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Match #1 - Mario vs. Bowser vs Earthworm Jim vs. Queen Slug-for-a-Butt
Mario vs. Bowser85.36%47.24Mario vs. Bowser85.36%47.24
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)VoldemortMario vs. Bowser85.6049.76Mario vs. Bowser85.7349.6399.39
2)Screaming Great Crustacean Who Collects BloodMario vs. Bowser85.3249.96Mario vs. Bowser84.4149.0599.01
3)King Charisma who Was Destined to be a ChefMario vs. Bowser85.6749.69Mario vs. Bowser86.2949.0798.76
4)KirbyMario vs. Bowser85.0049.64Mario vs. Bowser84.1548.7998.43
5)Palace of WisdomMario vs. Bowser84.0048.64Mario vs. Bowser86.2149.1597.79
6)Heisenbartz and Captain CokesMario vs. Bowser85.4349.93Mario vs. Bowser83.1447.7897.71
7)Benevolent Grand Empress with a Mind of TurquoiseMario vs. Bowser85.0149.65Mario vs. Bowser82.9847.6297.27
8)Advokacy BasisMario vs. Bowser83.3347.97Mario vs. Bowser86.2349.1397.10
9)Indigo Falsehood of Authority and SilenceMario vs. Bowser82.1946.83Mario vs. Bowser85.4049.9696.79
10)Terra-ficMario vs. Bowser85.4449.92Mario vs. Bowser82.2246.8696.78
11)Vicious Illuminated MarquisMario vs. Bowser83.0047.64Mario vs. Bowser84.2148.8596.49
12)Happy HappyistsMario vs. Bowser85.0049.64Mario vs. Bowser82.1246.7696.40
13)Ara-BroMario vs. Bowser82.1146.75Mario vs. Bowser85.0049.6496.39
14)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVAMario vs. Bowser86.3449.02Mario vs. Bowser82.6747.3196.33
14)BOTS R HOTSMario vs. Bowser87.0048.36Mario vs. Bowser83.3347.9796.33
16)21 Or was it 22?Mario vs. Bowser83.5548.19Mario vs. Bowser83.3848.0296.21
17)Ice CreamMario vs. Bowser82.2146.85Mario vs. Bowser84.7049.3496.19
18)Predestined DivinationMario vs. Bowser85.0049.64Mario vs. Bowser81.8346.4796.11
19)Predix ShunnedMario vs. Bowser83.1047.74Mario vs. Bowser83.6048.2495.98
20)Sultan Agility Draped in the Coat of Ghastly WordsMario vs. Bowser84.2348.87Mario vs. Bowser82.2846.9295.79
21)Knockin' on Victory's DoorMario vs. Bowser86.3948.97Mario vs. Bowser82.1746.8195.78
22)Zoisite of the Bloody CanyonMario vs. Bowser80.9245.56Mario vs. Bowser85.0049.6495.20
23)Otaku Neckbeard Keyboard WarriorsMario vs. Bowser80.8045.44Mario vs. Bowser85.0049.6495.08
24)Konata x KagamiMario vs. Bowser84.5049.14Mario vs. Bowser81.2345.8795.01
25)Golden Ambassador That Plans in the Great OssuaryMario vs. Bowser87.8847.48Mario vs. Bowser88.0047.3694.84
26)Leonhart is DeadMario vs. Bowser86.4748.89Mario vs. Bowser90.0945.2794.16
27)Rocksteadily UnsteadyMario vs. Bowser84.0048.64Mario vs. Bowser80.7245.3694.00
28)Forbidden Bodhisattva of StrengthMario vs. Bowser82.7547.39Mario vs. Bowser81.9346.5793.96
29)Necklace of Carnage with Insurmountable LabyrinthMario vs. Bowser82.3446.98Mario vs. Bowser82.3146.9593.93
30)Slaughter of the Crystal SepulcherMario vs. Bowser80.2544.89Mario vs. Bowser83.7148.3593.24
31)RAWRMario vs. Bowser86.1249.24Mario vs. Bowser79.0043.6492.88
32)Philosopher with Lips of Nephrite and Ice StilettoMario vs. Bowser81.3045.9491.88
33)Menjiana Jones and The Last GrapefruitMario vs. Bowser79.3644.00Mario vs. Bowser83.1047.7491.74
34)AurochsMario vs. Bowser81.5646.20Mario vs. Bowser80.5045.1491.34
35)Blasphemous Dancer of Dexterity and WaterMario vs. Bowser80.0044.64Mario vs. Bowser81.9846.6291.26
36)British AllianceMario vs. Bowser81.1645.80Mario vs. Bowser80.2144.8590.65
37)T-REXMario vs. Bowser81.0045.64Mario vs. Bowser78.6543.2988.93
38)Hitler on the RoofMario vs. Bowser82.3046.94Mario vs. Bowser77.0941.7388.67
39)SUMADARTSONMario vs. Bowser80.3645.00Mario vs. Bowser78.0042.6487.64