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Match #29 - The Legend of Zelda vs Metal Gear
The Legend of Zelda73.74%45.98The Legend of Zelda73.74%45.98
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)4chan party vanThe Legend of Zelda74.5049.24The Legend of Zelda74.0449.7098.94
2)Battle RoyaleThe Legend of Zelda71.6147.87The Legend of Zelda73.8349.9197.78
3)Organization IIThe Legend of Zelda71.6547.91The Legend of Zelda73.0049.2697.17
4)49The Legend of Zelda70.9147.17The Legend of Zelda73.6549.9197.08
5)Robo Chocobo RemixThe Legend of Zelda72.1148.37The Legend of Zelda72.2448.5096.87
6)Predestined DivinationThe Legend of Zelda70.0046.26The Legend of Zelda73.0749.3395.59
7)Magician's Magic BallzThe Legend of Zelda74.1649.5895.56
8)ObscuretempleThe Legend of Zelda68.8745.13The Legend of Zelda73.7649.9895.11
9)32The Legend of Zelda74.6549.0995.07
10)*****The Legend of Zelda69.3145.57The Legend of Zelda73.0649.3294.89
11)SPFDaHBTtWHRThe Legend of Zelda75.0048.74The Legend of Zelda69.7946.0594.79
12)53The Legend of Zelda72.1548.41The Legend of Zelda69.4145.6794.08
13)47The Legend of Zelda71.7147.9793.95
14)Moltar and DC are Going DownThe Legend of Zelda72.0048.26The Legend of Zelda78.2145.5393.79
15)FodderThe Legend of Zelda69.6745.93The Legend of Zelda71.3447.6093.53
16)Koopa TroopersThe Legend of Zelda76.2247.5293.50
17)We're Beyond Team NamesThe Legend of Zelda71.2547.5193.49
18)Elton John's Time MachineThe Legend of Zelda69.4445.70The Legend of Zelda71.3247.5893.28
19)NebuchadnezzarThe Legend of Zelda71.0347.2993.27
20)Jay SolanoThe Legend of Zelda72.1048.36The Legend of Zelda68.4544.7193.07
21)The Drunkadelict ArmadillosThe Legend of Zelda70.8247.0893.06
22)Muffin HacksThe Legend of Zelda70.5246.78The Legend of Zelda70.0046.2693.04
23)I Voted For KodosThe Legend of Zelda71.5447.80The Legend of Zelda68.9545.2193.01
24)No Probalo!The Legend of Zelda70.5046.7692.74
25)46The Legend of Zelda70.4246.6892.66
26)JigglypuffThe Legend of Zelda70.0046.26The Legend of Zelda70.0046.2692.52
27)Snowball's Chance in HellThe Legend of Zelda70.1046.3692.34
28)55The Legend of Zelda70.0446.3092.28
29)Auto-LoseThe Legend of Zelda71.4547.71The Legend of Zelda68.0044.2691.97
30)EdenThe Legend of Zelda69.6945.9591.90
31)SPO*NThe Legend of Zelda68.1044.36The Legend of Zelda71.2347.4991.85
32)mvp'sThe Legend of Zelda70.0046.26The Legend of Zelda68.9245.1891.44
33)lol xstatsThe Legend of Zelda69.2345.4990.98
34)Shut up KleenexThe Legend of Zelda70.0046.26The Legend of Zelda68.2744.5390.79
35)Crab PeopleThe Legend of Zelda71.9048.16The Legend of Zelda66.2742.5390.69
36)Klonoa AllianceThe Legend of Zelda67.1243.38The Legend of Zelda71.0347.2990.67
37)Midnight RevelationsThe Legend of Zelda68.0044.26The Legend of Zelda69.5645.8290.08
38)Umbrella CorporationThe Legend of Zelda68.7545.0190.02
39)soxdude777The Legend of Zelda71.0047.26The Legend of Zelda81.1242.6289.88
40)38The Legend of Zelda68.5744.8389.66
41)Horrible RivalryThe Legend of Zelda71.2347.49The Legend of Zelda65.0841.3488.83
42)Indestructable JerkyThe Legend of Zelda68.0044.2688.52
42)Happy HappyistsThe Legend of Zelda68.0044.26The Legend of Zelda68.0044.2688.52
42)50The Legend of Zelda68.0044.2688.52
45)We Used To Be Good?The Legend of Zelda66.6742.93The Legend of Zelda69.0045.2688.19
46)The Flying ButtressesThe Legend of Zelda68.1244.38The Legend of Zelda66.2342.4986.87
47)Wii <3 KatamawiiThe Legend of Zelda65.5141.77The Legend of Zelda68.4844.7486.51
48)InSPOREationalThe Legend of Zelda64.4540.71The Legend of Zelda69.5245.7886.49