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Match #55 - Sonic the Hedgehog vs Luigi
Consensus : Sonic the Hedgehog56.22%
Result : Sonic the Hedgehog60.19%45.49
1)Alanna82Sonic the Hedgehog59.95%49.76
2)Jmast7Sonic the Hedgehog60.53%49.66
3)stripey12isbackSonic the Hedgehog60.56%49.63
4)War13104Sonic the Hedgehog59.51%49.32
5)alpha doorSonic the Hedgehog61.16%49.03
6)phlyerphan1Sonic the Hedgehog59.21%49.02
7)Janus5000Sonic the Hedgehog59.02%48.83
8)yoshifan823Sonic the Hedgehog61.45%48.74
9)Javman162Sonic the Hedgehog58.85%48.66
10)red sox 777Sonic the Hedgehog58.75%48.56
11)RadixSonic the Hedgehog58.72%48.53
12)RingwormSonic the Hedgehog58.34%48.15
13)AprosenfSonic the Hedgehog58.10%47.91
14)Draco1214Sonic the Hedgehog58.00%47.81
15)CokesSonic the Hedgehog57.99%47.80
16)Master MoltarSonic the Hedgehog57.88%47.69
17)jonthomsonSonic the Hedgehog57.73%47.54
18)MegatokyoEdSonic the Hedgehog57.68%47.49
19)StopPokingMeSonic the Hedgehog57.57%47.38
20)GiggsalotSonic the Hedgehog57.55%47.36
21)Big BobSonic the Hedgehog63.00%47.19
21)crazyisgoodSonic the Hedgehog63.00%47.19
23)The Real TruthSonic the Hedgehog57.34%47.15
24)Lady AsheSonic the Hedgehog57.23%47.04
25)Ness26Sonic the Hedgehog57.22%47.03
26)cykoSonic the Hedgehog57.11%46.92
26)RPGLord95Sonic the Hedgehog57.11%46.92
28)ObscureMammothSonic the Hedgehog57.09%46.90
29)NoDiceCurtSonic the Hedgehog57.07%46.88
30)satai_delennSonic the Hedgehog57.05%46.86
31)AlecTrevelyan006Sonic the Hedgehog57.00%46.81
32)th3l3ftySonic the Hedgehog56.98%46.79
33)The n00b AvengerSonic the Hedgehog56.94%46.75
34)BZer0Sonic the Hedgehog56.92%46.73
35)plasmabeamSonic the Hedgehog56.88%46.69
36)Dekar TKBSonic the Hedgehog56.82%46.63
37)Menji76Sonic the Hedgehog56.80%46.61
38)XIII is coolSonic the Hedgehog56.71%46.52
39)King MorgothSonic the Hedgehog56.66%46.47
40)ActJef1077Sonic the Hedgehog56.65%46.46
41)ad00Sonic the Hedgehog56.56%46.37
41)raytan7585Sonic the Hedgehog56.56%46.37
43)YesmarSonic the Hedgehog56.55%46.36
44)Ngamer64Sonic the Hedgehog56.51%46.32
45)SalientSonic the Hedgehog56.50%46.31
46)FastFalcon05Sonic the Hedgehog56.44%46.25
46)DSRageSonic the Hedgehog56.44%46.25
48)GoldSlime35Sonic the Hedgehog56.33%46.14
49)Karma HunterSonic the Hedgehog56.32%46.13
50)AmazingKirbySonic the Hedgehog56.25%46.06
51)Haste2Sonic the Hedgehog56.24%46.05
51)daniel2424Sonic the Hedgehog56.24%46.05
53)Luster SoldierSonic the Hedgehog56.19%46.00
54)Paratroopa1Sonic the Hedgehog56.10%45.91
55)kaonashi1Sonic the Hedgehog56.08%45.89
56)creativenameSonic the Hedgehog56.00%45.81
56)ps2rulezzzSonic the Hedgehog56.00%45.81
58)VladoSonic the Hedgehog55.97%45.78
59)meche313Sonic the Hedgehog55.90%45.71
60)CamdenSonic the Hedgehog55.70%45.51
61)Leebo86Sonic the Hedgehog55.62%45.43
62)GrapefruitKingSonic the Hedgehog55.61%45.42
63)PeaceOut64Sonic the Hedgehog55.60%45.41
64)amyvitality66Sonic the Hedgehog55.56%45.37
65)transienceSonic the Hedgehog55.55%45.36
65)KingBartzSonic the Hedgehog55.55%45.36
65)basmeyer42Sonic the Hedgehog55.55%45.36
65)RedtoothSonic the Hedgehog55.55%45.36
69)zwong1Sonic the Hedgehog55.40%45.21
70)DragonsFurySonic the Hedgehog55.25%45.06
70)Agent MSonic the Hedgehog55.25%45.06
72)charmander6000Sonic the Hedgehog55.10%44.91
73)StarionSonic the Hedgehog55.02%44.83
74)SeginustempleSonic the Hedgehog55.01%44.82
75)kawaiifanSonic the Hedgehog55.00%44.81
75)XuxonSonic the Hedgehog55.00%44.81
75)yoblazer33Sonic the Hedgehog55.00%44.81
78)LagoonaSonic the Hedgehog54.99%44.80
79)KaxonSonic the Hedgehog54.98%44.79
80)XxSoulxXSonic the Hedgehog65.42%44.77
81)Dilated ChemistSonic the Hedgehog54.89%44.70
82)TenkoStar17Sonic the Hedgehog54.87%44.68
82)dragoontheguySonic the Hedgehog54.87%44.68
84)Heroic ViktorSonic the Hedgehog54.83%44.64
85)DarkashSonic the Hedgehog54.72%44.53
86)BeTheManSonic the Hedgehog54.50%44.31
86)Weird Kirby Dude11Sonic the Hedgehog54.50%44.31
88)MoogleKupo141Sonic the Hedgehog54.30%44.11
89)IkonSonic the Hedgehog54.25%44.06
89)Luis_Sera89Sonic the Hedgehog54.25%44.06
91)DarkLink89Sonic the Hedgehog54.23%44.04
92)ScorpionX3Sonic the Hedgehog54.20%44.01
93)LopenSonic the Hedgehog54.15%43.96
94)Ed BellisSonic the Hedgehog54.04%43.85
95)TheKnightOfNeeSonic the Hedgehog53.96%43.77
96)Tsunami70Sonic the Hedgehog53.76%43.57
97)LayzerbeamSonic the Hedgehog53.51%43.32
98)goku zSonic the Hedgehog53.50%43.31
99)King_ZogSonic the Hedgehog53.28%43.09
100)Shivan ReincarnatedSonic the Hedgehog53.00%42.81
100)Team Rocket EliteSonic the Hedgehog53.00%42.81
102)Rodri316Sonic the Hedgehog52.87%42.68
103)ECW RVD420Sonic the Hedgehog52.47%42.28
104)Pats_DynastySonic the Hedgehog52.34%42.15
105)OmegaRagnarokSonic the Hedgehog52.14%41.95
106)AyvuirSonic the Hedgehog52.11%41.92
107)KleenexTissue50Sonic the Hedgehog52.00%41.81
108)BrakmasterSonic the Hedgehog68.93%41.26
109)steve illuminaLuigi50.01%34.80
109)and now I danceLuigi50.01%34.80
111)Jay Lv99Luigi50.04%34.77