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Match #24 - Frog vs. Magus vs Raiden vs. Vamp
Frog vs. Magus56.13%41.30Frog vs. Magus56.13%41.30
RankNamePick #1Pick #2Total
1)British AllianceFrog vs. Magus59.9546.18Frog vs. Magus58.2047.9394.11
2)Sultan Agility Draped in the Coat of Ghastly WordsFrog vs. Magus57.8448.29Frog vs. Magus62.2643.8792.16
3)Battle with Gilgamesh < JENOVAFrog vs. Magus64.5541.58Frog vs. Magus57.2948.8490.42
4)Heisenbartz and Captain CokesFrog vs. Magus65.8840.25Frog vs. Magus55.5549.4289.67
5)Rocksteadily UnsteadyFrog vs. Magus66.0040.13Frog vs. Magus56.9149.2289.35
6)Slaughter of the Crystal SepulcherFrog vs. Magus59.0047.13Frog vs. Magus64.6041.5388.66
7)Ice CreamFrog vs. Magus59.0947.04Frog vs. Magus65.2040.9387.97
8)Necklace of Carnage with Insurmountable LabyrinthFrog vs. Magus63.8842.25Frog vs. Magus60.5145.6287.87
9)Forbidden Bodhisattva of StrengthFrog vs. Magus62.3543.78Frog vs. Magus62.6243.5187.29
10)Happy HappyistsFrog vs. Magus62.0044.13Frog vs. Magus63.9942.1486.27
11)Golden Ambassador That Plans in the Great OssuaryFrog vs. Magus67.2938.84Frog vs. Magus53.0046.8785.71
12)BOTS R HOTSFrog vs. Magus59.0047.13Frog vs. Magus67.8838.2585.38
13)Konata x KagamiFrog vs. Magus64.7041.43Frog vs. Magus50.0143.8885.31
14)Predix ShunnedFrog vs. Magus59.9146.22Frog vs. Magus67.2138.9285.14
15)AurochsFrog vs. Magus62.7543.38Frog vs. Magus64.8541.2884.66
16)Terra-ficFrog vs. Magus64.5041.63Frog vs. Magus63.3442.7984.42
17)21 Or was it 22?Frog vs. Magus57.2948.84Frog vs. Magus71.3034.8383.67
18)Vicious Illuminated MarquisFrog vs. Magus66.0040.13Frog vs. Magus63.1143.0283.15
19)KirbyFrog vs. Magus65.0041.13Frog vs. Magus64.4441.6982.82
20)Palace of WisdomFrog vs. Magus66.0040.13Frog vs. Magus64.2541.8882.01
21)Hitler on the RoofFrog vs. Magus64.8041.33Frog vs. Magus65.4740.6681.99
22)Advokacy BasisFrog vs. Magus61.4944.64Frog vs. Magus68.7937.3481.98
23)Screaming Great Crustacean Who Collects BloodFrog vs. Magus64.3541.78Frog vs. Magus66.0640.0781.85
24)Knockin' on Victory's DoorRaiden vs. Vamp57.2131.66Frog vs. Magus56.4049.7381.39
25)SUMADARTSONFrog vs. Magus64.0042.13Frog vs. Magus67.0039.1381.26
26)Benevolent Grand Empress with a Mind of TurquoiseFrog vs. Magus65.3340.80Frog vs. Magus66.2739.8680.66
27)Predestined DivinationFrog vs. Magus65.5040.63Frog vs. Magus66.1140.0280.65
28)Ara-BroFrog vs. Magus64.2441.89Frog vs. Magus68.0038.1380.02
29)VoldemortFrog vs. Magus60.3045.83Frog vs. Magus71.9834.1579.98
30)Menjiana Jones and The Last GrapefruitFrog vs. Magus66.1340.00Frog vs. Magus66.5539.5879.58
31)King Charisma who Was Destined to be a ChefFrog vs. Magus68.9737.16Frog vs. Magus64.0042.1379.29
32)Otaku Neckbeard Keyboard WarriorsFrog vs. Magus70.6535.48Frog vs. Magus62.5043.6379.11
33)Indigo Falsehood of Authority and SilenceFrog vs. Magus69.1237.01Frog vs. Magus64.5041.6378.64
34)RAWRFrog vs. Magus67.5038.6377.26
35)T-REXFrog vs. Magus66.0040.13Frog vs. Magus69.7536.3876.51
36)Leonhart is DeadFrog vs. Magus70.8835.25Frog vs. Magus65.6540.4875.73
37)Blasphemous Dancer of Dexterity and WaterFrog vs. Magus68.0038.13Frog vs. Magus69.9936.1474.27
38)Zoisite of the Bloody CanyonFrog vs. Magus72.5433.59Frog vs. Magus66.6139.5273.11