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Match #36 - Donkey Kong vs. King K. Rool vs Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion
Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion64.48%45.35Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion64.48%45.35
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)Ice CreamSub-Zero vs. Scorpion63.6349.15Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion66.3048.1897.33
2)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVASub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.3347.15Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion64.7849.7096.85
3)KirbySub-Zero vs. Scorpion65.0049.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.5846.9096.38
3)Ara-BroSub-Zero vs. Scorpion64.5849.90Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.0046.4896.38
5)King Charisma who Was Destined to be a ChefSub-Zero vs. Scorpion65.0049.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.0146.4795.95
6)Advokacy BasisSub-Zero vs. Scorpion62.1947.71Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion66.7347.7595.46
7)Palace of WisdomSub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.0047.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.4647.0294.50
8)British AllianceSub-Zero vs. Scorpion63.0048.52Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion60.0945.6194.13
9)Predestined DivinationSub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.1645.32Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion65.6948.7994.11
10)Rocksteadily UnsteadySub-Zero vs. Scorpion62.0047.52Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion60.5146.0393.55
11)Vicious Illuminated MarquisSub-Zero vs. Scorpion71.0043.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion64.9749.5192.99
12)Screaming Great Crustacean Who Collects BloodSub-Zero vs. Scorpion62.5348.05Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.6944.7992.84
13)Indigo Falsehood of Authority and SilenceSub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.1747.31Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.0045.4892.79
14)Golden Ambassador That Plans in the Great OssuarySub-Zero vs. Scorpion71.2543.23Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion65.0049.4892.71
15)Blasphemous Dancer of Dexterity and WaterSub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.0044.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion62.6148.1392.61
16)Zoisite of the Bloody CanyonSub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.2446.24Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.2746.2192.45
17)Happy HappyistsSub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.0046.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.0045.4891.96
18)Konata x KagamiSub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.3046.1891.53
19)21 Or was it 22?Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.0544.43Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.6746.8191.24
20)T-REXSub-Zero vs. Scorpion66.0048.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion72.5041.9890.46
21)Slaughter of the Crystal SepulcherSub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.0044.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.6945.7990.27
22)Benevolent Grand Empress with a Mind of TurquoiseSub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.9644.52Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.0945.3989.91
23)Predix ShunnedSub-Zero vs. Scorpion60.8846.40Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion71.0243.4689.86
23)Terra-ficSub-Zero vs. Scorpion67.7646.72Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion71.3443.1489.86
25)Heisenbartz and Captain CokesSub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.4444.04Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion60.0645.5889.62
26)Sultan Agility Draped in the Coat of Ghastly WordsSub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.8243.66Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.8645.6289.28
27)Menjiana Jones and The Last GrapefruitSub-Zero vs. Scorpion72.0242.46Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.4446.0488.50
28)Knockin' on Victory's DoorSub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.5043.9887.96
29)Necklace of Carnage with Insurmountable LabyrinthSub-Zero vs. Scorpion62.4147.93Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion74.5139.9787.90
30)AurochsSub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.2546.23Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion73.3341.1587.38
31)Forbidden Bodhisattva of StrengthSub-Zero vs. Scorpion71.5342.95Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion71.0143.4786.42
32)VoldemortSub-Zero vs. Scorpion68.6045.88Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion74.0440.4486.32
33)Leonhart is DeadSub-Zero vs. Scorpion70.4444.04Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion72.2742.2186.25
34)BOTS R HOTSSub-Zero vs. Scorpion74.4240.06Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion69.9444.5484.60
35)SUMADARTSONSub-Zero vs. Scorpion80.0034.48Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion64.0049.5284.00
36)RAWRSub-Zero vs. Scorpion55.5541.0782.14
37)Hitler on the RoofSub-Zero vs. Scorpion73.1041.38Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion74.1940.2981.67