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Match #12 - Secret of Mana vs Sonic the Hedgehog 2 vs Mortal Kombat II vs Shining Force II
Result : Secret of Mana26.08%Sonic 237.32%Mortal Kombat II30.10%Shining Force 26.49%45.64
1)blindhobo13Secret of Mana25.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 27.00%49.41
2)King MorgothSecret of Mana25.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 26.00%49.16
3)kaonashi1Secret of Mana27.19%Sonic 237.10%Mortal Kombat II28.40%Shining Force 27.31%49.04
4)kawaiifanSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II31.00%Shining Force 28.00%48.46
5)Agent MSecret of Mana27.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II27.00%Shining Force 28.00%48.45
6)Leebo86Secret of Mana23.40%Sonic 236.89%Mortal Kombat II30.54%Shining Force 29.17%48.44
7)Chaotic MindSecret of Mana23.09%Sonic 240.15%Mortal Kombat II30.50%Shining Force 26.26%48.39
8)RPGuy96Secret of Mana25.43%Sonic 240.38%Mortal Kombat II27.13%Shining Force 27.07%48.19
9)DranzeSecret of Mana25.00%Sonic 241.00%Mortal Kombat II28.00%Shining Force 26.00%48.16
10)LagoonaSecret of Mana22.00%Sonic 240.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 28.00%47.91
11)meche313Secret of Mana21.50%Sonic 238.50%Mortal Kombat II33.00%Shining Force 27.00%47.71
11)_Harmonica_Secret of Mana22.00%Sonic 240.00%Mortal Kombat II32.00%Shining Force 26.00%47.71
13)KaxonSecret of Mana29.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II27.00%Shining Force 25.00%47.70
14)Alanna82Secret of Mana20.00%Sonic 235.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 25.00%47.50
15)jonthomsonSecret of Mana27.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II25.00%Shining Force 29.00%47.45
15)Lieutenant KettchSecret of Mana27.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II25.00%Shining Force 29.00%47.45
17)XuxonSecret of Mana24.00%Sonic 242.50%Mortal Kombat II27.00%Shining Force 26.50%47.41
17)Justin_CrossingSecret of Mana21.50%Sonic 242.00%Mortal Kombat II29.50%Shining Force 27.00%47.41
19)TomoyoSecret of Mana22.20%Sonic 242.20%Mortal Kombat II30.60%Shining Force 25.00%47.31
20)Luster SoldierSecret of Mana20.83%Sonic 242.18%Mortal Kombat II29.90%Shining Force 27.09%47.27
21)Big BobSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 235.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 212.00%47.25
22)Team Rocket EliteSecret of Mana20.50%Sonic 242.00%Mortal Kombat II30.50%Shining Force 27.00%47.21
23)MajinZidaneSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 243.00%Mortal Kombat II27.50%Shining Force 26.50%47.16
24)GaddswellSecret of Mana20.28%Sonic 238.94%Mortal Kombat II33.16%Shining Force 27.62%47.10
25)th3l3ftySecret of Mana20.02%Sonic 239.93%Mortal Kombat II32.10%Shining Force 27.95%46.97
26)YesmarSecret of Mana20.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II34.00%Shining Force 28.00%46.96
27)SalientSecret of Mana19.99%Sonic 240.76%Mortal Kombat II32.03%Shining Force 27.22%46.95
27)KingBartzSecret of Mana25.11%Sonic 239.54%Mortal Kombat II24.97%Shining Force 210.38%46.95
29)Ngamer64Secret of Mana19.97%Sonic 241.71%Mortal Kombat II31.07%Shining Force 27.25%46.94
