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Match #6 - The Legend of Zelda vs Adventure
Consensus : The Legend of Zelda89.08%
Result : The Legend of Zelda95.20%43.83
1)FastFalcon05The Legend of Zelda94.62%49.42
2)ZetSwordThe Legend of Zelda93.70%48.50
3)PeaceOut64The Legend of Zelda93.50%48.30
4)cykoThe Legend of Zelda93.47%48.27
5)GANON1025The Legend of Zelda93.45%48.25
6)bjgoodThe Legend of Zelda93.20%48.00
7)steve illuminaThe Legend of Zelda93.10%47.90
8)DaruniaTheKingThe Legend of Zelda97.32%47.88
9)creativenameThe Legend of Zelda93.00%47.80
10)Master MoltarThe Legend of Zelda92.78%47.58
11)neoatomtacoThe Legend of Zelda92.60%47.40
12)WiggumFan267The Legend of Zelda92.50%47.30
13)SlowflakeThe Legend of Zelda92.45%47.25
14)Haste2The Legend of Zelda92.30%47.10
15)Sir ShakeThe Legend of Zelda92.12%46.92
16)Ngamer64The Legend of Zelda92.11%46.91
17)StopPokingMeThe Legend of Zelda92.05%46.85
17)ForsakenThe Legend of Zelda92.05%46.85
19)XuxonThe Legend of Zelda91.91%46.71
20)RingwormThe Legend of Zelda91.66%46.46
20)Schizophrenic BatmanThe Legend of Zelda91.66%46.46
22)MelanogasterThe Legend of Zelda91.40%46.20
23)TheCalmnessThe Legend of Zelda91.37%46.17
24)GeniusMan86The Legend of Zelda91.34%46.14
25)charmander6000The Legend of Zelda91.28%46.08
26)daniel2424The Legend of Zelda91.24%46.04
27)Heroic MarioThe Legend of Zelda91.23%46.03
27)red sox 777The Legend of Zelda91.23%46.03
29)solarshadowThe Legend of Zelda91.16%45.96
30)StarionThe Legend of Zelda91.03%45.83
31)Rodri316The Legend of Zelda91.02%45.82
32)YesmarThe Legend of Zelda90.89%45.69
33)dethwingThe Legend of Zelda90.37%45.17
34)UltimaterializerXThe Legend of Zelda90.34%45.14
34)ReaPeR xZThe Legend of Zelda90.34%45.14
36)Holy ExcaliburThe Legend of Zelda90.30%45.10
37)kawaiifanThe Legend of Zelda90.00%44.80
37)ExcalThe Legend of Zelda90.00%44.80
37)London ProphetThe Legend of Zelda90.00%44.80
40)KrusTy the KloWnThe Legend of Zelda89.99%44.79
41)Dilated ChemistThe Legend of Zelda89.89%44.69
42)The n00b AvengerThe Legend of Zelda89.87%44.67
43)TenkoStar17The Legend of Zelda89.74%44.54
44)Z1mZumThe Legend of Zelda89.73%44.53
45)GunMageThe Legend of Zelda89.70%44.50
46)WlokosThe Legend of Zelda89.59%44.39
47)kaonashi1The Legend of Zelda89.58%44.38
48)BananaquestThe Legend of Zelda89.53%44.33
49)CidThe Legend of Zelda89.50%44.30
50)swirldudeThe Legend of Zelda89.36%44.16
51)GoldSlime35The Legend of Zelda89.14%43.94
52)Who Cares?The Legend of Zelda89.00%43.80
53)Alanna82The Legend of Zelda88.88%43.68
54)DarkashThe Legend of Zelda88.76%43.56
55)King MorgothThe Legend of Zelda88.63%43.43
56)GarshaThe Legend of Zelda88.24%43.04
57)Heroic ViktorThe Legend of Zelda88.00%42.80
57)Team Rocket EliteThe Legend of Zelda88.00%42.80
59)Kaidyn04The Legend of Zelda87.54%42.34
60)Rzrsk8erThe Legend of Zelda87.43%42.23
61)franmarsThe Legend of Zelda87.36%42.16
62)ps2rulezzzThe Legend of Zelda87.14%41.94
63)PhediukThe Legend of Zelda87.00%41.80
63)DasmoppThe Legend of Zelda87.00%41.80
63)QwaarThe Legend of Zelda87.00%41.80
66)nh82The Legend of Zelda85.50%40.30
67)bj goodThe Legend of Zelda85.23%40.03
68)AlbasunaThe Legend of Zelda85.00%39.80
69)Sephirot1 ReturnsThe Legend of Zelda84.56%39.36
70)Lieutenant KettchThe Legend of Zelda84.00%38.80
71)BeTheManThe Legend of Zelda83.44%38.24
72)The Wise TonberryThe Legend of Zelda83.00%37.80
73)JericoholicThe Legend of Zelda82.00%36.80
73)torey luvulloThe Legend of Zelda82.00%36.80
75)Tequilla GundamThe Legend of Zelda81.68%36.48
76)Blackapino1984The Legend of Zelda78.00%32.80
77)TrunksMagusDanteThe Legend of Zelda72.34%27.14
78)CapnAmericaThe Legend of Zelda69.92%24.72