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Match #6 - Guybrush Threepwood vs. LeChuck vs Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh
Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh64.24%43.44Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh64.24%43.44
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)Knockin' on Victory's DoorBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh63.4549.21Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh64.3149.9399.14
2)21 Or was it 22?Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh64.6449.60Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh61.1246.8896.48
3)Hitler on the RoofBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.2047.96Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.7348.4996.45
4)Forbidden Bodhisattva of StrengthBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.0447.80Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh61.4347.1994.99
5)Leonhart is DeadBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh67.7646.48Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.2548.0194.49
6)Predix ShunnedBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.6445.40Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.3048.0693.46
7)Ara-BroBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.4244.18Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh65.0049.2493.42
8)Happy HappyistsBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.0047.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.4445.2092.96
9)Benevolent Grand Empress with a Mind of TurquoiseBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh63.2148.97Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.0843.8492.81
10)Konata x KagamiBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.5045.26Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh61.1146.8792.13
11)Vicious Illuminated MarquisBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh61.0046.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.2044.9691.72
12)Sultan Agility Draped in the Coat of Ghastly WordsBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh63.4149.17Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh56.6542.4191.58
13)Palace of WisdomBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.0042.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.1147.8790.63
14)T-REXBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.0043.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh60.5546.3190.07
15)Ice CreamBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.0444.80Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.5045.2690.06
16)Zoisite of the Bloody CanyonBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh62.3548.11Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh55.8941.6589.76
17)Indigo Falsehood of Authority and SilenceBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh66.2747.97Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh55.7741.5389.50
18)Predestined DivinationBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.0043.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.2144.9788.73
19)Philosopher with Lips of Nephrite and Ice StilettoBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.7044.4687.90
20)SUMADARTSONBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.9945.75Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh56.0041.7687.51
21)BOTS R HOTSBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh54.0039.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh61.7747.5387.29
21)Necklace of Carnage with Insurmountable LabyrinthBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.3544.11Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.4243.1887.29
23)Blasphemous Dancer of Dexterity and WaterBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh53.0038.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh66.0548.1986.95
24)Advokacy BasisBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh56.1141.87Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.7644.5286.39
25)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVABartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.4445.20Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh55.2340.9986.19
26)King Charisma who Was Destined to be a ChefBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh56.6642.42Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.0043.7686.18
27)Screaming Great Crustacean Who Collects BloodBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh54.1139.87Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh59.6045.3685.23
28)Menjiana Jones and The Last GrapefruitBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.1242.88Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh56.4742.2385.11
29)VoldemortBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.3043.06Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh56.2842.0485.10
30)Terra-ficBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh60.6546.41Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh52.1337.8984.30
31)KirbyBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh55.0040.76Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.4843.2484.00
32)Heisenbartz and Captain CokesBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.3244.08Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh53.5839.3483.42
33)Slaughter of the Crystal SepulcherBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh53.9539.71Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.4143.1782.88
34)AurochsBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh58.5044.26Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh51.2036.9681.22
35)RAWRBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh50.1535.91Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh55.5541.3177.22
36)Otaku Neckbeard Keyboard WarriorsBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh53.4039.16Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh51.5037.2676.42
37)British AllianceBartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh57.1342.89Guybrush Threepwood vs. LeChuck51.0129.7572.64
38)Golden Ambassador That Plans in the Great OssuaryGuybrush Threepwood vs. LeChuck51.6629.10Bartz Klauser vs. Gilgamesh55.0040.7669.86
39)Rocksteadily UnsteadyGuybrush Threepwood vs. LeChuck50.5030.26Guybrush Threepwood vs. LeChuck50.8329.9360.19