30)Dilated ChemistSecret of Mana20.00%Sonic 241.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 29.00%46.91
30)RedtoothSecret of Mana20.00%Sonic 240.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 210.00%46.91
30)neonreaperSecret of Mana25.00%Sonic 240.00%Mortal Kombat II25.00%Shining Force 210.00%46.91
33)charmander6000Secret of Mana22.52%Sonic 242.64%Mortal Kombat II27.42%Shining Force 27.42%46.88
34)paulg235Secret of Mana21.10%Sonic 243.80%Mortal Kombat II29.70%Shining Force 25.40%46.76
35)creativenameSecret of Mana19.50%Sonic 241.50%Mortal Kombat II31.00%Shining Force 28.00%46.71
36)XeyboznSecret of Mana21.00%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II29.00%Shining Force 26.00%46.66
37)Janus5000Secret of Mana19.35%Sonic 240.15%Mortal Kombat II31.25%Shining Force 29.25%46.63
38)StopPokingMeSecret of Mana19.25%Sonic 241.71%Mortal Kombat II31.70%Shining Force 27.34%46.58
39)PeaceOut64Secret of Mana19.20%Sonic 240.70%Mortal Kombat II32.70%Shining Force 27.40%46.56
40)oneills1Secret of Mana19.05%Sonic 242.55%Mortal Kombat II30.65%Shining Force 27.75%46.48
41)GoldSlime35Secret of Mana19.00%Sonic 242.00%Mortal Kombat II32.00%Shining Force 27.00%46.46
41)raytan7585Secret of Mana19.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II36.00%Shining Force 27.00%46.46
41)LeonhartFourSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 233.33%Mortal Kombat II34.21%Shining Force 29.46%46.46
44)red sox 777Secret of Mana25.00%Sonic 241.00%Mortal Kombat II24.00%Shining Force 210.00%46.41
44)ActJef1077Secret of Mana19.00%Sonic 243.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 28.00%46.41
46)CamdenSecret of Mana18.50%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II30.50%Shining Force 27.00%46.21
46)XcarvengerSecret of Mana18.50%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II31.00%Shining Force 26.50%46.21
48)GrapefruitKingSecret of Mana19.06%Sonic 243.40%Mortal Kombat II29.49%Shining Force 28.05%46.18
49)DSRageSecret of Mana18.00%Sonic 244.50%Mortal Kombat II30.50%Shining Force 27.00%45.96
49)linkhatesganonSecret of Mana18.00%Sonic 242.00%Mortal Kombat II33.00%Shining Force 27.00%45.96
51)IubarisSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II25.00%Shining Force 213.00%45.91
52)Heroic ViktorSecret of Mana20.00%Sonic 235.00%Mortal Kombat II30.00%Shining Force 215.00%45.75
53)Menji76Secret of Mana18.00%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II32.00%Shining Force 26.00%45.71
54)BeTheManSecret of Mana17.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II35.00%Shining Force 29.00%45.46
54)Master MoltarSecret of Mana17.70%Sonic 245.70%Mortal Kombat II29.40%Shining Force 27.20%45.46
54)Weird Kirby Dude11Secret of Mana17.00%Sonic 241.00%Mortal Kombat II35.00%Shining Force 27.00%45.46
57)yoblazer33Secret of Mana20.00%Sonic 245.00%Mortal Kombat II27.00%Shining Force 28.00%45.41
58)HSGF_2Secret of Mana16.87%Sonic 238.66%Mortal Kombat II30.21%Shining Force 214.26%45.39
59)Sk0rne3000Secret of Mana17.06%Sonic 245.16%Mortal Kombat II29.82%Shining Force 27.96%45.35
60)Megaman703Secret of Mana18.16%Sonic 245.22%Mortal Kombat II28.71%Shining Force 27.91%45.34
