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Match #45 - Sonic the Hedgehog vs Vincent Valentine
Sonic the Hedgehog52.09%46.90Sonic the Hedgehog52.09%46.90
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVASonic the Hedgehog52.0249.93Sonic the Hedgehog51.7849.6999.62
2)JigglypuffSonic the Hedgehog52.0049.91Sonic the Hedgehog53.0049.0999.00
3)SPO*NSonic the Hedgehog53.0049.09Sonic the Hedgehog51.9949.9098.99
4)Klonoa AllianceSonic the Hedgehog52.2549.84Sonic the Hedgehog51.0548.9698.80
5)mvp'sSonic the Hedgehog53.0049.09Sonic the Hedgehog52.8349.2698.35
6)CoinflipSonic the Hedgehog52.7549.34Sonic the Hedgehog53.2448.8598.19
7)Predestined DivinationSonic the Hedgehog52.9549.14Sonic the Hedgehog51.1149.0298.16
7)The Spirit of TruthSonic the Hedgehog53.0049.09Sonic the Hedgehog53.0249.0798.16
9)Rage of WarcraftSonic the Hedgehog51.4349.34Sonic the Hedgehog53.5548.5497.88
10)The Council of TwoSonic the Hedgehog52.0149.92Sonic the Hedgehog54.2147.8897.80
11)RandomSonic the Hedgehog53.6148.48Sonic the Hedgehog51.3449.2597.73
12)JonflufflezSonic the Hedgehog53.1148.98Sonic the Hedgehog53.3748.7297.70
13)ObscuretempleSonic the Hedgehog52.4349.66Sonic the Hedgehog54.0748.0297.68
14)Drunkadelict ArmadillosSonic the Hedgehog52.7049.39Sonic the Hedgehog53.8248.2797.66
15)Unfinished FFPSonic the Hedgehog52.6049.49Sonic the Hedgehog54.2847.8197.30
16)Soda Chugging SoldiersSonic the Hedgehog52.7549.34Sonic the Hedgehog54.2847.8197.15
17)Battle RoyaleSonic the Hedgehog53.8148.28Sonic the Hedgehog50.8348.7497.02
18)Happy HappyistsSonic the Hedgehog53.5048.59Sonic the Hedgehog53.7548.3496.93
19)fast start before bombingSonic the Hedgehog51.0248.93Sonic the Hedgehog54.2547.8496.77
20)AwesomeSonic the Hedgehog51.9249.8396.73
21)Indie CredSonic the Hedgehog53.3548.74Sonic the Hedgehog54.1747.9296.66
22)We Used To Be Good?Sonic the Hedgehog53.3048.79Sonic the Hedgehog54.2347.8696.65
23)Robo Chocobo RemixSonic the Hedgehog52.3649.7396.63
24)FibonacciSonic the Hedgehog53.1048.99Sonic the Hedgehog54.5947.5096.49
25)FastdudeSonic the Hedgehog53.0349.0695.96
26)Late SignupSonic the Hedgehog53.3548.7495.64
27)Romanian Potato SoupSonic the Hedgehog54.4347.66Sonic the Hedgehog54.4147.6895.34
28)th3 BobSonic the Hedgehog53.9248.17Sonic the Hedgehog55.0047.0995.26
29)DartboardSonic the Hedgehog50.1048.01Sonic the Hedgehog55.1346.9694.97
30)AAASonic the Hedgehog53.9048.19Sonic the Hedgehog55.6346.4694.65
31)Lions on a PlaneSonic the Hedgehog54.6347.4694.36
32)AccidentSonic the Hedgehog54.7847.3194.21
33)Go Go Gadget Copter!Sonic the Hedgehog52.9949.10Sonic the Hedgehog57.5544.5493.64
34)I'm Out Of IdeasSonic the Hedgehog55.3946.7093.40
35)BartarSonic the Hedgehog53.2748.82Sonic the Hedgehog57.7644.3393.15
36)CoincidenceSonic the Hedgehog52.9049.19Sonic the Hedgehog58.2943.8092.99
37)The ReturnersSonic the Hedgehog51.9149.82Vincent Valentine50.0142.9092.72
38)We Have Four Perfect Oracle Predictions CombinedVincent Valentine50.0542.86Sonic the Hedgehog53.7548.3491.20
39)DierollSonic the Hedgehog51.5149.42Sonic the Hedgehog63.0039.0988.51
40)RocketVincent Valentine54.2838.63Sonic the Hedgehog52.5449.5588.18
41)FlukeSonic the Hedgehog61.8740.22Sonic the Hedgehog54.3047.7988.01
42)hot and steamyVincent Valentine50.0142.9085.80
43)Really Late SignupSonic the Hedgehog53.3548.74Sonic the Hedgehog71.0331.0679.80
44)Shemale ShantyVincent Valentine50.9541.96Sonic the Hedgehog67.0435.0577.01
45)I'll Be Here The Whole TimeSonic the Hedgehog53.9648.13Sonic the Hedgehog76.3225.7773.90