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Match #8 - Halo 3 vs The Last of Us
Winner: The Last of Us - 67.50%
Rank Name Points Change Gap Average # Pick Guess
-1)cyko365.43+45.010.0045.68(8) The Last of Us62.51%
-2)whatisurnameplz362.09+43.24-3.3445.26(8) The Last of Us60.74%
^93)TsunamiXXVIII358.29+47.14-7.1444.79(8) The Last of Us64.64%
v14)DarkFalconX356.62+39.25-8.8144.58(8) The Last of Us56.75%
-5)red sox 777356.15+42.05-9.2844.52(8) The Last of Us59.55%
^16)Menji76355.19+42.52-10.2444.40(8) The Last of Us60.02%
v17)Magmortar75353.65+39.85-11.7844.21(8) The Last of Us57.35%
^138)Cokes352.00+43.08-13.4344.00(8) The Last of Us60.58%
v19)TheArkOfTurus351.99+39.50-13.4444.00(8) The Last of Us57.00%
-10)Luster Soldier351.57+40.27-13.8643.95(8) The Last of Us57.77%
^3011)DoctorJimmy133351.49+48.59-13.9443.94(8) The Last of Us66.09%
^512)th3l3fty351.21+41.35-14.2243.90(8) The Last of Us58.85%
-13)RPGLord95351.07+40.53-14.3643.88(8) The Last of Us58.03%
^614)yazzy14350.64+41.30-14.7943.83(8) The Last of Us58.80%
v415)Haste2350.43+39.27-15.0043.80(8) The Last of Us56.77%
v716)BlAcK TuRtLe349.30+37.74-16.1343.66(8) The Last of Us55.24%
^517)DSRage349.20+40.83-16.2343.65(8) The Last of Us58.33%
^518)Leebo86348.98+40.80-16.4543.62(8) The Last of Us58.30%
^619)Kotetsu534348.87+41.50-16.5643.61(8) The Last of Us59.00%
^720)meche313348.56+41.50-16.8743.57(8) The Last of Us59.00%
v221)Alanna82347.57+38.05-17.8643.45(8) The Last of Us55.55%
^222)ecksgem347.47+39.95-17.9643.43(8) The Last of Us57.45%
v523)Xuxon347.12+37.50-18.3143.39(8) The Last of Us55.00%
^1324)Xeybozn347.02+43.16-18.4143.38(8) The Last of Us60.66%
^525)Ngamer64346.97+41.57-18.4643.37(8) The Last of Us59.07%
^726)ctesjbuvf346.89+42.37-18.5443.36(8) The Last of Us59.87%
v1327)kawaiifan346.88+36.50-18.5543.36(8) The Last of Us54.00%
^1928)ToadYoshi346.62+44.00-18.8143.33(8) The Last of Us61.50%
^229)Master Moltar346.08+41.00-19.3543.26(8) The Last of Us58.50%
^2430)Korayashi345.87+44.50-19.5643.23(8) The Last of Us62.00%
^531)transience345.62+41.50-19.8143.20(8) The Last of Us59.00%
^2732)Dranze345.37+44.50-20.0643.17(8) The Last of Us62.00%
v1833)WiggumFan267344.41+34.22-21.0243.05(8) The Last of Us51.72%
v3034)guffguy89344.04+27.50-21.3943.01(8) Halo 350.00%
v635)Articuno2001343.94+37.50-21.4942.99(8) The Last of Us55.00%
^636)mcflubbin343.75+40.90-21.6842.97(8) The Last of Us58.40%
^637)Dilated Chemist343.56+40.75-21.8742.95(8) The Last of Us58.25%
v438)Justin_Crossing343.06+38.80-22.3742.88(8) The Last of Us56.30%
^2239)firefdr342.78+42.50-22.6542.85(8) The Last of Us60.00%
v140)AxemRedRanger342.62+39.50-22.8142.83(8) The Last of Us57.00%
v341)kaonashi1342.48+39.10-22.9542.81(8) The Last of Us56.60%
v1042)ShatteredElysium342.38+37.50-23.0542.80(8) The Last of Us55.00%
^543)raytan7585341.70+39.24-23.7342.71(8) The Last of Us56.74%
v944)tennisboy213341.63+37.50-23.8042.70(8) The Last of Us55.00%
v1945)hylianknight3341.48+34.23-23.9542.69(8) The Last of Us51.73%
^546)POOTERSS341.38+39.50-24.0542.67(8) The Last of Us57.00%
^747)creativename340.87+39.50-24.5642.61(8) The Last of Us57.00%
v2048)IloveYoda340.70+33.93-24.7342.59(8) The Last of Us51.43%
^949)pirate109340.62+39.50-24.8142.58(8) The Last of Us57.00%
^1350)King Morgoth340.29+40.72-25.1442.54(8) The Last of Us58.22%
^1951)Yesmar340.20+44.15-25.2342.52(8) The Last of Us61.65%
v151)Jesse_Custer340.20+38.17-25.2342.52(8) The Last of Us55.67%
v1353)Seginustemple339.91+36.95-25.5242.49(8) The Last of Us54.45%
v553)Mac Arrowny339.91+37.45-25.5242.49(8) The Last of Us54.95%
^1355)junk_funk339.18+41.10-26.2542.40(8) The Last of Us58.60%
