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Match #12 - Super Smash Bros. vs Dragon Quest
Super Smash Bros.76.37%45.40Super Smash Bros.76.37%45.40
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)53Super Smash Bros.75.2548.88Super Smash Bros.77.3749.0097.88
2)Horrible RivalrySuper Smash Bros.78.4547.92Super Smash Bros.76.0049.6397.55
3)49Super Smash Bros.76.5449.83Super Smash Bros.73.8047.4397.26
4)Battle RoyaleSuper Smash Bros.75.3949.02Super Smash Bros.78.2748.1097.12
5)4chan party vanSuper Smash Bros.75.0048.63Super Smash Bros.78.0048.3797.00
6)Happy HappyistsSuper Smash Bros.74.9048.53Super Smash Bros.74.8348.4696.99
7)50Super Smash Bros.78.4747.90Super Smash Bros.77.5648.8196.71
8)EdenSuper Smash Bros.73.2546.88Super Smash Bros.76.6149.7696.64
9)JigglypuffSuper Smash Bros.74.4748.10Super Smash Bros.78.0048.3796.47
10)Wii <3 KatamawiiSuper Smash Bros.74.4448.07Super Smash Bros.74.6748.3096.37
11)Klonoa AllianceSuper Smash Bros.77.4548.92Super Smash Bros.73.6147.2496.16
12)mvp'sSuper Smash Bros.77.7748.60Super Smash Bros.73.8447.4796.07
13)We're Beyond Team NamesSuper Smash Bros.78.6847.69Super Smash Bros.78.2548.1295.81
14)Elton John's Time MachineSuper Smash Bros.79.5346.84Super Smash Bros.75.2648.8995.73
15)Muffin HacksSuper Smash Bros.77.2249.15Super Smash Bros.79.8746.5095.65
16)Auto-LoseSuper Smash Bros.72.4446.07Super Smash Bros.77.0049.3795.44
17)Predestined DivinationSuper Smash Bros.73.5047.13Super Smash Bros.74.6148.2495.37
18)ObscuretempleSuper Smash Bros.73.3747.00Super Smash Bros.78.5947.7894.78
19)*****Super Smash Bros.72.9946.62Super Smash Bros.78.2248.1594.77
20)Jay SolanoSuper Smash Bros.79.0047.37Super Smash Bros.73.4247.0594.42
21)InterceptionSuper Smash Bros.77.7748.6094.00
22)Crab PeopleSuper Smash Bros.72.2045.83Super Smash Bros.74.3848.0193.84
23)26Super Smash Bros.74.3247.9593.35
24)42Super Smash Bros.78.4447.9393.33
25)Koopa TroopersSuper Smash Bros.75.6149.24Super Smash Bros.70.1243.7592.99
26)Magician's Magic BallzSuper Smash Bros.78.8847.49Super Smash Bros.81.0145.3692.85
27)Umbrella CorporationSuper Smash Bros.79.2047.1792.57
28)Snowball's Chance in HellSuper Smash Bros.79.3047.07Super Smash Bros.71.7145.3492.41
29)NebuchadnezzarSuper Smash Bros.76.4749.90Super Smash Bros.84.3242.0591.95
30)Loop TroopsSuper Smash Bros.72.0045.6391.03
31)SPO*NSuper Smash Bros.80.0046.37Super Smash Bros.71.0044.6391.00
32)38Super Smash Bros.79.7846.59Super Smash Bros.82.1444.2390.82
33)We Used To Be Good?Super Smash Bros.73.0046.63Super Smash Bros.70.3343.9690.59
34)47Super Smash Bros.85.1141.26Super Smash Bros.74.7448.3789.63
35)55Super Smash Bros.69.9943.62Super Smash Bros.71.9445.5789.19
36)lol xstatsSuper Smash Bros.65.5939.22Super Smash Bros.76.4549.9289.14
37)46Super Smash Bros.70.3443.97Super Smash Bros.71.2344.8688.83
38)M-O-O-N That Spells HossSuper Smash Bros.85.4040.97Super Smash Bros.78.5247.8588.82
39)The Drunkadelict ArmadillosSuper Smash Bros.65.8239.45Super Smash Bros.75.6649.2988.74
40)Shut up KleenexSuper Smash Bros.70.0043.63Super Smash Bros.70.9844.6188.24
41)Midnight RevelationsSuper Smash Bros.66.6640.29Super Smash Bros.74.1747.8088.09
42)Robo Chocobo RemixSuper Smash Bros.81.0045.37Super Smash Bros.83.9342.4487.81
43)52Super Smash Bros.82.7443.63Super Smash Bros.82.4543.9287.55
44)Indestructable JerkySuper Smash Bros.70.0843.7187.42
45)Moltar and DC are Going DownSuper Smash Bros.82.8143.56Super Smash Bros.82.7043.6787.23
46)No Probalo!Super Smash Bros.66.9040.53Super Smash Bros.73.0046.6387.16
47)The Flying ButtressesSuper Smash Bros.74.1247.75Super Smash Bros.87.2339.1486.89
48)InSPOREationalSuper Smash Bros.67.2740.90Super Smash Bros.71.4245.0585.95
49)SPFDaHBTtWHRSuper Smash Bros.89.0037.37Super Smash Bros.78.4547.9285.29
50)I Voted For KodosSuper Smash Bros.69.2142.84Super Smash Bros.68.5942.2285.06
51)32Super Smash Bros.86.2240.15Super Smash Bros.84.0042.3782.52
52)Organization IISuper Smash Bros.63.2936.92Super Smash Bros.70.0043.6380.55
53)FodderSuper Smash Bros.57.6631.29Super Smash Bros.84.1442.2373.52
54)soxdude777Super Smash Bros.57.0030.63Super Smash Bros.84.1142.2672.89