18Sonic the Hedgehog72.51%46.36
18)LopenSonic the Hedgehog79.89%46.26
19)Who Cares?Sonic the Hedgehog79.91%46.24
20)Alanna82Sonic the Hedgehog80.00%46.15
21)Paratroopa1Sonic the Hedgehog80.02%46.13
22)The n00b AvengerSonic the Hedgehog80.14%46.01
23)octoinkySonic the Hedgehog80.15%46.00
24)WhiteRobSonic the Hedgehog80.48%45.67
25)King MorgothSonic the Hedgehog80.55%45.60
26)dethwingSonic the Hedgehog80.84%45.31
27)AprosenfSonic the Hedgehog80.85%45.30
28)kaonashi1Sonic the Hedgehog80.93%45.22
29)ScorpionX3Sonic the Hedgehog71.25%45.10
30)KaxonSonic the Hedgehog81.25%44.90
31)Ngamer64Sonic the Hedgehog81.33%44.82
32)SeginustempleSonic the Hedgehog81.34%44.81
32)radadamSonic the Hedgehog81.34%44.81
34)Dilated ChemistSonic the Hedgehog81.36%44.79
35)jonthomsonSonic the Hedgehog81.38%44.77
36)spawnofdarkness9Sonic the Hedgehog81.43%44.72
37)Master MoltarSonic the Hedgehog81.46%44.69
38)yoblazer33Sonic the Hedgehog81.75%44.40
39)PeaceOut64Sonic the Hedgehog81.80%44.35
40)StopPokingMeSonic the Hedgehog81.81%44.34
41)DarkashSonic the Hedgehog81.89%44.26
42)DranzeSonic the Hedgehog81.90%44.25
43)meche313Sonic the Hedgehog81.99%44.16
44)creativenameSonic the Hedgehog82.00%44.15
44)kawaiifanSonic the Hedgehog82.00%44.15
44)XuxonSonic the Hedgehog82.00%44.15
47)Weird Kirby Dude11Sonic the Hedgehog82.01%44.14
48)GarshaSonic the Hedgehog82.16%43.99
48)yoshifan823Sonic the Hedgehog82.16%43.99
50)smelly crapSonic the Hedgehog82.18%43.97
51)CamdenSonic the Hedgehog82.19%43.96
52)outbackSonic the Hedgehog82.22%43.93
53)cykoSonic the Hedgehog82.31%43.84
54)red sox 777Sonic the Hedgehog82.33%43.82
55)Menji76Sonic the Hedgehog82.43%43.72
56)Mega Psycho CrusherSonic the Hedgehog82.54%43.61
57)alpha doorSonic the Hedgehog82.57%43.58
58)RPGuy96Sonic the Hedgehog82.64%43.51
59)TenkoStar17Sonic the Hedgehog82.79%43.36
60)Heroic ViktorSonic the Hedgehog82.83%43.32
61)Rodri316Sonic the Hedgehog82.87%43.28
62)GrapefruitKingSonic the Hedgehog82.96%43.19
63)BeTheManSonic the Hedgehog83.20%42.95
64)Do not even askSonic the Hedgehog83.22%42.93
65)Janus5000Sonic the Hedgehog83.24%42.91
66)Z1mZumSonic the Hedgehog83.28%42.87
67)rpgapzxSonic the Hedgehog83.33%42.82
68)somdude04Sonic the Hedgehog83.38%42.77
69)ECW RVD420Sonic the Hedgehog83.57%42.58
70)bigkevinm84Sonic the Hedgehog83.67%42.48
71)KingBartzSonic the Hedgehog83.79%42.36
72)RingwormSonic the Hedgehog83.96%42.19
73)IkonSonic the Hedgehog84.01%42.14
74)LagoonaSonic the Hedgehog84.02%42.13
75)LuniNutz99Sonic the Hedgehog84.21%41.94
76)Draco1214Sonic the Hedgehog84.35%41.80
77)and now I danceSonic the Hedgehog84.45%41.70
78)KrusTy the KloWnSonic the Hedgehog84.50%41.65
79)transienceSonic the Hedgehog84.54%41.61
80)CaptainFlufflezSonic the Hedgehog84.55%41.60
81)Tequilla GundamSonic the Hedgehog67.55%41.40
82)Figlar20000Sonic the Hedgehog85.00%41.15
82)Team Rocket EliteSonic the Hedgehog85.00%41.15
82)BigtoeOfJebusSonic the Hedgehog85.00%41.15
85)cavedog0Sonic the Hedgehog85.46%40.69
86)Ed BellisSonic the Hedgehog85.85%40.30
87)XenobiSonic the Hedgehog86.29%39.86
88)heroic_slbSonic the Hedgehog86.51%39.64
89)Sephirot1 ReturnsSonic the Hedgehog87.16%38.99
90)TheNintendoPuristSonic the Hedgehog87.26%38.89
91)Javman162Sonic the Hedgehog88.12%38.03
92)XcarvengerSonic the Hedgehog62.94%36.79