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Match #2 - Suikoden vs Mega Man X
Mega Man X72.61%44.09Mega Man X72.61%44.09
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)Happy HappyistsMega Man X72.5049.89Mega Man X72.9049.7199.60
2)lol xstatsMega Man X72.8349.78Mega Man X71.8249.2198.99
3)47Mega Man X74.2548.36Mega Man X73.7348.8897.24
4)50Mega Man X74.2348.38Mega Man X70.6848.0796.45
5)Wii <3 KatamawiiMega Man X73.2049.41Mega Man X75.6946.9296.33
6)The Flying ButtressesMega Man X75.4347.18Mega Man X71.3348.7295.90
7)53Mega Man X72.3349.72Mega Man X68.3945.7895.50
8)Crab PeopleMega Man X71.2048.59Mega Man X69.4346.8295.41
9)I Voted For KodosMega Man X74.8447.77Mega Man X69.9947.3895.15
10)Jay SolanoMega Man X69.5046.89Mega Man X70.5447.9394.82
11)Battle RoyaleMega Man X68.2445.63Mega Man X73.8348.7894.41
12)Moltar and DC are Going DownMega Man X73.9148.70Mega Man X68.2045.5994.29
13)Predestined DivinationMega Man X70.0047.39Mega Man X75.7346.8894.27
14)26Mega Man X72.5649.9594.04
15)42Mega Man X71.2348.62Mega Man X77.5645.0593.67
16)mvp'sMega Man X68.8046.19Mega Man X70.0147.4093.59
17)SPFDaHBTtWHRMega Man X70.0047.39Mega Man X68.5845.9793.36
18)JigglypuffMega Man X75.0047.61Mega Man X68.0045.3993.00
19)NebuchadnezzarMega Man X71.3748.76Mega Man X66.2343.6292.38
20)EdenMega Man X79.0643.55Mega Man X71.3448.7392.28
21)InSPOREationalMega Man X73.0649.55Mega Man X65.2842.6792.22
22)No Probalo!Mega Man X67.2044.59Mega Man X75.0047.6192.20
23)Elton John's Time MachineMega Man X67.4444.83Mega Man X69.8847.2792.10
24)We Used To Be Good?Mega Man X67.0044.39Mega Man X75.0047.6192.00
25)The Drunkadelict ArmadillosMega Man X75.7346.88Mega Man X67.3144.7091.58
26)32Mega Man X78.6543.96Mega Man X75.0047.6191.57
27)55Mega Man X81.6540.96Mega Man X72.5149.9090.86
28)52Mega Man X64.4341.82Mega Man X71.2748.6690.48
29)Muffin HacksMega Man X74.4048.21Mega Man X64.6242.0190.22
30)Auto-LoseMega Man X75.6246.99Mega Man X79.4943.1290.11
31)Midnight RevelationsMega Man X79.0243.59Mega Man X76.4346.1889.77
32)Umbrella CorporationMega Man X77.4045.2189.30
33)ObscuretempleMega Man X65.8743.26Mega Man X68.2145.6088.86
34)Magician's Magic BallzMega Man X71.2348.62Mega Man X62.1939.5888.20
35)Organization IIMega Man X63.1040.49Mega Man X75.0047.6188.10
36)38Mega Man X78.4544.16Mega Man X79.8142.8086.96
37)Koopa TroopersMega Man X65.7843.17Mega Man X65.3442.7385.90
38)Robo Chocobo RemixMega Man X59.0036.39Mega Man X71.7849.1785.56
39)Indestructable JerkyMega Man X80.4942.1284.24
40)FodderMega Man X73.4549.16Mega Man X57.4534.8484.00
41)*****Mega Man X77.8344.78Mega Man X61.5538.9483.72
42)SPO*NMega Man X66.6644.05Mega Man X62.0039.3983.44
43)InterceptionMega Man X64.3241.7183.42
44)4chan party vanMega Man X63.0040.39Mega Man X65.2342.6283.01
45)Loop TroopsMega Man X82.0040.6181.22
46)soxdude777Mega Man X81.8840.73Mega Man X82.1440.4781.20
47)46Mega Man X61.5438.93Mega Man X64.2741.6680.59
48)49Mega Man X53.2330.62Mega Man X72.5049.8980.51
49)M-O-O-N That Spells HossMega Man X59.3036.69Mega Man X65.2242.6179.30
50)Shut up KleenexMega Man X65.0042.39Mega Man X59.3336.7279.11
51)Horrible RivalryMega Man X59.3336.72Mega Man X55.0032.3969.11
52)We're Beyond Team NamesMega Man X70.2447.63Suikoden52.0120.3868.01
53)Snowball's Chance in HellMega Man X74.6048.01Suikoden55.7116.6864.69
54)Klonoa AllianceMega Man X64.3441.73Suikoden53.1519.2460.97