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Match #11 - Sonic the Hedgehog vs Devil May Cry
Sonic the Hedgehog70.87%42.83Sonic the Hedgehog70.87%42.83
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)lol xstatsSonic the Hedgehog71.0649.81Sonic the Hedgehog70.2349.3699.17
2)Moltar and DC are Going DownSonic the Hedgehog70.0049.13Sonic the Hedgehog71.0049.8799.00
3)47Sonic the Hedgehog69.2048.33Sonic the Hedgehog70.7049.8398.16
4)M-O-O-N That Spells HossSonic the Hedgehog72.4048.47Sonic the Hedgehog70.3249.4597.92
5)Wii <3 KatamawiiSonic the Hedgehog69.4148.54Sonic the Hedgehog67.8947.0295.56
6)Shut up KleenexSonic the Hedgehog70.0049.13Sonic the Hedgehog67.2346.3695.49
7)InSPOREationalSonic the Hedgehog69.8949.02Sonic the Hedgehog66.1445.2794.29
8)42Sonic the Hedgehog70.1949.32Sonic the Hedgehog64.9244.0593.37
9)Midnight RevelationsSonic the Hedgehog67.4946.62Sonic the Hedgehog67.4546.5893.20
10)mvp'sSonic the Hedgehog66.6645.79Sonic the Hedgehog67.8847.0192.80
11)55Sonic the Hedgehog72.5548.32Sonic the Hedgehog64.9644.0992.41
12)SPO*NSonic the Hedgehog66.2145.34Sonic the Hedgehog67.0046.1391.47
13)Jay SolanoSonic the Hedgehog63.0042.13Sonic the Hedgehog69.9549.0891.21
14)NebuchadnezzarSonic the Hedgehog66.7445.87Sonic the Hedgehog66.0445.1791.04
15)Umbrella CorporationSonic the Hedgehog68.5047.6390.46
16)SPFDaHBTtWHRSonic the Hedgehog70.0049.13Sonic the Hedgehog62.1541.2890.41
17)Crab PeopleSonic the Hedgehog71.2049.67Sonic the Hedgehog61.4740.6090.27
17)4chan party vanSonic the Hedgehog64.0043.13Sonic the Hedgehog68.0147.1490.27
19)Magician's Magic BallzSonic the Hedgehog69.7648.89Sonic the Hedgehog62.2241.3590.24
20)EdenSonic the Hedgehog77.7743.10Sonic the Hedgehog67.8847.0190.11
21)32Sonic the Hedgehog73.9146.96Sonic the Hedgehog64.0043.1390.09
22)The Flying ButtressesSonic the Hedgehog64.4443.57Sonic the Hedgehog66.7645.8989.46
23)53Sonic the Hedgehog64.4543.58Sonic the Hedgehog66.5345.6689.24
24)Loop TroopsSonic the Hedgehog67.0046.1388.96
25)JigglypuffSonic the Hedgehog66.6645.79Sonic the Hedgehog64.0043.1388.92
26)I Voted For KodosSonic the Hedgehog60.2439.37Sonic the Hedgehog71.7949.0888.45
27)We Used To Be Good?Sonic the Hedgehog66.0045.13Sonic the Hedgehog64.0043.1388.26
28)No Probalo!Sonic the Hedgehog64.5043.63Sonic the Hedgehog65.0044.1387.76
29)Predestined DivinationSonic the Hedgehog67.0046.13Sonic the Hedgehog62.2341.3687.49
30)Koopa TroopersSonic the Hedgehog62.3441.47Sonic the Hedgehog66.8746.0087.47
31)InterceptionSonic the Hedgehog76.3644.5187.34
32)We're Beyond Team NamesSonic the Hedgehog65.4144.54Sonic the Hedgehog63.6342.7687.30
33)Muffin HacksSonic the Hedgehog74.3346.54Sonic the Hedgehog61.5640.6987.23
34)ObscuretempleSonic the Hedgehog63.3642.49Sonic the Hedgehog76.4344.4486.93
35)Snowball's Chance in HellSonic the Hedgehog66.3045.43Sonic the Hedgehog62.3341.4686.89
36)*****Sonic the Hedgehog64.5343.66Sonic the Hedgehog63.0242.1585.81
37)Robo Chocobo RemixSonic the Hedgehog66.0045.13Sonic the Hedgehog61.4640.5985.72
38)Klonoa AllianceSonic the Hedgehog62.7941.92Sonic the Hedgehog64.3443.4785.39
39)Elton John's Time MachineSonic the Hedgehog61.8640.99Sonic the Hedgehog64.9844.1185.10
40)26Sonic the Hedgehog63.2142.3484.68
41)Happy HappyistsSonic the Hedgehog63.7042.83Sonic the Hedgehog62.5041.6384.46
42)Auto-LoseSonic the Hedgehog56.6935.82Sonic the Hedgehog69.0048.1383.95
43)Battle RoyaleSonic the Hedgehog67.0346.16Sonic the Hedgehog58.2737.4083.56
44)50Sonic the Hedgehog61.6840.81Sonic the Hedgehog63.4542.5883.39
45)soxdude777Sonic the Hedgehog63.0042.13Sonic the Hedgehog60.1139.2481.37
46)The Drunkadelict ArmadillosSonic the Hedgehog58.7237.85Sonic the Hedgehog64.3343.4681.31
47)Horrible RivalrySonic the Hedgehog67.4446.57Sonic the Hedgehog55.0034.1380.70
48)FodderSonic the Hedgehog59.7638.89Sonic the Hedgehog62.4541.5880.47
49)38Sonic the Hedgehog59.6338.76Sonic the Hedgehog62.4541.5880.34
50)52Sonic the Hedgehog63.8743.00Sonic the Hedgehog55.4234.5577.55
51)46Sonic the Hedgehog53.3432.47Sonic the Hedgehog60.9140.0472.51
52)Organization IISonic the Hedgehog51.1930.32Sonic the Hedgehog60.0039.1369.45
53)49Sonic the Hedgehog73.6547.22Devil May Cry56.9517.1864.40
54)Indestructable JerkyDevil May Cry51.1323.0046.00