61)expaniolSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 237.00%Mortal Kombat II24.00%Shining Force 216.00%45.25
62)ShatteredElysiumSecret of Mana16.50%Sonic 243.50%Mortal Kombat II32.50%Shining Force 27.50%45.21
62)andyltSecret of Mana16.50%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II32.00%Shining Force 27.50%45.21
64)nintendogirl1Secret of Mana16.30%Sonic 244.20%Mortal Kombat II32.37%Shining Force 27.13%45.11
65)KleenexTissue50Secret of Mana24.63%Sonic 247.15%Mortal Kombat II23.11%Shining Force 25.11%45.09
65)yazzy14Secret of Mana18.65%Sonic 246.18%Mortal Kombat II27.72%Shining Force 27.45%45.09
67)Jmast7Secret of Mana16.20%Sonic 237.60%Mortal Kombat II38.80%Shining Force 27.40%45.06
68)cykoSecret of Mana16.00%Sonic 245.00%Mortal Kombat II31.00%Shining Force 28.00%44.96
68)and now I danceSecret of Mana16.00%Sonic 239.00%Mortal Kombat II33.00%Shining Force 212.00%44.96
70)Metal GoombaSecret of Mana19.18%Sonic 246.19%Mortal Kombat II26.43%Shining Force 28.20%44.71
71)supdawgSecret of Mana15.46%Sonic 242.45%Mortal Kombat II34.54%Shining Force 27.55%44.69
72)RPGLord95Secret of Mana15.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II34.00%Shining Force 213.00%44.46
73)amyvitality66Secret of Mana18.50%Sonic 248.50%Mortal Kombat II28.00%Shining Force 25.00%44.41
73)SFF_potentialSecret of Mana23.00%Sonic 238.00%Mortal Kombat II22.00%Shining Force 217.00%44.41
75)Sephirot1 ReturnsSecret of Mana15.26%Sonic 236.90%Mortal Kombat II34.11%Shining Force 213.73%44.38
76)RadixSecret of Mana15.11%Sonic 243.11%Mortal Kombat II35.92%Shining Force 25.86%44.20
77)AyvuirSecret of Mana14.00%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II26.00%Shining Force 26.00%44.16
78)VladoSecret of Mana16.31%Sonic 246.36%Mortal Kombat II32.77%Shining Force 24.56%44.15
79)transienceSecret of Mana16.00%Sonic 249.00%Mortal Kombat II28.00%Shining Force 27.00%43.91
80)LopenSecret of Mana13.33%Sonic 245.33%Mortal Kombat II34.33%Shining Force 27.01%43.62
81)WiggumFan267Secret of Mana14.08%Sonic 247.69%Mortal Kombat II28.69%Shining Force 28.54%43.54
82)Z1mZumSecret of Mana13.00%Sonic 245.00%Mortal Kombat II35.00%Shining Force 27.00%43.46
82)yoshifan823Secret of Mana13.00%Sonic 244.00%Mortal Kombat II35.00%Shining Force 28.00%43.46
82)BrettEaglesSecret of Mana13.00%Sonic 241.00%Mortal Kombat II35.00%Shining Force 211.00%43.46
85)tazzyboyishereSecret of Mana18.34%Sonic 240.07%Mortal Kombat II22.98%Shining Force 218.61%42.57
86)Ness26Secret of Mana14.00%Sonic 249.00%Mortal Kombat II27.00%Shining Force 210.00%42.41
87)RustyMrMokkaSecret of Mana28.79%Sonic 230.98%Mortal Kombat II20.75%Shining Force 219.48%42.15
88)YonexSecret of Mana18.00%Sonic 247.00%Mortal Kombat II22.00%Shining Force 213.00%41.91
89)Ed BellisSecret of Mana13.66%Sonic 255.25%Mortal Kombat II25.90%Shining Force 25.19%41.04
90)RingwormSecret of Mana10.00%Sonic 252.00%Mortal Kombat II23.00%Shining Force 215.00%38.41
91)RappinHobo9292Secret of Mana10.00%Sonic 260.00%Mortal Kombat II20.00%Shining Force 27.00%37.66
92)IhatethisCPUSecret of Mana4.00%Sonic 277.00%Mortal Kombat II15.00%Shining Force 24.00%30.16