^1056)spooky96338.88+40.50-26.5542.36(8) The Last of Us58.00%
^557)Camden338.62+38.50-26.8142.33(8) The Last of Us56.00%
^658)XIII is cool338.14+38.63-27.2942.27(8) The Last of Us56.13%
v1359)LeonhartFour338.10+35.40-27.3342.26(8) The Last of Us52.90%
^960)Bane_Of_Despair338.03+40.83-27.4042.25(8) The Last of Us58.33%
^2261)BetrayedTangy338.02+44.86-27.4142.25(8) The Last of Us62.36%
v562)jacko_vdz337.86+36.58-27.5742.23(8) The Last of Us54.08%
^1963)Advokaiser337.76+44.48-27.6742.22(8) The Last of Us61.98%
v1964)Agent M337.55+34.75-27.8842.19(8) The Last of Us52.25%
^1165)linkhatesganon337.52+42.93-27.9142.19(8) The Last of Us60.43%
v1066)Yankees337.49+36.16-27.9442.19(8) The Last of Us53.66%
v767)pjbasis336.74+35.90-28.6942.09(8) The Last of Us53.40%
v1568)Steiner336.30+34.88-29.1342.04(8) The Last of Us52.38%
v469)mnkboy907336.10+37.40-29.3342.01(8) The Last of Us54.90%
v1870)t_kizzle335.36+33.63-30.0741.92(8) The Last of Us51.13%
^671)Xcarvenger334.78+40.50-30.6541.85(8) The Last of Us58.00%
v172)ZeldaTPLink334.52+38.62-30.9141.81(8) The Last of Us56.12%
^673)Kaxon333.62+39.50-31.8141.70(8) The Last of Us57.00%
v774)nkansas13332.62+34.50-32.8141.58(8) The Last of Us52.00%
^675)UltimaterializerX332.52+39.15-32.9141.56(8) The Last of Us56.65%
^1376)DatBooty332.41+41.50-33.0241.55(8) The Last of Us59.00%
v477)PeaceOut64332.12+37.00-33.3141.52(8) The Last of Us54.50%
-78)gitanil331.16+36.95-34.2741.40(8) The Last of Us54.45%
^579)blindhobo13330.48+37.70-34.9541.31(8) The Last of Us55.20%
^2480)KingBartz330.45+48.47-34.9841.31(8) The Last of Us65.97%
^981)Ringworm330.30+40.45-35.1341.29(8) The Last of Us57.95%
^682)Sir Chris330.24+39.27-35.1941.28(8) The Last of Us56.77%
v6783)Nintendoboy375330.20+20.20-35.2341.27(8) Halo 357.30%
v1284)The Real Truth330.18+34.65-35.2541.27(8) The Last of Us52.15%
v1185)Colegreen_c12329.72+34.83-35.7141.22(8) The Last of Us52.33%
v686)andylt329.42+35.50-36.0141.18(8) The Last of Us53.00%
^1087)Radix329.23+42.67-36.2041.15(8) The Last of Us60.17%
v1388)Lord Bob Bree329.02+34.40-36.4141.13(8) The Last of Us51.90%
v389)Blairville328.81+37.58-36.6241.10(8) The Last of Us55.08%
^1090)Z1mZum328.75+42.49-36.6841.09(8) The Last of Us59.99%
v491)Team Rocket Elite328.62+37.50-36.8141.08(8) The Last of Us55.00%
^392)Dr_Football328.59+41.32-36.8441.07(8) The Last of Us58.82%
v193)-Zelmor-327.72+38.80-37.7140.97(8) The Last of Us56.30%
^294)davidponte327.62+40.50-37.8140.95(8) The Last of Us58.00%
v1095)charmander6000327.58+35.72-37.8540.95(8) The Last of Us53.22%
^396)tazzyboyishere326.55+40.16-38.8840.82(8) The Last of Us57.66%
^597)swirldude325.63+43.34-39.8040.70(8) The Last of Us60.84%
v598)Heroic Viktor325.26+37.37-40.1740.66(8) The Last of Us54.87%
v599)Paratroopa1324.26+36.79-41.1740.53(8) The Last of Us54.29%
v2100)KleenexTissue50323.95+37.50-41.4840.49(8) The Last of Us55.00%
^8101)Shaduln323.70+47.60-41.7340.46(8) The Last of Us69.90%
^3102)paulg235323.25+41.36-42.1840.41(8) The Last of Us58.86%
v60103)Applekidjosh322.88+20.07-42.5540.36(8) Halo 357.43%
v13104)and now I dance322.50+32.80-42.9340.31(8) The Last of Us50.30%
^1105)OlDirtyNumbers322.12+40.25-43.3140.27(8) The Last of Us57.75%
^2106)SSBM_Guy321.13+41.26-44.3040.14(8) The Last of Us58.76%
-107)SuorGenoveffa319.89+38.17-45.5439.99(8) The Last of Us55.67%
v7108)Corrik319.17+34.67-46.2639.90(8) The Last of Us52.17%
^1109)neonreaper315.42+42.50-50.0139.43(8) The Last of Us60.00%
v7110)Ultimaphazon304.62+22.50-60.8138.08(8) Halo 355.00%
-111)5tarscream295.85+42.38-69.5836.98(8) The Last of Us59.88%
-112)MMXcalibur129.13+36.59-236.3043.04(3) The Last of Us54.09%