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Match #29 - The Legend of Zelda vs Metal Gear
Consensus : The Legend of Zelda70.11%
Result : The Legend of Zelda73.74%45.98
1)ObscureMammothThe Legend of Zelda73.76%49.98
2)Heroic ViktorThe Legend of Zelda73.83%49.91
2)and now I danceThe Legend of Zelda73.65%49.91
4)RX7InfinitiIIIThe Legend of Zelda74.04%49.70
5)Javman162The Legend of Zelda73.37%49.63
6)BBallman7The Legend of Zelda74.16%49.58
7)Ngamer64The Legend of Zelda73.07%49.33
8)SessThe Legend of Zelda73.06%49.32
9)Haste2The Legend of Zelda73.01%49.27
10)Big BobThe Legend of Zelda73.00%49.26
11)goku zThe Legend of Zelda74.50%49.24
12)RingwormThe Legend of Zelda74.65%49.09
13)TenkoStar17The Legend of Zelda72.58%48.84
14)GalacticMage777The Legend of Zelda72.50%48.76
15)RPGuy96The Legend of Zelda75.00%48.74
15)IhatethisCPUThe Legend of Zelda75.00%48.74
17)Evil_REmadeThe Legend of Zelda72.41%48.67
18)steve illuminaThe Legend of Zelda72.29%48.55
19)BeTheManThe Legend of Zelda72.25%48.51
20)VladoThe Legend of Zelda72.24%48.50
21)mammerjammerThe Legend of Zelda75.31%48.43
22)Sephirot1 ReturnsThe Legend of Zelda72.15%48.41
23)InvisoThe Legend of Zelda72.11%48.37
24)Team Rocket EliteThe Legend of Zelda72.10%48.36
25)neoatomtacoThe Legend of Zelda75.46%48.28
26)Z1mZumThe Legend of Zelda72.00%48.26
27)CaelusThe Legend of Zelda71.90%48.16
28)StopPokingMeThe Legend of Zelda71.71%47.97
29)SuperSmash MasterThe Legend of Zelda71.65%47.91
30)DarkashThe Legend of Zelda71.61%47.87
31)cykoThe Legend of Zelda71.54%47.80
32)Ed BellisThe Legend of Zelda71.45%47.71
33)Pats_DynastyThe Legend of Zelda71.34%47.60
34)GrapefruitKingThe Legend of Zelda71.32%47.58
35)dethfdddddhThe Legend of Zelda76.22%47.52
36)AyvuirThe Legend of Zelda71.25%47.51
37)KleenexTissue50The Legend of Zelda71.23%47.49
37)ActJef1077The Legend of Zelda71.23%47.49
39)Shivan ReincarnatedThe Legend of Zelda71.03%47.29
39)amyvitality66The Legend of Zelda71.03%47.29
41)red sox 777The Legend of Zelda71.00%47.26
42)Menji76The Legend of Zelda70.91%47.17
43)Agent MThe Legend of Zelda70.89%47.15
44)Dekar TKBThe Legend of Zelda70.82%47.08
45)Ness26The Legend of Zelda70.52%46.78
46)XuxonThe Legend of Zelda70.50%46.76
47)supdawgThe Legend of Zelda70.42%46.68
48)GoldSlime35The Legend of Zelda70.33%46.59
49)PeaceOut64The Legend of Zelda70.10%46.36
50)freacThe Legend of Zelda70.04%46.30
50)The n00b AvengerThe Legend of Zelda70.04%46.30
52)Alanna82The Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
52)creativenameThe Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
52)kawaiifanThe Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
52)ps2rulezzzThe Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
52)IkonThe Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
52)Repus_YortsedThe Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
52)RedtoothThe Legend of Zelda70.00%46.26
59)XxSoulxXThe Legend of Zelda69.79%46.05
60)ad00The Legend of Zelda69.69%45.95
61)Coffee NinjaThe Legend of Zelda69.67%45.93
62)charmander6000The Legend of Zelda69.58%45.84
62)XIII is coolThe Legend of Zelda69.58%45.84
64)Master MoltarThe Legend of Zelda69.56%45.82
65)stingers135The Legend of Zelda69.52%45.78
66)SalientThe Legend of Zelda69.50%45.76
67)Paratroopa1The Legend of Zelda69.44%45.70
68)hero of time 43The Legend of Zelda69.41%45.67
69)Janus5000The Legend of Zelda69.31%45.57
70)WiggumFan267The Legend of Zelda78.21%45.53
71)BlAcK TuRtLeThe Legend of Zelda69.23%45.49
72)King MorgothThe Legend of Zelda69.00%45.26
73)YesmarThe Legend of Zelda68.95%45.21
74)lol_internetThe Legend of Zelda68.93%45.19
75)basmeyer42The Legend of Zelda68.92%45.18
76)SephirothGThe Legend of Zelda68.88%45.14
77)SeginustempleThe Legend of Zelda68.87%45.13
78)FastFalcon05The Legend of Zelda68.78%45.04
79)Luis_Sera89The Legend of Zelda68.75%45.01
80)KingBartzThe Legend of Zelda68.69%44.95
81)RadixThe Legend of Zelda68.57%44.83
82)MegatokyoEdThe Legend of Zelda68.48%44.74
83)DranzeThe Legend of Zelda68.45%44.71
83)transienceThe Legend of Zelda68.45%44.71
85)Luster SoldierThe Legend of Zelda68.27%44.53
86)Draco1214The Legend of Zelda68.12%44.38
87)Weird Kirby Dude11The Legend of Zelda68.10%44.36
88)TheKnightOfNeeThe Legend of Zelda68.03%44.29
89)phlyerphan1The Legend of Zelda68.02%44.28
90)CamdenThe Legend of Zelda68.00%44.26
90)Dilated ChemistThe Legend of Zelda68.00%44.26
90)jonthomsonThe Legend of Zelda68.00%44.26
90)meche313The Legend of Zelda68.00%44.26
90)LopenThe Legend of Zelda68.00%44.26
90)Explicit ContentThe Legend of Zelda68.00%44.26
96)GameBopAdvThe Legend of Zelda67.42%43.68
97)cavedog0The Legend of Zelda67.35%43.61
98)FeCl3The Legend of Zelda67.24%43.50
99)raytan7585The Legend of Zelda67.12%43.38
100)LayzerbeamThe Legend of Zelda67.00%43.26
101)KaxonThe Legend of Zelda66.67%42.93
102)somdude04The Legend of Zelda81.12%42.62
103)th3l3ftyThe Legend of Zelda66.27%42.53
104)Rodri316The Legend of Zelda66.23%42.49
105)StarionThe Legend of Zelda66.21%42.47
106)Rad Link 5The Legend of Zelda66.12%42.38
106)DarkLink89The Legend of Zelda66.12%42.38
108)AprosenfThe Legend of Zelda65.51%41.77
109)devilnightvampThe Legend of Zelda65.43%41.69
110)RoseChevalierThe Legend of Zelda65.08%41.34
111)alpha doorThe Legend of Zelda64.45%40.71
112)The Real TruthThe Legend of Zelda64.36%40.62
113)plasmabeamThe Legend of Zelda63.18%39.44
114)selmiakThe Legend of Zelda57.75%34.01