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Match #3 - Kirby vs. Meta Knight vs Jill Valentine vs. Nemesis
Kirby vs. Meta Knight58.47%46.87Kirby vs. Meta Knight58.47%46.87
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)Heisenbartz and Captain CokesKirby vs. Meta Knight58.9049.57Kirby vs. Meta Knight58.8449.6399.20
2)Hitler on the RoofKirby vs. Meta Knight57.8049.33Kirby vs. Meta Knight59.4249.0598.38
3)Konata x KagamiKirby vs. Meta Knight58.9049.57Kirby vs. Meta Knight60.0048.4798.04
4)Happy HappyistsKirby vs. Meta Knight57.0048.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight57.4548.9897.51
5)Menjiana Jones and The Last GrapefruitKirby vs. Meta Knight56.0547.58Kirby vs. Meta Knight58.3149.8497.42
6)Advokacy BasisKirby vs. Meta Knight59.1249.35Kirby vs. Meta Knight60.5347.9497.29
7)Screaming Great Crustacean Who Collects BloodKirby vs. Meta Knight57.3548.88Kirby vs. Meta Knight56.7548.2897.16
8)Blasphemous Dancer of Dexterity and WaterKirby vs. Meta Knight58.0049.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight61.0047.4797.00
9)Necklace of Carnage with Insurmountable LabyrinthKirby vs. Meta Knight55.6647.19Kirby vs. Meta Knight58.7649.7196.90
10)Ice CreamKirby vs. Meta Knight57.4148.94Kirby vs. Meta Knight56.4047.9396.87
11)T-REXKirby vs. Meta Knight56.0047.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight57.5149.0496.57
12)21 Or was it 22?Kirby vs. Meta Knight56.2847.81Kirby vs. Meta Knight59.7648.7196.52
13)Benevolent Grand Empress with a Mind of TurquoiseKirby vs. Meta Knight57.5749.10Kirby vs. Meta Knight55.5647.0996.19
14)Vicious Illuminated MarquisKirby vs. Meta Knight56.9348.4695.33
15)RAWRKirby vs. Meta Knight60.5047.97Kirby vs. Meta Knight55.6647.1995.16
16)KirbyKirby vs. Meta Knight55.0046.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight57.0648.5995.12
17)Predix ShunnedKirby vs. Meta Knight53.4845.01Kirby vs. Meta Knight58.7849.6994.70
18)Predestined DivinationKirby vs. Meta Knight57.0048.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight54.5746.1094.63
19)King Charisma who Was Destined to be a ChefKirby vs. Meta Knight54.2145.74Kirby vs. Meta Knight57.1848.7194.45
20)VoldemortKirby vs. Meta Knight56.3047.83Kirby vs. Meta Knight55.0646.5994.42
21)Sultan Agility Draped in the Coat of Ghastly WordsKirby vs. Meta Knight55.5647.09Kirby vs. Meta Knight55.5547.0894.17
22)Ara-BroKirby vs. Meta Knight59.1849.29Kirby vs. Meta Knight53.0044.5393.82
23)Indigo Falsehood of Authority and SilenceKirby vs. Meta Knight64.8243.65Kirby vs. Meta Knight57.8849.4193.06
24)Knockin' on Victory's DoorKirby vs. Meta Knight53.4244.95Kirby vs. Meta Knight56.4547.9892.93
25)Slaughter of the Crystal SepulcherKirby vs. Meta Knight54.5046.03Kirby vs. Meta Knight55.2546.7892.81
26)Leonhart is DeadKirby vs. Meta Knight59.3449.13Kirby vs. Meta Knight51.7543.2892.41
27)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVAKirby vs. Meta Knight56.4347.96Kirby vs. Meta Knight64.2244.2592.21
28)AurochsKirby vs. Meta Knight55.8547.38Kirby vs. Meta Knight53.1044.6392.01
29)Zoisite of the Bloody CanyonKirby vs. Meta Knight56.8148.34Kirby vs. Meta Knight65.0043.4791.81
30)Palace of WisdomKirby vs. Meta Knight54.0045.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight53.8945.4290.95
31)Philosopher with Lips of Nephrite and Ice StilettoKirby vs. Meta Knight53.8045.3390.66
32)British AllianceKirby vs. Meta Knight53.0044.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight62.4346.0490.57
33)BOTS R HOTSKirby vs. Meta Knight64.0044.47Kirby vs. Meta Knight54.4545.9890.45
34)Forbidden Bodhisattva of StrengthKirby vs. Meta Knight53.8745.40Kirby vs. Meta Knight53.2444.7790.17
35)Otaku Neckbeard Keyboard WarriorsKirby vs. Meta Knight51.1042.63Kirby vs. Meta Knight56.0047.5390.16
36)Terra-ficKirby vs. Meta Knight50.4541.98Kirby vs. Meta Knight54.3445.8787.85
37)Rocksteadily UnsteadyKirby vs. Meta Knight53.0044.53Kirby vs. Meta Knight65.8042.6787.20
38)SUMADARTSONKirby vs. Meta Knight52.0043.53Jill Valentine vs. Nemesis50.2536.2879.81
39)Golden Ambassador That Plans in the Great OssuaryKirby vs. Meta Knight52.5544.08Jill Valentine vs. Nemesis51.0035.5379.61