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Match #25 - Sonic the Hedgehog vs CATS
Sonic the Hedgehog80.75%47.13Sonic the Hedgehog80.75%47.13
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)SPO*NSonic the Hedgehog81.3549.40Sonic the Hedgehog80.5449.7999.19
2)Klonoa AllianceSonic the Hedgehog81.3549.40Sonic the Hedgehog80.4049.6599.05
3)JigglypuffSonic the Hedgehog80.0049.25Sonic the Hedgehog80.0049.2598.50
4)JonflufflezSonic the Hedgehog78.9548.20Sonic the Hedgehog81.1149.6497.84
5)fast start before bombingSonic the Hedgehog79.4348.68Sonic the Hedgehog79.8549.1097.78
6)RocketSonic the Hedgehog81.3349.42Sonic the Hedgehog78.7848.0397.45
7)Romanian Potato SoupSonic the Hedgehog78.9448.19Sonic the Hedgehog81.5149.2497.43
8)th3 BobSonic the Hedgehog78.8848.13Sonic the Hedgehog80.0049.2597.38
9)RandomSonic the Hedgehog78.7948.04Sonic the Hedgehog80.0149.2697.30
10)AAASonic the Hedgehog79.2648.51Sonic the Hedgehog82.0248.7397.24
11)AccidentSonic the Hedgehog80.9849.77Sonic the Hedgehog77.9747.2296.99
12)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVASonic the Hedgehog82.3348.42Sonic the Hedgehog78.9148.1696.58
13)mvp'sSonic the Hedgehog79.0148.26Sonic the Hedgehog79.0048.2596.51
14)Late SignupSonic the Hedgehog80.0849.3396.46
15)Happy HappyistsSonic the Hedgehog80.0049.25Sonic the Hedgehog77.9047.1596.40
16)FlukeSonic the Hedgehog79.6348.88Sonic the Hedgehog78.2047.4596.33
17)We Used To Be Good?Sonic the Hedgehog79.2148.46Sonic the Hedgehog78.5047.7596.21
18)Drunkadelict ArmadillosSonic the Hedgehog77.8747.12Sonic the Hedgehog81.8248.9396.05
19)DierollSonic the Hedgehog80.8049.95Sonic the Hedgehog84.7046.0596.00
20)BartarSonic the Hedgehog78.8748.12Sonic the Hedgehog78.5647.8195.93
21)The ReturnersSonic the Hedgehog77.4246.67Sonic the Hedgehog79.9549.2095.87
21)Soda Chugging SoldiersSonic the Hedgehog77.3846.63Sonic the Hedgehog79.9949.2495.87
23)Robo Chocobo RemixSonic the Hedgehog83.8646.89Sonic the Hedgehog82.3348.4295.31
24)FibonacciSonic the Hedgehog81.6549.10Sonic the Hedgehog76.8946.1495.24
25)The Spirit of TruthSonic the Hedgehog81.0049.75Sonic the Hedgehog76.1045.3595.10
26)FastdudeSonic the Hedgehog78.5547.8094.93
27)Unfinished FFPSonic the Hedgehog78.4547.70Sonic the Hedgehog77.8047.0594.75
28)ObscuretempleSonic the Hedgehog77.0446.29Sonic the Hedgehog82.6548.1094.39
29)We Have Four Perfect Oracle Predictions CombinedSonic the Hedgehog77.0046.25Sonic the Hedgehog78.2547.5093.75
30)CoinflipSonic the Hedgehog79.0048.25Sonic the Hedgehog76.0545.3093.55
31)AwesomeSonic the Hedgehog84.0046.7593.50
32)DartboardSonic the Hedgehog84.3246.43Sonic the Hedgehog77.4646.7193.14
33)I'll Be Here The Whole TimeSonic the Hedgehog82.0348.72Sonic the Hedgehog86.3544.4093.12
33)CoincidenceSonic the Hedgehog79.5048.75Sonic the Hedgehog75.1244.3793.12
35)I'm Out Of IdeasSonic the Hedgehog79.3248.57Sonic the Hedgehog86.7843.9792.54
36)Predestined DivinationSonic the Hedgehog77.5046.75Sonic the Hedgehog76.3145.5692.31
37)The Council of TwoSonic the Hedgehog74.9944.24Sonic the Hedgehog78.7247.9792.21
38)Indie CredSonic the Hedgehog86.4544.30Sonic the Hedgehog78.1347.3891.68
39)Rage of WarcraftSonic the Hedgehog74.9944.24Sonic the Hedgehog78.0347.2891.52
40)Battle RoyaleSonic the Hedgehog77.7747.02Sonic the Hedgehog86.8343.9290.94
41)Go Go Gadget Copter!Sonic the Hedgehog80.1149.36Sonic the Hedgehog71.8441.0990.45
42)Lions on a PlaneSonic the Hedgehog85.6545.1090.20
43)Really Late SignupSonic the Hedgehog75.6044.85Sonic the Hedgehog86.1244.6389.48
44)StupidSonic the Hedgehog86.1444.6189.22
45)Illusion of XenosagaSonic the Hedgehog87.1843.5787.14
46)Shemale ShantySonic the Hedgehog84.6846.07Sonic the Hedgehog89.7141.0487.11
47)The Pikaness and Warning_Crazy experienceSonic the Hedgehog87.7842.9785.94