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Match #63 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past vs Final Fantasy VII vs The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs Final Fantasy X
Result : Zelda: LttP11.84%FF VII36.75%Zelda: OoT40.39%FF X11.02%46.82
1)kaonashi1Zelda: LttP11.94%FF VII38.37%Zelda: OoT37.84%FF X11.85%48.73
2)LeonhartFourZelda: LttP12.23%FF VII37.77%Zelda: OoT37.76%FF X12.24%48.69
3)Ngamer64Zelda: LttP14.00%FF VII37.00%Zelda: OoT37.50%FF X11.50%48.56
4)StopPokingMeZelda: LttP11.09%FF VII37.83%Zelda: OoT38.19%FF X12.89%48.53
5)XcarvengerZelda: LttP11.16%FF VII39.77%Zelda: OoT37.97%FF X11.10%48.45
6)CamdenZelda: LttP13.00%FF VII37.50%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X12.50%48.31
6)creativenameZelda: LttP13.50%FF VII37.50%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X12.00%48.31
6)meche313Zelda: LttP13.00%FF VII37.00%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X13.00%48.31
6)DSRageZelda: LttP12.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X13.00%48.31
6)blindhobo13Zelda: LttP13.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X12.00%48.31
11)yoblazer33Zelda: LttP15.00%FF VII37.00%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X11.00%48.30
12)Team Rocket EliteZelda: LttP14.50%FF VII36.50%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X12.00%48.18
13)PeaceOut64Zelda: LttP14.40%FF VII37.80%Zelda: OoT36.70%FF X11.10%48.16
14)supdawgZelda: LttP10.37%FF VII40.58%Zelda: OoT40.26%FF X8.79%48.09
15)th3l3ftyZelda: LttP13.64%FF VII36.53%Zelda: OoT36.54%FF X13.29%47.97
16)RPGuy96Zelda: LttP15.50%FF VII36.00%Zelda: OoT37.00%FF X11.50%47.93
16)Jmast7Zelda: LttP14.00%FF VII34.00%Zelda: OoT39.00%FF X13.00%47.93
18)kawaiifanZelda: LttP13.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X13.00%47.81
18)LagoonaZelda: LttP12.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X14.00%47.81
18)Master MoltarZelda: LttP14.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X12.00%47.81
18)GoldSlime35Zelda: LttP13.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X13.00%47.81
18)HeroicLurkerZelda: LttP12.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X14.00%47.81
23)cykoZelda: LttP14.00%FF VII39.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X11.00%47.80
24)KleenexTissue50Zelda: LttP12.97%FF VII36.09%Zelda: OoT36.41%FF X14.53%47.68
25)neonreaperZelda: LttP13.70%FF VII37.00%Zelda: OoT35.60%FF X13.70%47.61
26)Luster SoldierZelda: LttP13.99%FF VII37.56%Zelda: OoT35.46%FF X12.99%47.54
27)SalientZelda: LttP13.96%FF VII37.76%Zelda: OoT35.31%FF X12.96%47.46
28)Weird Kirby Dude11Zelda: LttP15.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT35.00%FF X12.00%47.31
28)Agent MZelda: LttP12.50%FF VII40.00%Zelda: OoT35.00%FF X12.50%47.31
28)XeyboznZelda: LttP15.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT35.00%FF X12.00%47.31
31)Metal GoombaZelda: LttP14.14%FF VII36.11%Zelda: OoT35.59%FF X14.16%47.28
32)GaddswellZelda: LttP14.54%FF VII38.77%Zelda: OoT34.81%FF X11.88%47.21
33)paulg235Zelda: LttP11.80%FF VII35.30%Zelda: OoT36.10%FF X16.60%47.16
34)charmander6000Zelda: LttP13.83%FF VII40.62%Zelda: OoT35.82%FF X9.73%47.07
35)franmarsZelda: LttP13.00%FF VII35.00%Zelda: OoT36.00%FF X16.00%46.93
35)XuxonZelda: LttP15.00%FF VII36.00%Zelda: OoT35.00%FF X14.00%46.93
37)Dilated ChemistZelda: LttP15.00%FF VII37.00%Zelda: OoT34.00%FF X14.00%46.81
37)transienceZelda: LttP15.00%FF VII38.00%Zelda: OoT34.00%FF X13.00%46.81
39)andyltZelda: LttP15.50%FF VII36.00%Zelda: OoT34.50%FF X14.00%46.68
40)Justin_CrossingZelda: LttP16.00%FF VII36.00%Zelda: OoT34.00%FF X14.00%46.43
41)RockMFR 5Zelda: LttP17.00%FF VII37.00%Zelda: OoT33.00%FF X13.00%46.31
42)red sox 777Zelda: LttP17.00%FF VII39.00%Zelda: OoT34.00%FF X10.00%46.30
42)CokesZelda: LttP14.98%FF VII35.26%Zelda: OoT34.98%FF X15.78%46.30
44)Sk0rne3000Zelda: LttP19.20%FF VII36.99%Zelda: OoT33.41%FF X10.40%46.20
45)YesmarZelda: LttP19.24%FF VII33.97%Zelda: OoT35.22%FF X11.57%46.03
46)Chaotic MindZelda: LttP16.00%FF VII35.00%Zelda: OoT34.00%FF X15.00%45.93
47)BeTheManZelda: LttP17.50%FF VII35.75%Zelda: OoT32.75%FF X14.00%45.68
48)espio4000Zelda: LttP12.91%FF VII32.47%Zelda: OoT35.73%FF X18.89%45.53
49)Janus5000Zelda: LttP17.44%FF VII36.11%Zelda: OoT32.00%FF X14.45%45.49
50)RadixZelda: LttP14.23%FF VII33.76%Zelda: OoT34.13%FF X17.88%45.38
51)DranzeZelda: LttP18.00%FF VII35.00%Zelda: OoT32.50%FF X14.50%45.18
52)GrapefruitKingZelda: LttP14.10%FF VII37.50%Zelda: OoT30.60%FF X17.80%45.11
53)KaxonZelda: LttP19.00%FF VII34.00%Zelda: OoT33.00%FF X14.00%44.93
53)IubarisZelda: LttP17.00%FF VII35.00%Zelda: OoT32.00%FF X16.00%44.93
55)Alanna82Zelda: LttP20.00%FF VII35.00%Zelda: OoT30.00%FF X15.00%43.93
56)RingwormZelda: LttP18.00%FF VII30.00%Zelda: OoT34.00%FF X18.00%43.43
57)oneills1Zelda: LttP19.60%FF VII31.25%Zelda: OoT32.65%FF X16.50%43.38
58)Menji76Zelda: LttP21.00%FF VII34.00%Zelda: OoT33.00%FF X22.00%42.43
59)KingBartzZelda: LttP15.00%FF VII30.00%Zelda: OoT28.00%FF X27.00%40.43